Spilled Ink #1


Spilled Ink – Art Series 2024

Weakness often hides in the shadow of strength, waiting to reveal itself in the most unexpected moments. Achilles, formidable in his prowess, fell not to the might of armies but to a single, fatal vulnerability: his heel, pierced by a fateful arrow. Yet, within this scene of agony lies a profound truth – that our weaknesses, however well-concealed, define our humanity.

Our vulnerabilities lie hidden, beneath layers of bravado and resilience. It is in acknowledging these frailties that we truly understand ourselves, for weakness is not a flaw but a testament to our shared mortality. It humbles the mightiest of warriors, reminding us that invincibility is but an illusion.

Embracing our weaknesses ironically makes us stronger, for they are the threads that weave the tapestry of our existence, reminding us of our fragility even in moments of triumph, and helping us celebrate life.

Artwork by: Abhishek Biswas

Caption by: Aadi Mittal

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