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TechTatva’15: Charge for the Neurons

Sure, we all know about that big glob of grey in between the ears that’s vital for all human functions. ‘Does Your Grey Matter?’ organised by Epsilon, attempted to wake the brains numbed by a mundane life. Round one was a screening test meant to filter out the mentally sharp from the ‘others’. The two hour test was taken by 120 teams consisting of two participants each. The three rooms went in a tizzy as the teams racked their collective geniuses to find answers to questions as varied as logic puzzles, analogies, pattern matching, crossword, Sudoku, and (reminding one of those standard early childhood magazines) some navigate the mazes! It also consisted a sprinkling of Chemistry and GK questions so as not to lose the feel of a technical event. Many students found the questions on decoding a fictional invented language a novelty and fun to solve.

P.C. Mohammed Zahir

P.C. Mohammed Zahir

Commenting on the quality of questions, organizer Spandana said, “The entire team was involved in the design of the question paper. Organisers, event heads, catheads, every individual sent 150 plus questions, out of which selected questions were put in the paper.” Beaming with pride post event was the Category Head Adithya Raju, “The participation was much higher than expected. Three rooms were filled” When asked about the abstract nature of the event and its deviation from the field of Biomedical engineering, Raju replied, “We keep this as an open event because we want maximum participation from every field. We did not want too much biomedical or electrical like our other events…We wanted to attract as many people as possible, so this was one event that made it possible.”

The strategy certainly worked, as the students left the room exhausted yet exhilarated. Only few teams will qualify for Round two. The subsequent round will consist of a quiz show themed after the famous 90’s show, ‘Going for Gold.’ The overwhelming response to Round one could only be an indication to the level of upcoming excitement for the main event.