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Farhan-Death’s Friend or Fiend?


“Farhan” a movie directed by Balaji Ramachandran, a talented third-year undergraduate student at MIT. The film features Tejas Dhingra in the lead role, who delivered a remarkable performance. The cinematography and editing were skillfully handled by Samarth Solanki, also a student at MIT. The cast includes other talented actors such as Anushri, Sai Dev, Rakshit, Aditya Naik, and Manan Kapoor. The script was written by Balaji Ramachandran himself with Nilimp Vats as assistant director and Ishan Parashar as the assistant cinematographer. Achal Ram handled all the drone shots. The theme of “Farhan” was composed by Sumeer. The crew comprises of Suchita, Akankshit, Ahana, Natasha, and Aditya, who contributed significantly to the film’s success. This article aims to provide an insight into the making of “Farhan,” a movie that showcases the immense potential of young minds in the field of filmmaking.

This movie is the perfect example of a psychological thriller, with just the right amount of witty and amusing elements to it. If you enjoyed watching the show You, this is the movie for you.

The premise of this movie is crystal clear from the prologue itself. The movie begins by introducing our main character, Farhan, as a professional suicide assistant with a 100% success rate. In this context, a 100% success rate means all of his customers were able to commit suicide after receiving a nudge from him.

In the movie, we see Farhan living a stress-free life having no feelings of guilt over his job. In fact, a case is to be made that he enjoys his job a little too much. In a drunken interaction, he even stated that he “kills people” for a living.

As the movie progresses, we see that circumstances in Farhan’s life change, leading him to feel guilty about what he has been doing in the name of work.

The movie makes use of natural lighting and aesthetic sceneries in its production. Angling the camera in a way that avoids glare while keeping the actors in focus. The songs used in the production are for the most part upbeat and provide a brilliant ambiance to the movie.

To understand and portray the guilt felt when ghosts from the past urge you to reflect on your actions is certainly not an easy task. The director managed to capture the essence of these feeling and portrayed it in a manner that resonates with the audience.

The comedic relief in this movie was provided in the form of the music used during the production. With a plethora of upbeat music and songs that we know well. Being shot in places that are familiar to students of Manipal, this movie has provided us with the opportunity of having area and ambiance familiarity.

The actors have done a tremendous job in portraying the different emotions at different stages of the movie. From sadness to finality, to guilt, to love. All emotions were presented to the audience in a neatly wrapped package.

The story makes use of light to give an idea of what to expect from the scene. The throbbing red and blue lights seem to signify fast transition scenes, while red is used for sad and surprising scenes. Blurry shots are used to take the movie experience to the next level.

The cumulation of all these aspects together makes for a pleasurable movie experience.

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