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Tech Tatva’15: Deception Point

You could be a seasoned coder in C++ or one of the other known languages, and then you would have to go ahead and forget it all for Decepticode. This event took the participants back to the basics by giving them the documentation of an unknown language, which they had to read through, decipher and then code in.  The event attracted a large crowd of around 100 teams and it took place over two days. They initially had to undergo screening in the form of an aptitude and coding test, after which only fifteen teams went through to the second round.

The language used in round two was ArnoldC, a language consisting entirely of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dialogues. “IT’S SHOWTIME “ was used to start a program, “LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY” was used to define a function, “TALK TO THE HAND” was used to print a value or a statement and “HASTA LA VISTA, BABY” to terminate a function.  The problems given to the contestants may have seemed easy at first glance, they could normally be solved in just a few minutes using a known language, but as soon as the contestants started coding in arnoldc it became apparent that using this language was no easy task. Using dialogues as keywords for commands as simple as initialization could become a bit tedious and contestants would have to keep going back to the documentation to keep track of what each keyword did. Around half an hour into the event all teams could be seen coding furiously in the language they were just introduced to, as the one who finished all four questions first would be the winner.

By the end of the ninety minutes, only two teams managed to finish all four questions. Saksham Khanna and Shreyas R came in first place while Shwetanshu Singh and Shreyas Hebbar were a close second, finishing just three minutes later.