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Unveiling the Mysteries: Rabbit Holes

In the vast expanse of the internet, there exist countless web pages that bewitch the curiosity of users. These digital ‘rabbit holes’ lure individuals into a maze of captivating mysteries and unexplored territories. Blank 101 sought to delve into the numerous beguiling topics that have

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Psychus encouraged participants to think outside the box and tease their brains with unique, challenging and fun events. These three events put the contestants through multiple rounds that tested their IQ and only the wittiest of them could prevail and emerge as winners.

Embracing Queer Love—Then and Now

Homosexuality was criminalised in India during the 19th century. The history of India’s myths was lost when people rewrote mythical tales to fit their convenience. Some of the stories conveyed stories quite contrary to those in the myths. These exemplary pieces of work portrayed ancient India as an extremely accepting and tolerant place, with spirituality deep-rooted into its culture.

Of Lore and Legends—The Udupi Krishna Temple

The rich and varied history of India is unbeknownst to most. One such gem treasured in the midst of the vibrant city of Udupi is the Shri Krishna Matha Temple. Read on to delve more into the magical world of Krishna Matha, located in the ‘Mathura’ of South India.

Beyond the Binary—The Gender Spectrum

The Gender Spectrum is the understanding that gender is not binary, rather it is a spectrum of emotional and biological traits, that exist along a continuum. Transgender individuals have been victims of societal oppression and ignorance, due to negligence, discrimination and most importantly, lack of education. Read on to learn more about the intricacies of the Gender Spectrum.

Tearing Apart the Seams of the Fashion Industry—Sustainability and Fast Fashion

The tantalizing trend of fast fashion is a capitalism-backed maze that’s extremely hard to navigate out of. But the fact that style and glamour come at a high cost is getting clearer by the day, and we pay by sacrificing our environment and abusing the human rights of the ones most vulnerable to exploitation. In such a scenario, the ideas of sustainability, ethics, and accountability are gaining attention.

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