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Student Bodies in Manipal—Clubs, Projects, Sports, and More


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The soul of college life is the fraternities on campus—the clubs that become a surrogate family for students, helping them grow and explore latent talents in fields other than academics.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education has a deep-seated culture of student bodies and clubs that attract students from all disciplines, cutting across colleges, courses, and nationalities. It is one of the features that imbues Manipal with a singular charm, a unique advantage over others. There are technical clubs for the academically inclined; there are cultural clubs that give a student the opportunity to dabble in the fine arts, music, dance, theatre—everything that feeds the mind and spirit.

Students can register for club events and recruitment via The MIT Post app.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, club recruitments for 2021 will be conducted entirely online. The details for the same will be updated on the individual clubs’ social media, and other online platforms.


President: Priyanshu Gupta
Council Email:

The primary objective of the Student Council is to make themselves accessible to every single student on the campus. They address not just major grievances, but also persisting day-to-day inconveniences. Recently, they were able to convince the college to increase the number of seats available in program electives, thus decreasing the GPA cut-offs. They have also successfully managed to increase the perm time to 10 PM for all freshers. They are responsible for organising MIT’s technical and cultural fests—TechTatva and Revels, respectively.

The Student Council is also pushing for increased inter-collegiate participation when it comes to fests, not just in and around Karnataka, but on a national level.

Student Support Team

Co-Heads: Shreya Tewari, Boppe Anoohya, Saumitra Kalhans, Apeksha Murdeshwar, Simran Saluja

Student Support Team is an official student body for MIT, Manipal which provides the students with a safe space to talk about any distress in their lives. In addition, the team works proactively in collaboration with the MIT counsellors to ensure anyone who might need help, gets it. Furthermore, the team also promotes mental health awareness among the students.

The MIT Post

Editor-In-Chief: Snigdha Deshmukh
Club Email:

The MIT Post has its fingers in a lot of pies. It is MIT Manipal’s official student-run Media Body and Communications office, working directly under the purview of the Student Council and the Department of Student Welfare of the college with the sole aim of keeping the average MITian informed of everything that happens on campus. They act as the direct link between the Administration, Student Council, the various clubs and student bodies in MIT, and every student on the campus. Besides doing everything you see on the website, The Post also publishes a quarterly magazine, The Standard, frequent live blog coverage of important events, interviews with eminent personalities who visit Manipal, and newsletters during fests, and various other formats of mainstream broadcasting. But over everything else, the Post exists to reach and help every single MITian.

The Post promises each staff member a shot at being heard and making a difference to this campus and what lies beyond. It looks for the inquisitive, the observant, and the feisty—working in departments of Writing and Reporting, Art, Graphic Design, Tech, and App Dev.

The Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Amrita Mehta
Club Email:

The Ed-Board is one of the oldest clubs in Manipal, having formed in 1957 alongside the college’s inception. The club has one goal—to publish the yearbook of Manipal Institute of Technology. Last year the Ed-Board made the historical shift from printed to digital yearbooks with its 61st publication.

While the club does not organise any events as such, The Editorial Board offers a unique opportunity for members and other students (through submissions) to see their hard work and craft, such as writing, photography, art, and design immortalised in print.

The club looks for students with a wide variety of skills—not only artists and writers but also those with excellent organisational abilities and a penchant for hard work. The Ed-Board also aims to instil a thirst for learning and an eagerness to take up new skills in its recruits.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Chairperson: Utkarsh Bajaj
Faculty Advisor: Dr Shrikant Prabhu
Club Email:

ACM was founded in April 2016 with the mission to create a thriving Computer Science culture at MIT. As a club, ACM believes in the imparting and sharing of knowledge as well as promoting and nurturing the interest and curiosity of students in relevant fields. ACM looks for students that are enthusiastic about computer science, irrespective of year or branch, who wish to contribute to the fields of research and development.

The ACM student chapter consists of core committee and board members who are placed in top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and many more. In 2020, they organised talks by industry professionals, webinars by alumni, several coding contests, and tutorials by senior students. They also conducted a workshop on reinforcement learning.

Association for Computing Machinery—Women in Computing | Manipal (ACM—W | Manipal)

Chairperson: Gauri Gupta
Faculty Advisor: Dr Shrikant Prabhu
Club Email:

ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of computer science. The Manipal chapter of ACM-W wishes to carry forward the vision of ACM-W in establishing a society that not only motivates young girls to become zealous programmers but also provides them with adequate resources and the right mentor-ship at every step in their path. They are a research-centric group, striving at inclusion and domain-depth. It conducted Tech-o-talk.

The Astronomy Club

President: Anooshka Pareddy
Faculty Advisor: Dr Pramoda Kumara Shetty
Club Email:

The Astronomy Club was started in 2000, but underwent a reformation in 2014, making the club what it is today. It aims to promote observational astronomy to students, and further build upon technical aspects of the subject, such as making telescopes and venturing into radio astronomy. Students with a passion for the cosmos, regardless of the knowledge they hold about it, are encouraged to apply. It focuses upon bringing together the students of MIT for their love towards anything related to the sky, whether it be sky gazing, theoretical stuff which was kindled by watching Star Wars, Cosmos by Carl Sagan, etc. They organise all-night sky watches in and around Manipal, along with informative talks and quizzes. Their flagship event was a skywatch near Agumbe, which was a delight for amateurs, experienced star-watchers and astrophotographers alike. They conducted a skywatch on the occasion of the Partial Lunar Eclipse on 11th January 2020

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

President: Cherub Rai
Faculty Advisor: Lt. Poornachandra Pandit
Club Email:

ASCE aims to create a network of civil engineering students and promote student research projects. The club encourages students to take an interest in various fields of civil engineering and participate actively in the events conducted. This club is known for its guest lectures conducted on research projects for second years and third years. Members of the club will gain more knowledge about the civil engineering field as the club provides exposure by taking part in fests at NITs and IITs.

A major event of ASCE was Raise Your Bid, held on 5th Feb 2020. Eleven teams participated in the event. From bidding for a plot to planning the construction to jotting down the finance and profits of it in just over an hour, the event escalated from each team having 100 crores in their pockets, and barren lands sold virtually to having resorts, hospitals, convention centres, amusement parks, and a lot more with every person putting in the craziest yet practical thoughts and ideas to make this event a success.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

President: Ishrit Gupta
Faculty Advisor: Dr Rajesh Nayak
Club Email:

ASME Manipal is a branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This non-profit organisation aims to provide not only a platform for young engineers, in terms of international internships of the highest calibre but also teaches members how to organise workshops and learn leadership and management skills.

Formed in 2014, the club has organised several successful workshops on cybersecurity, quadcopters, 3-D printing, and, most notably, a 12-day summer internship training program conducted by Microsoft professionals. It is known for its event Providentia which sees broad participation. The club has, in recent times, organised talks which help students gain knowledge about placements and postgraduate education.

They take pride in offering an international platform for practically free of cost, they lead in global outreach and have been securing among the top ranks for consecutively two years. It participated in an Asia Pacific E-fest held at Marwadi University, Rajkot, Gujarat where their team took part in three simultaneous competitions (IAM3D, ReBoat, Old Guard Oral Presentation) with the help of all tiers of members from the Board to the Working Committee members securing ranks in top quarters in all competitions.

Apple Developer’s Group (ADG)

President: Sahil Garg
Faculty Advisor: Dr Arun Shanbhag
Club Email:

Apple Developer’s group is a community for developers in Manipal. The group focuses predominantly on the development of mobile applications and the propagation of the iOS ecosystem in Manipal. Their main goal is to form a group of budding developers and students from MIT who want to enrich lives and make an impact on the world through technology in the form of software applications.

Their primary agenda is to educate people about the Apple ecosystem and train them with the Swift language. Besides the Swift platform, they also pride themselves in recognizing their highly skilled Android, ML and Web-Dev coders. They strive to offer the best in class mentorship for those who have a zeal to succeed and a passion for developing. They conduct an iOS Dev Workshop at Apple Lab in the Innovation Center (AB4).

Bio-Medical Engineering Society of India | Manipal Chapter (BMESI | MC)

President: Varad Bhandarkar
Faculty Advisor: Mr Lawrence D Almeida
Club Email:

BMESI is a student organisation, with the Manipal wing being one of its many wings in different colleges. BMESI MC aims to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering by encouraging students to learn, discuss, grow, and delve into the various facets of Biomedical Engineering.

The technical branch of the club has published many papers and continues to work on several topics. They are known for conducting several workshops and tech-weeks throughout the year. BMESI MC has released over eight volumes of magazines, which have been appreciated by a long list of renowned engineers and doctors.  They conducted the National Symposium on Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Engineering that was hosted on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

Developer Student Club Manipal (DSC)

President: Aritra Basu
Faculty Advisor: Mr Chethan Sharma
Club Email:

Developer Student Club is a Google Developers program for university students, designed to help them build mobile and web development skills. The club is open to all, ranging from novice to advanced developers, who want to further their skills. It is intended to be a space for students to try out new ideas and collaborate to solve problems.

In the past, they have conducted various talks, demos, workshops and hackathons, focusing on different Google Developer Technologies like Android, Google Web Toolkit, Firebase, Google Cloud, Material Design, PWAs and many more. They held DevFest 19’ as part of the global devfest season by google.


Chairperson: Dhruvik Chevli
Faculty Advisor: Mr Giridhar N Shakarad
Club Email:

IECSE, the most popular Computer Science Club of Manipal, was founded back in 2007. It was started with a vision to further the knowledge and skill-set of its members while uplifting the overall computer science culture of the entire college by putting it on the national map. They conduct weekly Code, Web-Dev, and Design Meets, along with various workshops. Their column, Hashtag, keeps MIT updated with multiple technological advancements in the college and all over the world.

