Spilled Ink #3


Spilled Ink – Art Series 2024

It has its hold on her. Every fiber of hers, every inch of her. Every part except one eye. Only one eye to see through the broken glass. After all, one eye is enough to see the world. It shows her what it wants — the world from its perspective.

She can feel too. She can sense the reality. But it does not feel like the reality she knows. Not like the one she watches. The one she envisages. But she cannot do anything. She can only watch. She is not allowed to befriend the reality. She can only suffer. She is trapped in its hand. Inside the broken piece of glass. It is her dictator. ‘It’ is her mind and she is its slave. She resides inside the box her mind created. Or rather she did. Outside that box, is the real world, the world she never imagined or known. Good or nasty. But reality still. But she would never know because she cannot get out of the box. Her mind is cruel.

Artwork by: Layan Gupta

caption by: Udita kumari

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