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Anubhuti was a vivacious category of Revels that brought all the literary poets and writers together to emblazon their skills. The events ranged from Hindi debates to Antakshari and Shayari-writing in a culturally-rich competition that underscored the creativity of the participants.


From trivia games to crime-themed ones, Iridescent had it all. The events were spread over three days and saw participation in huge numbers as the students racked their brains striving to bag the prize in a fervorous race for the right answers.


A rather multifaceted category of Revels, Altaebir offered a fun variety of events for participants to showcase their prowess in several aspects such as debates, cosplay, movie trivia, and film-making.

Haute Couture—Revels’22

Haute Couture brought in two sensational events—the Fashion Show and Mr and Ms Revels that were a great test of poise. The participants paraded their charisma and flair to the judges and the audience, taking their breath away.


From contemporary to classical and impromptu to well-rehearsed choreographies, Footloose brought to Revels’22 performances to awe the audience. Each event navigated hiccups bravely and ensured the category was a roaring success.


Ranging from food-eating contests to looking for clues around campus, Informals brought a variety of events to the plate. This category had its participants on the edge of their seats with enticing challenges.


Art is a well-known mode of communicating thoughts. It showcases our happiest moments, deepest secrets, darkest days and is more of a sneak peek into the artist’s life. This year, during Revels, Kalakriti celebrated a very important sub-category, visual arts, by holding several invigorating and unique events to showcase the skills and prowess of all artists out there.


Ranging from the inept to the dexterous, hundreds of gaming enthusiasts took part in the Revels Gaming event to showcase their skills. There were competitions for all the popular mobile and PC games, from Valorant and FIFA to Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege.

Sports Events—Revels’22

“All the world is a ground and all the people are merely players.” The Sports events in Revels’22 saw the participants from various colleges across India give their all in a thrilling showcase of their formidable talent in sports, ranging from track and field to team events like football and many more.


Xventure consisted of a series of informal and light-hearted events targetting the inner child within each of us. Though a bit challenging at times, some of the quirky tasks assigned brought everyone to splits and contributed to the overall success of this fun-filled category.

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