Prometheus is the official fest of IECSE Manipal, which had six events, technical and non-technical, which saw a total of 1400+ participants. It was held entirely online this year due to the ongoing pandemic. One of its events, HawkEye, receives participation from all over the world. It also holds the distinction of having organised the only Dribbble meet on campus. The club members have proved their mettle regularly in Microsoft Hackathons, Google Summer of Code, and numerous campus events. Genesis is a member-only event held in the odd semester, which spans 3 days.

Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

President: Pranav Kulkarni
Faculty Advisor: Dr Ujjwal Verma
Club Email:

One of the few multi-domain technical clubs catering to students from all branches, ISTE is the Manipal chapter of the national body headquartered in New Delhi. Intending to provide quality training programs to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity, the Manipal chapter true to its governing body’s motto provides an engineer with a holistic, all-round room for improvement and honing of skills. One of the events hosted by ISTE was a TechTalk given by the senior members of the club and other senior students on multiple topics including web development, GSoC, Quantum Computing, and Bug Bounty Hunting.

International Organisation of Software Developers (IOSD)

President: Aditya Tandon
Faculty Advisor: Mr Roshan David Jathanna
Club Email:

IOSD provides a platform for developers to come together and create projects, discuss ideas, and learn in a competitive and healthy environment. They also offer a member portal exclusively for their members which include a lot of unique content and projects for the members to work on by themselves or as a collaboration.

Established in 2019 they have conducted the events TheTechTalk by Miri Rodriguez and Tanay Pratap (from Microsoft), Git workshop, Web Development workshop, Computer Vision Workshop, and Online Hackathon (due to COVID-19).

International Society of Automation (ISA)

President: Arvind Kaushik
Faculty Advisor: Mr D. A. P. Prabhakar
Club Email:

The International Society of Automation (ISA) is a multidisciplinary club that is involved in organising workshops, industrial visits and seminars for the students of MIT. Members of the club are also offered the opportunity to go on internships in companies that are involved with ISA Bangalore. The club primarily deals with the field of automation and expects its members to have a good grasp on their fundamentals. Apart from the technical department, the club also has a graphics department and a management department. They conducted a workshop on the Robot Operating System (ROS), which was a workshop to teach the basics of ROS, displaying simple applications to show its capabilities.

Linux Users Group (LUG)

President: Pavan Kalyan
Faculty Advisor: Mr Ashwath Rao
Club Email:

Linux Users’ Group was formed to promote the use of Linux as the primary OS and encourage contribution to open source projects. LUG’s main objective through the years has been to emphasise the adoption of FOSS, as well as to conduct workshops to teach various concepts in the field of development. In their Linux InstallFest, they helped students learn the procedure to install Linux on their system. They also helped students set up their systems for further development in the Open Source Ecosystem and the advantages of dual-booting their systems. LUG boasts an impressive alumni base, including a student of the group who was recruited by Apple Inc.

Manipal Information Security Team (MIST)

President: Pal Nimesh Chheda
Faculty Advisor: Mr Raghavendra Ganiga
Club Email:

MIST is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about information and network security. MIST, short for Manipal Information Security Team, is a relatively new club. The club aims to provide people hands-on experience in using the security tools against cyber-crimes through workshops and different events. MIST is aiming to secure digital data from cyber-crimes. They encourage coders to use their skills in real-life applications. The purpose of their Safe CyberNaut Workshop was to enlighten the attendees about the risks/threats the internet and smart devices pose and how to safeguard themselves against them.z


President: Isham Mahajan
Faculty Advisor: Dr Chandrakala C. B.
Email ID:

Regex strives towards efficient product development using life-like industrial simulation. They aim to make students industry-capable and comfortable with highly extensible software design. Individuals joining the club will find themselves becoming independent and developing inquisitiveness in the field of their choosing. It is a software development club that develops software focused on localized issues, which the community faces on a daily basis. To create secure and performant products fast, they use techniques used by teams at an industrial scale.

The idea is to propagate the concept of planned and strategised building of a project instead of an ad-hoc alternative and promote a DevOps based culture that was lacking in the college. They released their first solution StudyDump, a democratic platform for all those times you need to access documents related to academics. It is a place where you can upload study material or simply download the documents you need to prepare for an exam.

Research Society—MIT

Co-Presidents: Dhyan Gandhi and Trithi Jaya
Faculty Advisor:  Dr Muddu Madakyaru
Club website:

The Research Society is an organisation that was founded in 2020, which aims to connect and guide students, be a common platform for like-minded students as well as provide resources to facilitate research, both interdisciplinary and otherwise. Their end goal is to actively  flesh out novel ideas in the form of patents, papers in top conferences and journals, and to inculcate a spirit of research on campus. The Research Society frequently conducts events as such alumni talks and interactive sessions with seniors at MIT to carry forth their vision.

Society of Automotive Engineers—India | Manipal (SAE—IM)

President: Vaibhav V Prabhu
Faculty Advisor: Mr Padmaraj N H

The Manipal Chapter of an International body, Society of Automotive Engineers is focused on organising workshops, seminars, industrial visits, and other undertakings that get a petrolhead’s adrenaline up. In its many years of working, SAE has come a long way in making a difference in the way Manipal looks at the automotive industry. SAE-International has a group of whopping 128,000 engineers ranging from the Automobile to the Aerospace Industry. 

For the coming year, SAE intends to bring students a competitive new platform by participating in national-level events. It also has plans for a workshop to teach students what they would otherwise learn in a student project, in line with its belief in bettering future engineers by providing them with opportunities to improve their technical knowledge further. It conducted the event Unscrew Engines.


Institute of Engineers—Aerospace (IE Aerospace)

President: Nehi Sinha
Faculty Advisor: Mr Yogeesha Pai
Club Email:

IE Aerospace is the student chapter of the Institute of Engineers—Aerospace working under the guidance of the Aeronautical Engineering department. It conducts workshops and various other events based on aerospace and aviation. It is the go-to club for any aviation aficionado. It held its TechWeek which included a Flight Simulation Workshop, a talk on Preparing Space for Everyone, and a quiz on aviation. Last year, it held a workshop on various software used in the aeronautical industry, such as ANSYS Parametric Design Language.

As part of their internal workings, we conduct multiple workshops for software such as CATIA, Ansys and Matlab. These software provide them with a platform to study and virtually visualise their designs without having to go through the painstaking process of building real-life models. Their external events comprise various fun and interactive competitions which include bottle rockets, glider design, wing building, etc.

Institute of Engineers—Biotechnology (IEBT)

President: Soumodeep Sarkar
Faculty Advisor: Dr Subbalaxmi S.
Club Email:

IE Biotech started in 2008 as a forum for biotechnology engineers to cultivate their interest while simultaneously acting as a platform for students to display their understanding in the field. Its aim is to promote creative thinking and to foster a scientific spirit among all. The club also wishes to improve inter-disciplinary collaborations with a focus on innovation.

IE Biotech considers itself as a group of people who are fervent to gain knowledge regarding their field while giving exposure to a host of industrially relevant events and excursions. Along with numerous workshops, and industrial visits throughout the year, IE Biotech also organises an annual national-level biotechnology symposium, SymbiotThey also play an essential role in helping students build a better and more robust network with their peers and other pioneers in the field.

Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)

Secretary: Abdul Hai Mohammed
Faculty Advisor: Dr Gautham Jeppu
Club Email:

IIChE is a confluence of streams of professionals from academia, research institutes, and industry. It provides them with an appropriate forum for joint endeavours through the application of chemical engineering and allied sciences. The Manipal Chapter of this institute holds a national symposium Chemignite every year, which includes paper presentations, invited talks from experts of industry and academia, and informal.

This club offers its members vast opportunities in the process industry and research in the field of Chemical Engineering along with organised visits to industries around Manipal for students to gain industrial experience and understand the real-world concepts of the branch. IIChE Manipal hosted ASPEN workshop, ensured Chemignite 2019 was conducted smoothly and hosted a football tournament as well.

Institute of Engineers—Civil (IE Civil)

President: Hrithik Poojary
Faculty Advisor: Mr Arun Kumar Y. M.
Club Email:

The Institution of Engineers, Civil, is a conglomeration of Civil engineering enthusiasts, which strives to promote and progress civil engineering. The club focuses on organising workshops, field trips, and events to encourage innovation and enthusiasm in budding civil engineers.

IE Civil conducts events such as project management workshops, state-level paper presentations (showcasing papers from geotechnical, environmental, and transportation fields), a Google Sketchup workshop, and guest lectures on topics such as off-shore and on-shore surveying. Constructure is their category in TechTatva, where they conduct Conkreation, Hydraulic Bridge, Dome-I-Nation, and M.Y.O.C.

Institute of Engineers—Electronics & Communication (IE E&C)

President: Ashwin
Faculty Advisor: Dr G. Subramanya Nayak
Club Email:

The official students’ chapter of the Electronics and Communication Department at MIT, IE-E&C aspires to enhance the technical understanding of every individual passionate about this stream. Besides holding lectures and workshops on different aspects of electronics and communication, IE E&C is known for its event Microlite where participants are taught how to create various electronic devices such as robotic arms and line-follower bots. Their tech week Crucible was conducted successfully with enormous participation across their eight events. It was held in association with ISTE.

Institute of Engineers—Electrical & Electronics (IE E&E)

Chairperson: Shivakumar Gunjal
Faculty Advisor: Dr Lakshman Rao S. Paragond
Club Email:

IE-E&E is the student chapter of the Institute of Engineers-Electrical and Electronics at Manipal. It is known for conducting many industrial visits and workshops such as the visit to Sharavati Hydel Power Plant in February 2020. The club organises numerous events such as technical paper presentations, quizzes, guest lectures, industrial tours, publishes its semi-annual newsletter, and has an event of its own Electrific in Techtatva.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Chairperson: Gousiya
Faculty Advisor: Dr Pallavi R Mane
Club Email:

The Manipal branch is a division of the IEEE organisation and is one of the many international clubs in Manipal. It has subdivisions for computing and mechanical and has expanded to include more branches. Coding workshops on data structures and pointers were also held. Besides these, IEEE conducts Krieg, which included contests based on computers and electronics and also had a Paper Presentation. IEEE members are given access to papers, journals and latest videos about scientific achievements. They achieved the second place “For the innovative and successful conduction of activities in the year 2019” in the IEEE Mangalore Sub-section Annual General Meeting held at MIT, Manipal on 18th January 2020.

