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Monthly Archives: September 2022


The Cacophony of a Caged Bird—Elon Musk & The Twitter Saga

The Musk-Twitter saga is shrouded in mystery as the world’s most impactful social media platform hangs in the balance. This article discusses the motivations behind the deal and the eventual withdrawal, as well as the tricky topic of public opinion and free speech on a platform where virality is more important than morality.

Conscious Consumerism—An Illusion of Change or a Green Reality?

Refraining from indulging in fast fashion, ensuring your seafood is ethically sourced, and recycling old newspapers—these are just some of the practices expected of you as a consumer in the 21st century. The sustainability movement is advertised as something that everyone at every economic level can and should practice, but skepticism around conscious consumerism remains.

Looking Beyond Nine-to-Fives—Universal Basic Income, AI, and the Future of Jobs

Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic affected jobs and working conditions worldwide. As companies have finally begun attempts to move forward, many employees find themselves hesitant to return to the office. The future of jobs is shaping up to be uncertain, aided by the pandemic and several technological advancements that have shaken up job security and the conventional workplaces of yesteryears. Read on to learn about the aftermath of the pandemic for the working population of the world, as AI continues to conquer several job sectors, and how ideas like Basic Income have come to be of immense importance as a result.

Woke, But Not Yet Awake—Discrimination Faced by the LGBTQ+ Community in Healthcare

As a generation that has seen vast and rapid changes in societal dynamics, acceptance of gender identities and racial recognition, we have somehow still managed to fall short in numerous fundamental areas. Access to healthcare, being one of the most basic human rights is still inaccessible to a section of society owing to the various prejudices, bias and negligence of the healthcare sector.

A Beautiful Mind—Schizophrenia’s Influence on Art

The history of mental illness and that of art can be best described as two tendrils that intermittently intersect across time’s canvas, often to produce awe-inspiring masterpieces. The delicate relationship between art and schizophrenia, in particular, is a prominent nodal point of that symbiosis.

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