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The Student Council (2022- 2023)

An important body providing a bridge of communication between the administration and the students of MIT, the Student Council constantly strives to provide assistance and make life on campus smooth and enriching for the latter. In order to familiarise students with our newly elected Student

Sitting down with Arthur T. Benjamin

Making mathematics fun to learn and appreciate is the primary goal of the Mathemagician. Our team sits down with Professor Arthur T. Benjamin as we discuss the conjunction of mathematics, magic, and all that lies in between.

Sitting down with The Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri

Dr G. Satheesh Reddy is the Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri. A proponent of indigenization, he guides the development of significant programmes on missiles and strategic systems, fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial defence systems, underwater systems, radar systems, strategic materials, and armaments among other futuristic technologies. The MIT Post had the fortune to interact with and interview Satheesh Sir about his expert experience and in-exhaustive knowledge in the scientific domain.

Sitting Down with Dr Srijib Mukherjee

One of our distinguished alums, Dr Srijib Mukherjee is an academic with a distinguished background in engineering and research. The MIT Post had the opportunity to have a chat with him about his experiences here in Manipal and abroad.

The Student Council (2021- 2022)

One of the most important student bodies of MIT, the Student Council is an example of the ethos of democracy in action. These elected individuals form the link between the student populace and the administration. In this article, the members of the Council share their motivations for running for office and their aspirations for the upcoming year.

Empowering Entrepreneurs—Sitting Down with the Founders of E-Cell, MIT

College student’s minds are usually a melting pot of ideas, passion and creativity—the three essentials of a budding start-up venture. The E-Cell, co-founded by Dhwanit Shah, Armaan Charania, and Ankit Jajoo, third-year students at MIT, promises to provide direction and resources to those incredible minds that dare to look at their futures in a different light.

Revolutionary EdTech Startup From MIT—Golden Bird

The fad behind coding culture, coupled with the pandemic, has caused an exponential boom in the EdTech industry. The need for education technology is at an all-time high and could potentially pave the way for the future. The MIT Post sat down with Pushpendra Singh, an eighth-semester student, who is stepping into the game with his high-flying innovative EdTech venture, Golden Bird.

Social Entrepreneurship—Enactus Manipal

The MIT Post was in conversation with Nikhil Kumar, a third-year MIT student who is the President of the Manipal Chapter of Enactus and Pratiksha Das, the PR Head, as they explained Enactus’s aim to foster entrepreneurial ideas that have profound social impacts and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

Optimising Your Meals—Sitting Down with dotfood

What’s worse than waiting for delivery food? Waiting to place the order. Here’s how two third-years at MIT built a platform to streamline and facilitate the ordering and delivery of food inside the campus. Advantageous to the restaurateurs and customers alike.

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