Institute of Engineers—Mechanical (IE Mechanical)

President: Rudra Sinha
Faculty Advisor: Mr Ramakrishna Vikas Sadanand
Club Email:

IE Mechanical is the official and the oldest Mechanical Club of Manipal which conducts various types of events throughout the academic year, namely the AutoCAD Workshop, Imperium, Swacch Bharat Events, Placement Talks etc. The club aims to impart practical knowledge to its members and participants through these enticing events. It also handles the category Mechanize in TechTatva every year.

Imperium is the club’s very own Annual Technical Week which consists of four competitions related to Mechanical Engineering fought across the duration of the week for the winners to take home cash prizes and bragging rights. The AutoCAD workshop is organised solely for the Freshers just before their End Semester Lab Exams (EG) for them to learn and practice the AutoCAD software which seems a bit daunting at the start. Placement Talks have been organized time and time again to get the students ready for the placement sessions.

Institute of Engineers—Mechatronics (IE Mechatronics)

President: Achyut Saxena
Faculty Advisor: Mr Shashank Pansari
Club Email:

IE Mechatronics was established in MIT to provide a hands-on experience of Mechatronics and Robotics to the students. By nature, it delves into a wide variety of engineering branches like ECE, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, and IT. The club integrates the best of all these branches to produce highly innovative engineering events and ideas like a robotic piano player, a gesture-controlled robotic arm, autotronics, 3-D LED patterns, holographs and much more.

It conducted an Industrial Robot Workshop held in the robotics lab started with a brief introduction to the robot and the software. This was followed by teaching the participants the use of the software. The participants were tasked to create a simulation of the bot.



Team Leader: Anirudh Mittal
Faculty Advisor: Mr Kamlesh Kumar

AeroMIT is one of MIT’s most successful student project teams. It is a group of multidisciplinary engineering students that conceptualises, designs and fabricates RC aircraft from scratch for various national and global competitions, the focus mainly being on SAE Aerodesign, in the USA.

The team looks for dedication and interest in the field the team is exploring, not just good knowledge about the relevant subjects. Potential recruits have to be determined and ready to explore aeromodelling using the team’s resources. AeroMIT has a 100% win rate in domestic competitions at NIT Surathkal, IIT Bombay, and the Boeing Aeromodelling Competition. They were placed 4th World Rank and 1st in Technical Presentation in SAE Aero Design East 2020, Lakeland, Florida.


Team Manager: Cynthia Maria Dsouza
Faculty Advisor: Ms Nisha P Shetty

Team Cryptonite is the academic ethical hacking and cybersecurity team of MIT. They are a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts particularly interested in ethical hacking and solving open Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges. This new student project, which was founded in 2018, is looking for individuals who are interested in the real-world application of security concepts.

Their team member, Abhay Nayar, came in 2nd in InCTF held by Amrita University in August 2019. They ended 2019 with a national rating of 40 amongst 1955 teams throughout the country. They are currently amongst the top 3% teams all over the world.

Formula Manipal

Team Manager: Abhilash Ankola
Faculty Advisor: Dr Dayananda K Pai

Formula Manipal, the oldest and most successful student project of Manipal Academy of Higher Education is a Formula Student team that design, conceptualise, fabricate, test and race a single-seater, open-wheel Formula Style race car. A 60 member team of passionate undergraduates are continuously working to change the way one looks at Formula racing.

Ten years since its inception, Formula Manipal has rolled out seven cars and has participated in Global Formula Student events in Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, and India. One of the top teams in India, Formula Manipal has got two national records to its name and has a record seven podium finishes in Formula Student India 2015. Staying true to their motto, ‘Engineered with Passion,’ this team is the epitome of automobile enthusiasm.

They secured 2nd position in Design Event in Formula Bharat 2019, overall 3rd in Electric category in Formula Bharat 2019, and bagged the Software Guru Award by Ather Energy in Formula Bharat 2020 (Special Award). They were the fastest team in the World to qualify for Formula Student Austria in 2020 and were selected in Formula Student Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary in 2020 season.

Formula Manipal Electric

Team Leader: Vishesh Rane
Faculty Advisor: Mr Pramod Antony D’Sa

They aim to conceive, design, fabricate, develop and compete with a formula styled single-seater electric race car for the international and national Formula Student competition. Formula Student has been one of the world’s most sophisticated engineering competition, with the electric category introduced in 2010. Each year, Formula Manipal competes with 200 international teams including 40 teams out of India itself. Even with such cut-throat competition, Formula Manipal Electric has maintained its status as one of India’s best electric team since its inception in 2016.

They secured 1st price in Acceleration and Business Plan in Formula Bharat 2019, overall 3rd in combustion category in Formula Bharat 2019, were selected for Formula Student Germany in 2019 season, and 1st Price in Autocross Event in Formula Bharat 2020. They received the Code Hatchers Award by Ather Energy (Special Award) and were selected for Formula Student Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary for 2020 season


Team Manager: Harsh Mishra
Technical Head: Abhishek Prakash
Faculty Advisor: Mr Santosh Kumar Choudhary
Email: /

loopMIT is a dedicated team of undergraduate students from various fields of engineering working on designing, developing and building a subscale prototype transport vehicle known as the Hyperloop Pod to partake in the “SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition”, where several student teams from across the world participate to demonstrate the technical feasibility of various aspects of the Hyperloop concept. They aim to be the first Asian team to enter the competition with a levitating pod.

Manipal Biomachines

Team Leader: Anooshka Pareddy
Faculty Advisor: Dr Ritu Raval

Manipal BioMachines is a multi-disciplinary student project team from Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The organisation strives to address pressing global issues by designing and building long term, efficient and environmental-friendly solutions using Synthetic Biology for applications in Diagnostics, Clean Energy, Environmental remediation, Foundational Synthetic Biology advancement, Therapeutics and other novel applications.

Mars Rover Manipal (MRM)

Team Leader: Jyotishka Duttagupta
Faculty Advisor: Mr Navaneeth Krishna Vernekar
Email: /

Mars Rover Manipal is a team working on building a next-generation Mars Rover to compete in University Rover Challenge, organised by the Mars Society, USA, held annually at Mars Desert Research Station, Utah, USA. The team is divided into three subsystems, Mechanical, Electronics, and Management. The team is providing an opportunity, for the first time in MIT, for bio and chemistry enthusiasts, by introducing a new subsystem ‘Science Cache’. They stood 7th in the world and 1st in India at the SAR stage of the University Rover Challenge 2020 and stood 8th in the world and 1st in Asia at the University Rover Challenge 2019. They were the recipient of the Barainca Memorial award for the Best Science Team.


Team Leader: Rishabh Suri
Faculty Advisor: Mr Augustine BV Barboza

MotoManipal is a team of passionate students who have devoted themselves towards making an efficient and environment-friendly Electric Superbike. MotoManipal is focused on conducting research in various aspects of EVs and aims to participate in national and international competitions. The objective of the team is to build an electric racing bike to be one of the first Indian teams to participate in the prestigious competition, MotoStudent Electric held at Aragon, Spain 2022. As a unified team of enthusiastic young students, they are determined on creating a world-class superbike.

MotoManipal participated in Asian E-Bike Challenge 2019 in September at Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh where 35 teams from all over India participated. MotoManipal secured prizes in the following categories, Best Commercial Bike (Winner), Best Aesthetics and Ergonomics (Winner), Best Innovation (Winner), Best Innovative and Cleanest Pit (Winner), Engineering Design (Runner Up), and Business Plan (2nd Runner Up).

Parikshit Student Satellite Team

Systems Engineer: Shraddha Sheshadri, Chinmay Marathey, and Kanishk Ujjwal
Faculty Advisor: Dr Shreesha Chhokkadi

Parikshit is a team of engineering students working towards building a nanosatellite which would ultimately be launched by ISRO. The unit operates from within the MIT campus and involves work from across engineering disciplines such as aerospace, electronics, mechanics and embedded programming. They successfully cleared functional demo for their satellite at ISRO.

The multidisciplinary nature of the team’s work means that those hoping to join Parikshit will be expected to be willing to pick up new skills and learn new concepts, irrespective of their level of pre-existing knowledge. The team thrives on the hard work of its members, and recruits will be expected to be prepared for the same. The team has successfully completed the satellite’s qualification model review and is working towards submission of the nanosatellite, which is being fabricated in Parikshit’s lab in NLH, for launch.

Project AUV Manipal

Team Leader:
Faculty Advisor: Mr Vijay Kumar Pandey
Email: /

Project AUV Manipal aims to form a well-established group of underwater robotics enthusiasts focussing on various areas including but not limited to Autonomous Vehicles for both underwater and on-water purposes, research into Marine Propulsion Systems, Biomimicking, and Navigation Systems.

Project DronAid

Team Leader: Aravind Variyath
Faculty Advisor: Mr Kamlesh Kumar
Email: /

Project DronAid is the first project in Manipal which has members from both MIT and KMC. They aim to combine various fields of technology like Advanced Drone Research, Deep Learning, Open Source Robotic Frameworks and medical science with building a fast trauma response and pre-medical care network at par with international standards. The vision is to create drones which can give emergency aid in the lowest amount of time, even in remote and difficult-to-access areas. They held a Drone Workshop in collaboration with OnePlus.

Project MANAS

Team Manager: Kallol Saha
Technical Head: Yatharth Agarwal
Faculty Advisor: Dr Ashalatha Nayak / Mukund Kumar Menon

The official undergraduate AI Robotics student team of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Project MANAS was founded in the year 2014. Project MANAS is currently a team of 45 undergraduates taking part in Mahindra’s “Spark the Rise Driverless Car Challenge” and a lot of AI robotics projects like autonomous delivery carts, a 6DoF robotic arm, and swarm robotics among other things. The aim is to establish project MANAS as a cutting-edge AI robotics research lab.

Project MANAS qualified three stages in the Mahindra challenge and is one of the top 13 teams, to be eligible for the prototyping phase. The prototypes are capable of detecting and navigating around pedestrians, variety of traffic signs and signals, road and non-road regions, vehicles along with a wide range of other obstacles. The team plans to roll out a fully functional semi-autonomous car by next year. Project MANAS’s UGV Solo won the Grand Prize at IGVC 2019. They also bagged 1st place in the Interoperability Challenge, 2nd in Design Challenge, and 6th in Cybersecurity.

Project Vision 

Team Leader: Rahul Bharwani
Faculty Advisor: Dr Hareesha K S

Project Vision is the only AR-based student project in India which aims to develop an Augmented Reality headset with its OS along with its peripherals. Currently, they are working on AR apps which will work on a smartphone. Their newly developed AR navigation app helps in navigating inside the MIT campus by taking the current location from the camera, using a machine-learning algorithm to detect the current location, and showing the user AR directions on the mobile screen. These AR apps help them test their code so that they can later modify it for the headset. The final aim is to display holograms which can be interacted with seamlessly.

Since Project Vision is a recently established student project, they have a fluid workflow and an environment where first-year students will grow within the project and become valued members of their team. Vision welcomes all the first-year students who are enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Electronics.


Team Leader: Vismay Sharma
Faculty Advisor: Mr Mukund Kumar Menon

In the beginning, RoboManipal was formed by robotics enthusiasts so that they had a forum to share ideas and further their passions for the subject. Since then the team has taken part in various competitions across India as well as international competitions like the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition. The team also conducts workshops on basic robotic skills for tech enthusiasts in Manipal.

RoboManipal offers a wide range of fields within robotics to work in, and the area a student chooses need not have a prerequisite branch. The team believes in always challenging themselves, and hence their performance in competitions is only improving with each passing year. RoboManipal is also associated with successful startups like XES Automation, which is involved in underground mining surveillance, and Fracktal Works.

In the academic year 2019-20, the team participated in two competitions, ABU Robocon and0 IICDC (India Innovation Challenge Design Contest). The team successfully qualified Stage 1 of Robocon and was ranked among top 100 groups all over India. For IICDC, the team qualified for the semi-finals rounds held in August. The team also organises the flagship event of TechTatva, Robowars.

Robotics & Circuits (RnC)

Chairperson: Parth Sirohi
Faculty Advisor: Mr Suhas Y. Nayak

Robotics and Circuits: Technical Students’ Chapter is a club dedicated to doing projects in the fields of robotics, automation, computer vision, embedded systems and other allied fields. Along with projects, RnC conducts multiple workshops throughout the year. Vedanth 9.0, the technical exhibition held during TechTatva is RnC’s flagship event where they showcased eight internal innovations and twelve outstation projects in 2019.

Members of RnC regularly win laurels in various paper presentation and robotics events inside as well as outside of Manipal. To join the club, all you need is excellent problem-solving skills, apart from some basic knowledge of electronics and coding. Above all, RnC encourages its recruits to learn and bring new ideas to the table while facing challenges.

R.U.G.V.E.D Systems

Team Leader: Anirudh R
Faculty Advisor: Mr Satyakam Deo

R.U.G.V.E.D Systems stands for Remote Unmanned Ground Vehicular Electronic Defense Systems. R.U.G.V.E.D Systems is Manipal’s only A.I. Defense Robotics team. The project is focussed around developing an autonomous UGV for defence forces to aid them in patrolling, logistical carriage, and surveillance. The project also aims to diversify its functioning to help government bodies in providing help relief operations in disaster-struck areas. The members from their Team won 2nd Place in Ford GME Hackathon 2020.


Team Leader: Chirag Agarwal
Faculty Advisor: Mr Umananda K. V.

SolarMobil is the official solar car team of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. The group aims to build solar vehicles for a clean future and abides by its motto of ‘Imagineering the future’. Since its inception in 2011, they have built SM-S2, FREYR-1 and SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle). SolarMobil won the first prize at QuEST Global Ingenium and third prize at CII Conference. Their work has been covered by major online and offline publications including BBC Auto, Times of India, NDTV Auto, among others.

S.W.A.R.M Robotics

Faculty Advisor: Dr Shweta Vincent

S.W.A.R.M Robotics’s aim is to make a collective of multiple autonomous entities which are virtually independent of each other but interact and communicate with each other to reach a common goal, which may be simple tasks like mapping an unknown environment or complex tasks like performing search and rescue tasks in high-risk situations, thereby reducing the risk to human life. Currently, they are pursuing two designs for their project. The first one is primarily based on advanced sensors and drivers and is being used by the team as a testbench for research in the field of autonomous swarms with a focus to make them more efficient and faster. Their second design is primarily used for testing and development and fine-tuning of the skillset and the algorithms required for the primary research-based bots. Their plans include scaling up our system to handle numerous bots in tandem and also someday venture into the air with drones and water with boats which would work in tandem to achieve a collective goal.

Team Combat Robotics

Team Leader: Gagan Deep
Faculty Advisor: Mr C. S. Suhas Kowshik

Team Combat Robotics is an interdisciplinary student project that primarily focuses on designing and building combat robots to represent MIT, Manipal in various competitions across India. Team Combat Robotics develops and fabricates complex robots that out-challenge the opponent bot in a robowar competition. The competition is held within multiple categories such as 15kg, 30kg, 45kg, and 60kg. Apart from Robowars, the team also emphasises building robots for soccer bots and sumo bots.

Building these robots requires knowledge and skills in various areas of engineering, such as machine design, manufacturing, electrical, electronics and robotics. The team participates in various tech fests, including that of BITS Goa and IIT Bombay, where it has won several accolades in multiple categories.


Team Leader: Sai Sankalp
Faculty Advisor: Mr Srinivas G

Thrust MIT is one of the country’s first rocketry teams. The team aims to foster interest and innovation in the field of rocketry. The modus operandi at Thrust MIT involves providing team members hands-on experience in this field, allowing them to improve and learn on the job, which ultimately aids them in supporting the team’s endeavours.

The team aspires to compete in the Spaceport America Cup, organised by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association. The team expects all its members to be dedicated to the team’s goals and contribute not only by working for the team but also by learning new concepts while working. They participated in Spaceport America Cup June 2019 and Spot Award for professionalism.

Team Manipal Racing (TMR)

Team Leader: Karthik Badiger
Faculty Advisor: Dr Mahesha G T

Team Manipal Racing (TMR) is the official off-road racing student project team of MIT. The members of TMR design, fabricate, test and race a single-seater All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The club aims to win the several national and international competitions they participate in, including the renowned BAJA SAE design competition, where more than 400 different colleges battle it out in their respective ATVs. The club also wishes to promote the off-road vehicle culture in various disciplines like medicine and the army.

TMR is interested in students who are passionate about automobiles, in both technical and management aspects. Like every other student project team, TMR asks for hours of dedication in the workshop, but on the other hand, designing an automobile is probably one of the better ways to spend the evenings. They came 6th in acceleration at SAE BAJA 2020, 3th in design presentation, and 2nd in sales presentation at ESI 2020.



President: Nilesh Sharma
Faculty Advisor: Ms Sharal Correa
Club Email:

Artpod is a student-run organisation that aims to appreciate art in all its glory. They started the club because of the absence of a culture that promotes art appreciation in Manipal. They organise one art exhibition each semester, on-campus, displaying the artwork of student artists across branches and batches of MIT. They conducted an art exhibition in October 2019,  the Art Cafe, and an art interpretation seminar with Blank 101.

They accept artwork in the form of paintings, sketches, photographs, and even graphics. Artists mail them their artwork, and once shortlisted, they handle printing, lamination, curating, publicising, and other details to ensure a smooth and successful exhibition. If you are looking to join them, they would want someone who appreciates art but also has a managerial talent that they can offer.


Blitzkrieg Dance Crew

President: Roshan Hegde
Faculty Advisor: Mr Akshay M J
Club EMail:

Blitzkrieg was initially conceptualised in 2009. The crew’s goal is simple, “Spreading the language of love, through dance.” They call themselves a team of people who speak, talk and walk dance.  And the only thing they look for is the passion for working hard and supporting each other, because in their own words,” We’re one team. One family that offers nothing but happiness through dance.”

It is perhaps this love that has led to them being crowned not only the best dance crew in Manipal but as well as the best MegaCrew in India. They represented India at World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2016, Las Vegas and were the 43rd best dance crew in the world. Along with this, they are regular winners at college fests and competitions throughout the country. They bagged 2nd place in Unmaad 2020, the cultural event of IIM Bangalore.


President: Shreehari Thakral
Faculty Advisor: Mr C R Srinivasan
Club E-Mail:

Showstoppers is a club which revolves around various dance forms, from hip hop to contemporary, and from bhangra to classical dance. In their words,

“Our bodies move as our souls speak,
Our feet punctuate the words we believe.
Our hands tell you stories that lay untold,
In our eyes, passion, for you to behold.”

The crew has competed and made an impact in events like National Level Qualifiers, Hip Hop International where they bagged the 13th place. They bagged the first and second position in Revels 2020 for Desi Tadka. They organised dance workshops by Kings United in August 2019 and Piyush Bhagat in January 2020. The club believes in achieving everything together as a family and hopes to see some passion and flair in the recruits.


Aaina Dramatics

President: Shantanu Shastri
Faculty Advisor: Mr D. A. P. Prabhakar
Club Email:

Aaina Dramatics, a student club of MIT is one of the very few student societies of Manipal recognized by MAHE. The twelve-year-old club stages three productions every year with one held in the Library Auditorium and the rest at the Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall.

It represents MIT in cultural fests of reputed colleges like IIM-Bangalore, VIT, IIT-Bombay and, BITS Goa in both the centre stage and the street play category. At IIM Bangalore Unmaad 2020 it bagged Streetplay, 2nd place,  and Centre Stage, special mention. Aaina focuses on every aspect of theatre including what happens behind the curtain and hence, has dedicated departments which hone the varied talents of people involved in theatre.

ADA Dramatics

President: Poorvi Mittal
Faculty Advisor: Mr Pavan Hiremath
Club Email:

ADA is one of the dramatics clubs of Manipal. In the initial phase, the founders of the club had started out as a freelance street-play group. Since then, they have evolved to provide more versatility in what they offer, with various productions throughout the year. While initially a part of the Dramatics wing of MAFIA, since 2013, it has been an autonomous body.

It is with this same determination, hard work, and commitment to excellence that ADA consistently wins awards in national level play competitions across the country, including tournaments in IIM-Bangalore’s Unmaad, as well as MIT’s very own fest, Revels. They stage some excellent productions in Manipal too. At Mood Indigo 2019 they came in the top five in the centre stage competition and also bagged the second position in the mime competition held  Christ University Bangalore.

atADA believes in “giving wings to talent”, and the two things they look for in prospective recruits are enthusiasm and commitment. The Hound of the Baskervilles, based on the Sherlock novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was performed by ADA Dramatics as their primary production in November 2019.


Economics and Finance Society of Manipal (ESoM)

President: Raghukrishnan J
Faculty Advisor: Dr Gopalkrishna B.
Club Email:

The Economics and Finance Society of Manipal was started last year with the vision to promote economic and financial literacy among the students of MIT. The club believes that learning economic policies and financial models in college will help every budding engineer in the long run. They participated in BITS Quark 2020 where they bagged 1st and 2nd place in Market Kshetra and 2nd place in Stock Pitches.

The main thing the society looks for in potential recruits is the drive to make its vision a reality and a basic understanding of the concepts of economics. ESoM organises StockMeets, its flagship series, to foster deeper economic understanding. The club also releases articles and infographics to elaborate on the hot topics in the financial world.

MAHE Technology Business Incubator—Student Entrepreneurship Cell (MAHETBI—SEC)

Vice President: Milind Arora
Faculty Advisor: Dr Santhosha Rao
Club Email:

The MAHETBI—Student Entrepreneurship Cell (SEC) was formed in the year 2012. Its goal was to promote budding entrepreneurs and the startup culture in Manipal. The organisation was then revamped to ensure a much wider reach as well as an environment that would be conducive to innovation in Manipal. MAHETBI aims to encourage students with ideas to come forward and to give them the opportunities needed to make their dreams a reality.

MAHETBI conducts various events throughout the academic year, most notably ‘Provenance’, their annual event wherein participants are required to submit a working plan of their idea. MAHETBI is looking for students that are passionate about innovation, and keen on entrepreneurship to be a part of their organisation. Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit was conducted where Manipal alumni entrepreneurs were called in a two-day summit. They shared their journey, vision and thoughts with the students from all over MAHE.

E-Cell, MIT

Chairperson: Dhwanit Shah
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sriram KV

A non-profit organisation founded in 2021, E-Cell, MIT is run by students and for students, to promote entrepreneurship within MIT. The organisation aims to act as a bridge between students with ideas and people with expertise in MIT. They also intend to conduct workshops and competitions that will help budding entrepreneurs familiarise themselves with the environment and jargon necessary to succeed in their endeavours.


Burning Ice

Club Head: Anoushka Singhal
Club Email:

The club which started back in the year 2005 is the oldest fashion crew in Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The club actively participates in college fests and provides maximum exposure to its members and, hands-on experience in the field of fashion. Since its inception, Burning Ice has won many accolades. The club has won laurels at TAPMI’s cultural fest, BITS Goa, VIT and, the IIMs. The club has won ‘Utsav’, and, ‘Revels’. The crew believes in showcasing fashion with originality while setting the bar each time for themselves. The club recruits models, designers, photographers, DJs and makeup artists.

Glam & Glitz

Club Head: Anisha Gupta
Club Email:

Formed in 2009, Glam & Glitz is a club where students can unleash their creativity and build their self-confidence through modelling. Aspiring applicants are expected to be passionate about the runway and have the drive to do the very best. Since its inception, the club has won several accolades, including at Revels’20. Glam & Glitz also takes part in events outside of Manipal, such as Incident at NIT Suratkal, Sentia, MITE, and Brandscan.


Behind The Scenes

President: Khush Goyal
Faculty Advisor: Mr Diwakar G Sudhakar
Club E-Mail:

Behind The Scenes strives to make socially relevant films that offer a unique experience to the viewer. They also make an effort to foster a more artistic mindset towards filmmaking by screening original films throughout the semester. Their latest production He’s Lost Control was built over the odd semester, 2019. It obtained 2nd place in the Revel’s event, Nazariya.

Media Engineers and Graphics Technologist Association (MEGA)

Club Head: Raksha A P K
Faculty Advisor: Mr Devicharan R
Club Email:

They aim to provide a platform to the students to showcase their talent in the field of media and printing and opportunities to gain knowledge and expertise in the area. They help create technical and non-technical dimensions for the students. They as a technical club organise events and competitions that help students understand and more exposure to the media and print industry, showcasing their talents in various fields of media. They provide opportunities to students in the area of filmmaking and sound engineering and also hold workshops on the same.

Naqaab Filmmaking

President: Kshitij Yadav
Faculty Advisor: Mr Nitesh Kumar
Club Email:

Naqaab is MIT’s filmmaking club. The club’s main activity is to produce short films in Manipal on a variety of themes, ranging from societal issues to life on campus. Naqaab plans to participate in various film festivals with its short films. The club places no limit on the number of films they produce each year and wishes to create as many short films as possible.

Naqaab looks to recruit people who are passionate about their work and are willing to pick up new skills while on the job at Naqaab. The club was started last year, and so it offers new recruits a clean slate to make their mark on. Two of their films, Kadam and Zameer, were the 1st and 2nd runner ups respectively for the category Best Short Films at Chalchitra 2019, organised by the Media Technology department of MIT.



President: Priyanka Dudeja
Faculty Advisor: Dr Karunakar A Kotegar

AIESEC is an international youth exchange organisation that has a presence in over 120 countries. It is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated with the UN DPI, member of ICMYO, and is recognised by UNESCO. The organisation offers cultural and technical exchanges in a variety of fields and focuses primarily on international exchange programs. While one needn’t work for AIESEC to go on an exchange, working at AIESEC provides opportunities for the development of leadership and management skills.

It has begun its local volunteering body, Youth for Volunteering to work on social projects in Manipal itself. AIESEC doesn’t really look for any particular skill set in its recruits and prides itself on being open to anyone who wishes to work towards its goal of making the world a better place. Managing and facilitating international exchanges comprises a bulk of the work at AIESEC. It also conducts annual events, like World Cleanup DayGlobal VillageWorld’s Largest Lesson, and World Cafe, which act as platforms to showcase the work of AIESEC in Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It received awards for being the best Local Committee in both outgoing and incoming exchanges in the Asia Pacific Region.


Chairperson: Mahir Jain
Faculty Advisor: Dr Karunakar A Kotegar

IAESTE is an international organisation which deals with providing paid internships to people all over the world. It has four local committees, with the Manipal wing being the largest. Not only does IAESTE gives students studying in India an opportunity to intern abroad, but it also accepts trainees from foreign countries.

IAESTE also organises numerous conferences, seminars and events throughout the year. Besides its primary goal of providing people with an opportunity to enrol themselves for foreign internships, it strives to enhance connections with different parts of the world and enhance the careers of its members. It trains its members to take on companies and ace their interviews when it matters the most.

IAESTE is on the lookout for recruits who either have or are willing to develop excellent communication, managerial and organisational skills. IAESTE provides a professional corporate-like environment and is looking for members who are eager to devote their time and loyalty towards the club. It held Namaste Manipal, which was an event for 105 incoming interns from over 30 countries conducted by Local Committee Manipal over five days with a separate event each day depicting Indian culture.



President: Shriyanshu Singh
Faculty Advisor: Dr Fasiulla
Club Email:

Goonj, the Hindi literary society of Manipal, took roots in the October of 2015 when a group of students realised that a language spoken by eighty per cent of the students in college was being sidelined. They won several accolades in various events in Unmaad’20 including 1st and 2nd position in the Hindi poetry event.

They bagged many prizes in various events across the country which was proof in itself that this club was one to watch. The many activities conducted by this club, like the Inter-Section debate, the Matrubhasha Divas, the Independence Day celebrations, the India Quiz and Antakshari became instant hits with the crowds.

Literary, Debate, and Quiz Club (LDQ)

President: Sudarshan Sivakumar
Faculty Advisor: Mr Sriprasad Acharya
Club E-Mail:

LDQ is MIT’s official Literary, Debate and Quiz club, which was started in 1987. The club organises events which include workshops, debatesquizzes, JAMs, poetry and slam poetry, creative writing, potpourri and extempore. The club aims to promote all things literary and help people with a passion for literary fields to hone their skills and showcase them. It also holds its annual literary fest for first-year students, Litstock every odd semester.

LDQ hosts various events—the Manipal Freshers’ Debate Tournament for first years, MIT’s National Debate TournamentQuiz Meet Quiz,  and a Slam Poetry Workshop in association with Airplane Poetry Movement. Members get free access to their events and are encouraged to join the various literary societies under LDQ. The club prioritises commitment and passion over prowess in their working committee members.


President: Aditi
Faculty Advisor: Udaya Kumar KS
Club Email:

NUDI is the new Kannada cultural and literary club of Manipal. The club was only founded in early 2019, but they look forward to interacting with the vibrant and culturally diverse populous of Manipal. They bring to the fore Karnataka’s effervescent culture and traditions through drama, debates, poetry and dance. Kannada Rajyotsava was a significant cultural event held on 1st November.


Her Campus at Manipal

President: Rianna Lobo
Faculty Advisor: Dr Sudhamshu Bhushan Raju
Club Email:

Her Campus aims to amplify and highlight the issues society faces. They write articles on a  plethora of topics and hold events in support of causes that need a platform. Moreover, their social media helps broaden our reach in pushing out content on issues they support. HC at Manipal, more than being just a club, aims at creating safe spaces within the student community. Its event Love Wins was an amalgamation of musicians, speakers, and artists celebrating the LGBTQ+ community through music, poetry, and spoken word.

Manipal The Talk Network (MTTN)

Editor-In-Chief: Avaneesh Jai Damaraju
Club E-Mail:

MTTN is a media body that currently comprises members from eleven institutions at Manipal Academy of Higher Education and looks to expand to many more. A team of writers, photographers, poets, artists and PR personnel who strive to keep the students informed of what’s going on in the city.

Manipal’s largest unofficial media body provides the people they recruit with the ability to hone their existing talents in their particular field, by facilitating working in the area. More importantly, the chance to mingle with people sharing similar interests.

“The passion for learning more about and working on the skills they already possess; the innate drive to set goals and see them accomplished to the very end, and undying love for Manipal” – is what MTTN requires from potential recruits.

MIT Live

Editor In Chief: Sai Abhinav
Faculty Advisor: Mr Giridhar Kamath
Club Email:

MIT Live, the Video Media Body of MIT, was started by a small, but dedicated group of students who realised the impact that a video media body would have, and subsequently came up with MIT Live. Some of MIT Live’s successful videos include the live broadcast of Independence Day’16 and Director Diaries, Revels ’17, MITBL and Sunburn Campus. The club has various departments one can apply to, namely, videography, script, graphic designing and video and audio editors.

The sole purpose of this club is to create entertaining as well as informative videos for the student masses of MU while representing MIT. They believe that this helps create a bridge between college administration and the student counterpart. MIT Live serves as a platform for talented filmmakers and well-turned scriptwriters. They cover all major ongoing events of the college.

For the last year, they have created content and addressed the importance of specific dates like World Day Against Child Labour, World Laughter Day, Mother’s Day, International Yoga Day and much more. They strive on having an excellent senior-junior bond to have an exciting club working environment.  They have also been working on improving our social media handle by creating short and fun videos to entertain the audience.

The Manipal Journal (TMJ)

Editor-In-Chief: Vibha B Madhava
Club Email:

The Manipal Journal was Manipal’s first news website, launched way back in September 2007. They state their mission as “Unbiased Ethical Journalism,” and aim to bring news from all over Manipal to their readers. Run by a team of volunteers, they work not-for-profit round the year to capture Manipal and the world as it happens, when it happens.

The Photography Club Manipal

President: Bhavesh Jain
Faculty Advisor: Mr Vishal Shenoy P.
Club Email:

The Photography Club, Manipal, is the official photography club of MIT. For all budding photographers, this club is the perfect medium to hone your photography skills and learn from the experience. The club organises several photo-walks and excursions outside the campus. They conducted a photo walk to Malpe-Pudukere beach.

Besides covering different events happening throughout the campus, the club also organises several competitions to lend some incentive to their members. The club is also planning to host several photo and video meets and a lot of workshops to tutor its members professionally. The club is looking for students who are comfortable behind the lens.


Chords and Co.

President: Liza Mathew
Faculty Advisor: Mr Vishnu Sharma A.
Club Email:

Founded in 2015, Chords & Co. forms the largest Music Community of Manipal. Leading the music culture in Manipal, Chords & Co. has amassed an ocean of talent over 200 strong. The expertise in the club ranges from amateurs to musical prodigies. Although they’re a music club, they have committees for various other skills. This includes:
Graphic Designing—for the artsy ones
Social Media & Content—for the budding writers and creative minds
Human Resources—the ones managing the club affairs and finally
Public Relations and Sponsorship—for the speakers with a knack for financial matters.

With access to the Jam Room, the club allows you to discover yourself and your true talent. They’re known for having conducted events like Crescendo for Revels, the Prom, Playlit, Sixth Riff, DJ nights on campus and even trips to orphanages and nursing homes! Chords & Co. also represents MIT in inter-college fests like Unmaad (IIMB), Waves (BITS Goa), Revels and Utsav (home ground). It held Grooveyard, a Halloween themed event, with a Battle of Bands and solo performances as the musical highlights.

In their words, “All in all, you’ll find a place for yourself in our wonderful musical family!”


Blank 101

President: Swastika Shankar
Faculty Advisor: Ms Adithi Shastry
Club E-Mail:

Blank-101 is a club that aims to impart basic knowledge on a wide range of topics. It provides a platform for learning, meeting people with similar interests and holds a series of talks, researched and presented by members on topics chosen by popular demand. It primarily aims to cover all the interests that are not included in regular college classes.

The essential traits the club looks for in members is inquisitiveness and a thirst to know more—be it about anything, from hybrid cars, to politics, to mythology. Blank 101 organises talks on various topics, where interested members can talk about the subject and discuss its nuances. A Public Speaking Workshop was held to give a basic outline of what goes into a speech, and the attendees were asked to prepare and present a speech with the help of the club members.


Ecological Conservation and Habitat Restoration Organization (E.C.H.O Manipal)

President: Soham Jain
Faculty Advisor: Mr Sandeep G. S.
Club Email:

E.C.H.O Manipal, or the Ecological Conservation and Habitat Restoration Organization, is a unique club that, as the name suggests, aims at sustaining and restoring the natural environment. The objective of the club is to promote and enhance environmental discipline amongst students and citizens of Manipal alike.

To do so and to help students connect to nature, they aim at actively conducting several events throughout the campus including plantation drives, nature walks, cleanliness drives, and trips to national parks and biosphere reserves. All they need is for their members to be adventurous nature and wildlife photography enthusiasts along with people who take initiatives for a cause. On 1st February 2020, ECHO Manipal conducted their annual clean-up drive at Arbi Falls.

Ek Sangharsh

Club Head: Nischal Kamath
Faculty Advisor: Mr Sandeep Parma
Club Email: 

Ek Sangharsh, Manipal is the local chapter of a Delhi based NGO. It is one of the most active social welfare clubs at MIT. Ek Sangharsh aims to provide the youth with an opportunity to use their innovative ideas for social welfare and make a difference in society. It conducted an art competition at a school.

The club organises popular events like Cloogle, a treasure hunt, to raise funds for social welfare activities like helping children in Anganwadi schools and orphanages. They utilise funds to donate books, drawing material, and in one case, even a water purifier. To be a member, all you need is a passion for social welfare and an urge to utilise your talents to help others.

Lions Club of MAHE

The Lions Club is a club that is engaged in social work and community service in Manipal. The objective of the club is to provide the youth of the college an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community.

Serve humanity with excellence
Giving smile to humanity
Developing personality and leadership skills.

They have organized events like a blood donation camp in MIT and an orphanage visit to Shree Bala Niketana Kukkikatte.

Red-X Manipal

Chairperson: Gagan Bang
Faculty Advisor: Mr Shyam Karanth
Club Email:

When you are in a city like Manipal where natural and artificial constructs complement each other, there is an undying thirst to go out and explore the places around. Started in 2005, with this in mind the socio-adventure club conducts many projects ranging from the upliftment of the underprivileged to hardcore adventure activities like zip-lining, tent-pitching and paragliding among others.

Red-X has two wings Disha, social side, and Adventure-X. In the social arm, Red-X carries out umpteen number of donations from books, clothes, bags, blood, food etc. It also helps underprivileged children by teaching them on a regular basis. The Disha wing is also responsible for various awareness talks and campaigns. Through the adventure wing, RED-X carries out various treks and adventure activities. From the Himalayan trek to hiking in the Kudremukh, Red-X soars high in its adventure activities.

Their event, Sunburn Campus, which brought Zaeden and Teri Miko to Manipal received a huge turnout. They also conduct charitable drives and adventure camps which are very popular. This club is looking for students with an insatiable thirst for adrenaline to be a part of their endeavours.  It held the Triathalon swimming, cycling, and running competition held around campus in February 2020.

Rotaract Club of Manipal

Club Head: Rudr Abhishek
Faculty Advisor: Mr M. Prasanna Kumar
Club Email:

Rotaract is one of the oldest and largest clubs in Manipal. The club aims to provide opportunities to the students to enhance skills and personal development and address the physical and social needs of the community. Aside from being one of the most fun clubs to work for, they have a reputation for being the most active social service club. A few of the major events organised by them being blood donation camps, clothes collection drives, community contact programs and quality fundraisers such as the Meraki Waltz. The biggest cultural fest of the club though would be Dhol Baje, which is undoubtedly the most popular cultural night of Manipal. Also, Nawaazish ’17, which brought The Local Train to Manipal for an encore was a wildly popular and successful event.

SCIO Foundation

President: Aditya Deshpande
Faculty Advisor: Ms Devika Rani
Club Email:

SCIO is a government registered, non-profit organisation. The organisation mainly deals with free career counselling sessions, under their wing Vidya. The other two sides are Vaidya, which deals with free medical camps and Veda, in which students are called from schools to participate in discussions regarding their careers. It aims to motivate students to actively participate in social service to build our nation.

SCIO looks for people who are interested in social service and who are willing to participate actively. Having excellent speaking skills also helps. SCIO has conducted many career counselling sessions and free medical camps in and around Udupi and Manipal. Members are given a certificate after their duties for the organisation are done. SCIO strives to bring a prominent change in the significant fields of rural education, career development, health for the underprivileged and awareness of menstrual hygiene through their four flagship events, Veda, Vidya, Vaidya, and Su-Khoon.

Teach Code for Good

President: Vaishnavi Janardhan
Faculty Advisor: Mr Chethan Sharma
Club Email:

Teach Code for Good is a not for profit organization consisting of volunteers. They step up to teach underprivileged children in Manipal basic computer programming. Their goal is to empower children from at-risk backgrounds, create interest in coding and increase opportunities for education and employment. They have received a fellowship from The Resolution Project, and also have been at the receiving end of an award from the Rotary Club Manipal Town for their contribution to society. They conducted Come and Teach in January 2020.

The club focuses on introducing coding to children studying in government schools within Manipal. The courses being taught to them are simple, like basic HTML or Python, adding them to the world of coding. Students in these schools often do not have proper access to resources essential to learning, including a lack of good teachers, so the idea is to try our best to share our knowledge, and to bridge the gap between them wanting to learn and being unable to, due to external factors.

Volunteer Services Organisation of MAHE (VSO—MAHE)

Student Ambassadors: Nischal Hebbar and Arjun Upadhyaya
Club E-Mail:

The brainchild of Dr Raj Warrier, former Vice-Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, the Volunteer Services Organisation of MAHE, is the official social upliftment umbrella of MAHE, spread across the Manipal and Mangalore Campuses. With its volunteers having students and staff from all colleges of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, staff children and spouses as well as the general public in Manipal, it is one of the most active social clubs in Manipal. Under the guidance of Dr H Vinod Bhat, the Vice-Chancellor of the University who is the organisation’s Chairman, many projects such as visits to orphanages, schools for the specially-abled, pediatric ward, old age homes, slums, Blood Donation Campaign, Clean Manipal Campaigns, and other activities happen weekly all year round.

Aside from this, VSO volunteers are sought after for smooth coordination of all of the University’s most significant events. The Manipal Marathon, the IBCA Asian Chess Championship Tournament, Manipal Research Colloquium, Academy of General Education National Science Day Program, MHRD’s VISAKA Program, Utsav are some of the university’s events VSO lends its hands in. Apart from these, VSO also has a regular collection and spot-fixing drives in Manipal and Mangalore alongside its flagship annual events, Daan UtsavTarang, Sparsh, and Carnival de Manipal. It also holds the National Conference for Youth in Social Change in MAHE, as well as India’s festival of Giving – Daan Utsav. Registrations for the organization is open online throughout the year on


Human Powered Endeavours

President: Prakhar Bahukhandi
Club Email:

Human Powered Endeavours is comprised of a team of enthusiasts who want to promote cycling in Manipal, both as a sport and as a mode of transport. Cyclists from the club participate in BRMs (Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux) across Karnataka. They provide training, guidance and necessary support to members who are willing to get involved. The club organises frequent cycling trips to scenic locations on weekends. They also held Tour De Manipal, in an attempt to connect Manipal University Campuses at Mangalore, Bangalore, and Jaipur with Manipal.

Manipal Runners Club

President: Likith

A MAHE-wide club, comprising undergraduate and graduate students across MU, professors, residents, and even visitor or tourists. This club aims to bring together people who run or want to start and instil a culture of running in the city. The Manipal Marathon was organised by the Manipal Runners Club and was a massive success with over 7000 registrations. The club also holds runs thrice a week, which begin at Marena.

MIT Athletics Team

Team Captain: Shashank Prabhu
Email ID:

The season began in October 2019 when the selections for the team were held. There was a large turnout of athletes, and the best of them were made a part of the team. The team included National level sprinters, talented long-distance runners, powerful throwers and to sum it up fantastic jumpers. The training of athletes began in the first week of January. Besides training for individual events, light jogs, and core strengthening exercises were a daily routine.

Soon in February 2020, the team left for Pune to participate in Silhouettes Sports Fest at AFMC. It was an outstanding performance by the team as they bagged six medals in both track and field events. As soon as the athletes returned from Pune, they began their training for Revels. It was a four-day event with early morning events requiring 100 per cent effort and dedication from athletes.

The team’s unbeaten run in Revels was no less. They were the best team as they brought home the Overall Athletics Championship along with the Best Athlete Men’s trophy. The season was holistic as they not only won laurels but also understood the competitive spirit required for an athlete. The Athletics Team makes life less monotonous and provides truckloads of moments and memories to cherish.

MIT Badminton League

Vice President: Konduri Praveen Mahesh
Email ID:

MIT Badminton team is a group of about twenty individuals who share mutual love and passion for the sport. The team has collaborated with MIT Sports Club to organise the inaugural edition of MIT Badminton League, giving an opportunity for every passionate sportsperson to compete with the best in MIT and to give an insight into sports management. The badminton team has been consistently performing and bringing laurels to MIT over the years in sports fests and tournaments like Revels, where they won the 2020 edition, Spree, where they have had podium finishes in previous years, and the MAHE Inter-collegiate tournament, which have been consistently winning. Several players of the team are also part of the MAHE University team which represents MAHE at South Zone and All India University tournaments.

MIT Basketball League (MITBL)

Vice President: Shaik Mohammad Arafath
Email ID:

Officially launched in 2017, the MIT Basketball League is an opportunity provided to students by the MIT Sports Club to showcase their basketball skills, competing with the best players in college. Following the success of 2 seasons of the League, the 3rd was underway when the pandemic struck and prevented its completion. The League begins with registration and trials conducted by the MIT Basketball Team. From the pool of shortlisted candidates, the team captains choose players who will constitute their teams. Previously, there have been 6 teams for boys, and 4 for girls.

MITBL is an opportunity to interact with batchmates and seniors while playing a favourite sport, making it a unique must-try event for basketball enthusiasts.

MIT Basketball Team—Women

Team Captain: Esha Mathur
Email ID:

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” -Tim Duncan

This is the motto by which the basketball girls team practices. The team works hard throughout the year, each day of the week. This passion and motivation of each of the players chosen at the beginning of the semester can be seen every day. We receive around 40+ girls during try-outs for the team each year, only to select 10 of the best. The team actively participates in various championships such as Inter MAHE, Revels, Slamdunk at NIT Suratkal, Udupi District Tournaments, and BITS Goa Tournaments. Manipal University has tried to increase participation in Women’s basketball by holding the Annual MIT Basketball League for Women as well for the second year in a row which helps in acquiring and nurturing talent for the upcoming years for the university.

MIT Chess Club

President: Yash Deodhar
Email ID:

The MIT Chess Club is the official Chess club of MIT. The main objective of the club is to promote the game of chess, motivate and engage members in learning the game of chess, improve their chess skills and enjoy competing against their peers. They provide a unique opportunity to have fun playing the game and make friends while building these skills at the same time. The mission of the MIT Chess Club is to create an educative environment for students who want to play chess, regardless of experience or identity.

MIT Cricket League (MITCL)—Men

Vice President: Srikanth Viswanadha
Email ID:

MIT Cricket League is a semi-professional tournament that was just introduced in 2016 to help the abundant talent of cricket to have a platform where they can compete with the best in MIT. The league also gives budding cricketers a chance to have a shot at the coveted MIT cricket team spot. Our aim is to help give talented people a platform where they can showcase their ability and help in achieving the ultimate excellence in the field of cricket.

The MIT cricket team is also committed to the welfare and fitness of its players, our selection process puts heavy emphasis on fitness and recovery so as when a player comes into the team he is well prepared for the gruelling challenges he will face. The emphasis on fitness and recovery helps the player to keep performing at his optimum at all times and hence giving the team an edge over others. Our team works on the ethos of teamwork, camaraderie, and leadership.

MIT Gaming Club

President: Dhruv Salvadi
Faculty Advisor: Mr Ganesh Babu C.
Club E-Mail:

MIT Gaming is the club for gamers created by gamers. It aims to provide a platform for players to showcase their skills and for game development enthusiasts to enhance their skills by working in a small group of skilled developers. They conducted Dropshoot,  a competitive video game tournament in FIFA and CoD Mobile. The club has two wings—the gaming wing, in which the club looks for people who have a real passion for gaming, and the game development wing, which looks for people who are either skilled in game development or have a keen interest to learn game development to create games for the market.

MIT Football League (MITFL)—Men

Chairperson: Rithik Aggarwal
League Email:

MITFL is Manipal’s only semi-professional football league. The league aims to encourage budding footballers in MIT by giving them a platform to showcase their skills. The MITFL provides amateur footballers with an opportunity to compete with the best in MIT and gain valuable experience that helps them grow as players. At MITFL, professionalism is of prime importance.

The league is looking for people who are eager to learn and are passionate about the sport and its management. The MITFL gives its members exposure to sports management and an insight into what goes behind managing a league this big, imparting managerial skills which will prove beneficial to the students in the future.

MIT Football Team—Women

Team Captain: Shreya Bangar
Email ID:

“Practice like you have never won and play like you’ve never lost.”
Since day one MIT Football Women Team has believed in hard work and unity. Every season they have their chances of success and have endured failures too, but it has only motivated them to strive harder next time. Every year they participate in Revels, Inter Mahe, futsal, and an outstation tournament (BITS Goa/Hyderabad). For three times in a row, they have been crowned champions of Revels and proud Runners up in inter Mahe (2018-19). They hold their annual selection process every October aiming to recruit girls who have passion and love for this game. They also focus on popularising and increasing girl’s participation in football and organise inter-uni futsal or league.

MIT Hockey Team

Email ID:

Every year MIT Hockey Team keeps the trials where they select passionate players not necessarily trained in hockey and train them in this sport starting from the very basics to the point where they can compete and win in the inter-collegiate tournaments. They regularly secure positions at our colleges’ tournaments Inter-MAHE Hockey and Revels Hockey Cup. Over the last few years, they have participated in Arena by BITS Hyderabad, Vibrance by VIT, Adrenaline by FMMC, and Invictus by KMC Manipal as well.

MIT Sports Club

President: Udhbhav Vaddadi
Club Email:

“All work and no play makes Jagannath a dull boy.” This was precisely what was happening back in 2007 when a bunch of MITians wanted more attention to be devoted to sports in the college. That led to the birth of the MIT Sports Club. Intersection basketball, football, cricket tournaments are a few of the annual events the club hosts.

Apart from this, the club is also involved in managing the college and university teams participating at university, state, and national levels. The MIT Sports Club also organises semi-professional cricket and basketball leaguesthe MITCL and the MITBL. The team looks for students with a passion for sports and a flair for people skills to facilitate a spirited sports culture in Manipal.

MIT Squash Team

Women’s Team Captain: Sukrita Panigrahi
Email ID:

Men’s Team Captain: Mayank Shete
Email ID:

MIT squash team has won umpteen laurels for the institute over the years. It is a team of adept squash players, formed after a round-robin selection process annually. Players from the MIT team often represent MAHE at the national inter-university squash tournament and further recognise the institution as a ‘squash hub.’ The men and women’s teams have consistently secured 1st place in inter-MAHE squash tournament for over 5years. Recent achievements include winning the BITS, Goa sports fest SPREE’19 with a representation of mixed teams, winning the women’s individual event at BITS, Hyderabad sports fest ARENA’20, both teams winning the inter-MAHE squash championship’20.

MIT Swim Team

Team Captains: Jahnavi Hunsidiga and Nandeeshwar Porko Pandiyan
Email ID:

MIT Swim Team is the six-time consecutive and reigning Overall Champion, Men’s Team Champion, and Women’s Team Champion of MAHE. They are known to bag all the medals at any swim meet, not solely because of our hard work—there’s a lot of that—but also because they work as a team. They train together, and they motivate one another, they share in each other’s losses just as much as each other’s wins, all bound by the same love for the water. They represent MIT at various local and outstation swim meets, including InterMAHE and Revels. They look for people who prove their prowess not just in the pool but also exhibit a strong will to learn and adapt, and they look out for our own.

MIT Table Tennis Team

Women’s Team Captain: Malvika Agarwal
Email ID:

Men’s Team Captain: Gaurav Puri
Email ID:

The Table Tennis Team of MIT Manipal constitutes of the Men’s (MIT A and MIT B) and the Women’s Team (MIT A and MIT B). They participate in Inter-MAHE, Spree (BITS Goa Sports fest) and the top players go for Inter-University South Zone.  For the past 11 years, with a striking record, MIT A Men’s Team has been winning Inter-MAHE. Last year, they won the Gold again and in 2018, MIT B won the silver too. You are welcome to join them for practice at the Table Tennis arena in Marena.

MIT Tennis Team

Team Captain: Parth Sharma
Email ID:

The MIT tennis team consists of the best tennis players in Manipal. They are a team of talented individuals who aspire to keep improving both on and off-court, each having their versatile style of play. Ranging from big-hitting serve and volleyers to defensive baseliners, They have an array of determined individuals. They are the defending champions of the Inter-MAHE tennis tournament and semi-finalists of last year’s Revels Cup. Every year They participate in the All India inter University tennis tournament, BITS Goa Sports Fest “Spree”, and the Inter College tournament, Inter-MAHE. The train as regularly as possible, often playing practice matches and conducting training sessions. They are very critical of each other’s performance and strive to improve every day. Overall they are a group of highly motivated individuals who are incredibly passionate about the game.

MIT Volleyball Team—Men

Team Captain: Ranjith
Email ID:

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. In a sport like volleyball, teamwork comes first. Due to their team spirit and never give up attitude they have won the Inter-MAHE and Revels. They have even participated in the tournament Spike it which was held at NIT Surathkal. The volleyball team isn’t just a team it’s like a small family. They are always disciplined and focused. Every year the team aims to collect young talents who are good at volleyball, full of determination, and are hungry for success.

MIT Volleyball Team—Women

Team Captain: Sambrama
Email ID:

They are a team of passionate girls playing for the love of the game. A sport like volleyball requires a lot of teamwork and they transformed into a family in the process. Their team spirit and never give up attitude led them to the finals of Revels. They thrive for success and look on to get young talents who are determined and are full of enthusiasm.

The Manipal Cyclists

Admin: Mr Ganesh Nayak

Manipal Cyclists is a group of recreational cyclists; there is no competition or training for an event. They explore breath-taking cycling routes around the diverse and beautiful geographical features surrounding the town. They cycle to relax, explore, enjoy and discover themselves. Everyone is welcome to join them for a ride!


Lakshya—The Agri Club

President: Rishitha Chitiprolu
Faculty Advisor: Dr Hareesha KS
Club Email:

Lakshya was founded to provide technical support for farmers, create awareness in the student community about the farmers need, potential and difficulties. It also aims to organise debates and competitions and lectures to capture students’ interest in agriculture. They have conducted workshops on topics such as the use of drones in agriculture and terrace farming. They have also organised an Agrithon, where technology was used to solve agricultural issues. They conducted Shramdaan, in association with VSO, under the DaanUtsav banner, where they visited a farm and interacted with some farmers. A lunch prepared, using the fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, was served.

Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT)

President: Ronak Singh
Faculty Advisor: Dr Raviprakash Y.
Club Email:

Leaders of Tomorrow is a club that aims to bring out the leader in every MITian. They routinely conduct MUN training sessions and send delegations to various MUNs across the country.  They cling to the belief that being well informed and cultivating innovative ideas is the first step in changing the world. Their events, Summit Manipal and Manipal Youth Parliament receive participants in large numbers. They also organise Cambiar, an introduction to Manipal culture, for the students and by the students.

Manga and Anime Club (MAC)

Club Head: Stephen James
Faculty Advisor: Dr Amrutharaj H. Krishnan
Club Email:

The Manga and Anime club is less of a club and more of an anime and manga fan community. It is a forum for anime-related discussions and fan art and also organises anime movie screenings. The club’s members have a diverse set of skills with their passion for anime and manga being the bond that binds them together, which is what the club hopes to find in its recruits.

MAC prides itself in having a cordial, fun work environment where members are encouraged to learn and grow with the club. Every year, in January, the Manga & Anime Club organises a 3-day event called Shonen Fest where they conduct various activities and contests such as Pokemon Showdown, quizzes, movie screenings, anime sharing, and sell artwork made by our club members.

Manipal Birders’ Club

Birder: Mr Rahul Narlanka

The Manipal Birders Club are a group of birding enthusiasts who meet every Sunday morning to embark on a birdwatching trail. Owing to its favourable location between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Manipal plays host to a rich bird-life in its range of habitats, which the birders make the most of. Their Sunday walks also serve a higher purpose. As they go on the walk, the birders keep track of all the birds spotted on the mobile e-bird app. The data is stored in the app’s servers, where it can be used to make distribution maps of the birds and keep track of their migrations. The group is not officially a club and is open to anybody who wants to join in. All you have to do is turn up.

Music and Fine Arts Club (MAFIA)

President: Enakshi
Faculty Advisor: Dr Rajendra B. V.
Club Email:

The Music and Fine Arts club (MAFIA) is responsible for almost every event on music, dance, and arts on the campus. MAFIA aims at organising, cultivating and promoting these fields by organising events, competitions and workshops to promote music and arts. MAFIA conducted an Art Competition, Get Set Gogh, in February 2020, in the KMC Interact Hall, open to all MAHE students.

The club organises events like Acoustic Night, Jam Nights and many other workshops. MAFIA’s biggest event, Manipal’s Got Talent (MGT), is hosted in the odd semester and caters to all music, dance and art enthusiasts. Members of MAFIA can participate in all events organised by the club. Besides having exclusive access to the Jam Room, members can be a part of the MAFIA contingent which travels outstation for several competitions.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Senior Under Officer: Lt. Col. R Venu

The National Cadet Corps is a tri-services organisation grooming tomorrow’s leaders into patriotic and disciplined citizens, doing service to the nation in various socio-cultural activities at times on the battlefield. Living up to its motto of ‘Unity and Discipline’, NCC has been instrumental as one of the most enormous cohesive forces of the nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and moulding them into disciplined citizens of the nation.

4 KAR ENGR COY NCC since its inception in 1962, has been very active in and around Manipal. The trainers and parade leaders for the National Festival Celebrations, taking part in weekly drills, hosting the International Day of Yoga in Manipal and hosting an annual weeklong NCC Week celebration, which gives the general public an insight into the life in the armed forces- the ‘eat, march, camp, run, trek, repeat’ experience of an NCC cadet makes him Manipal’s own Indiana Jones.

The Psych Club 

President: Shraddha Seshadri
Club Email:

The Psych Club, formed in 2012 by two psychology enthusiasts, aims to bring students interested in psychology together in one family, thereby enabling further discussion and learning about the subject. Sharing knowledge is an integral part of the club, and members are expected to learn by themselves after being taught and apply the information they gather in real-life situations.

The Psych Club hosts workshops on reading body language, emotional intelligence, and the art of showcasing confidence, (The Charisma Conundrum) throughout the semester. For Revels, the club has hosted memory workshops before.

The Think Tank

President: Vatsal Khemani
Faculty Advisor: Mr Aneesha Acharya K.
Club Email:

The Think Tank’s goal is to get individuals thinking about the horizon of opportunities that lie outside the mere pages of their textbooks. It aims to ignite a spark of curiosity and encourages people to acknowledge things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For this purpose, the club has hosted events such as Manipal-o-Pedia, a talk with Harvard professor Arun Shanbhag, A Fireside Chat with Rakesh Sharma (the first Indian to go to space) and Dilip Chhabria (founder of DC designs), and an internationally recognised eventThe Human Library. The team is also among those responsible for organising TEDxManipal, and they now invite recruits to join them on the journey. It’s event A Fireside Chat managed to live up to the hype with 2019’s guest being the renowned film theatre personality, Ms Ratna Pathak Shah.


President: Pushkar Raj Singh
Faculty Advisor: Dr Mruthyunjaya H. S.
Club Email:

YES!+ organises a personal development program, offered by The Art of Living organisation. This workshop gives the students of Manipal the practical tools and techniques needed to tackle the academic, professional, economic, personal and social challenges of life with a positive attitude.

It organised the premier Youth Empowerment and Skills workshop with over 200 student participants from MIT. It rounded off the seminar with a Mega Musical Symphony night with Swami Suryapada, eminent Physics professor and senior International Art of Living faculty.

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