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The Student Council (2022- 2023)


An important body providing a bridge of communication between the administration and the students of MIT, the Student Council constantly strives to provide assistance and make life on campus smooth and enriching for the latter. In order to familiarise students with our newly elected Student Council, the MIT Post interviewed the members on their goals and ambitions for this term.


Name: Tushar Srivastava

Department: Mechanical Engineering


As a student of MIT, I have always noticed many issues faced by students that are not addressed by the administration. This was one of my biggest motivations for applying for the post of President. As an MIT-ian, it was always my dream to prove to people that you can conquer the greatest milestones in the world even if you have an ‘M’ instead of an ‘I’ in your college name.

I really want to take MIT to the heights which the college and its students genuinely deserve. Not only increasing the competence of the college in the technical domain but also giving them a larger canvas to paint upon, giving them unlimited opportunities to act upon, and giving them a college experience that they remember for ages. Thus, as the President of the Student Council of MIT, I want the students to get the best from the best.

My Plan of action for this tenure would include:

1) Improving the communication between the students and the faculty members.

2) Organizing club expos to give freshers detailed information on all the clubs and student

projects of MIT so that they can choose the best for themselves.

3) Having an inspection and if required, installing (on certain floors in the hostels) water

dispensers so that students can be provided with hot, cold, and ambient temperature water on all floors.

Monthly maintenance of water dispensers is also to be conducted.

4) Encouraging research opportunities in college. This will provide a platform to students interested in research and development and will help in procuring a greater number of grants to the college from acclaimed bodies.

5) Requesting HoDs to conduct industrial visits for students at least once a semester. This will help students to be more prepared by getting a gist of real-life working conditions and scenarios.

6) Organizing an internal book fair for students wherein the senior year students can give away books to juniors.

7) Mental health week to be conducted in collaboration with the Student Support Team once every


8) Organizing seminars on GRE, GMAT, CAT, and other competitive exams for higher studies, in order

to give the students a headstart on their preparations for higher studies.

9) Coordinating with the Sports Secretary and organizing inter-hostel sports tournaments.

10) Conducting monthly meetings between the student council and administration to discuss the

grievances of students and collectively decide on solutions.

General Secretary (Male)

Name: Arnav Agrawal

Department: Computer Science and Engineering


For me, since the beginning of college, making a change and having contributed to the social, academic, and cultural life of the college was important. Student Council was the best place for me to make this change. Thus, I applied for the post of General Secretary which covers all these domains.

My plan of action revolves around increasing transparency, making hostel and mess committees, having academic interactions, and adding initiatives to improve mental health and reduce substance abuse in the college. My policies will help add a one-stop solution to giving and receiving feedback. I want to encourage increased communication between the class representatives and the Council, as well as make the Council, the MIT Post, the Editorial Board, and the E-Cell a team who works together.

General Secretary (Female)

Name: Paridhi Gupta

Department: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering


I have a certain quality within myself that acts both as my strength and my weakness; that quality is self-confidence. I believe that fifty percent of the task is done when you have the confidence to do it, and that is where I access my strength. The position of Joint Secretary was the perfect opportunity for me to be a leader and a follower. As the leader, I want to be the inspiration and someone the next Joint secretary can look up to. I want to learn from my vice president and the senior student council as a follower. The next time I apply for a leadership position, I will use everything I have learned from them. I didn’t want to bind myself to a cultural or sports secretary. I am an all-rounder person, and joint secretary did more justice to all my qualities.

My primary responsibility is going to be hostels and messes. For the hostels, we, as the student council, will form a committee that will conduct daily checks. The committee will make sure that they can always come up with a solution for all the students in the hostel face. Regarding the mess, our main aim will be to maintain the food quality already being provided. Manipal is already a college that offers one of the most refined mess foods compared to other colleges. To ensure the quality remains good, we will form a committee that does quality checks every week. Along with that, we will give feedback to all the messes regarding what they can improve and ask the students for their input. Also, we will be in close contact with all the CRs so that all the announcements reach every student.

Our main plan of action will be to gain feedback from students to understand where else the campus is lacking. Regular feedback will help us work efficiently for the welfare of the students. For this, we want to be as approachable as possible and make sure that there is no hesitation in the students when they reach out, irrespective of whether they are our juniors or seniors.

I want to be the most approachable person in the crowd, and secondly, I want to be an inspiration to others. As the joint secretary, I want to set an example so that the next joint secretary looks up to me for all the right reasons and the wrong ones so that if I make a mistake, they make sure not to repeat it in their tenure. My goal is to always live up to the confidence I have and never lose the virtues, morals, and principles that I have built throughout my life. They act as my strength, they act as my confidence, and they will help me be the person I aspire to be.


Name: Abhigna Mincheri

Department: Data Science Engineering


Besides the allure of finances, the opportunity to problem-solve and the practicality of the work of a treasurer are what drew me in. As a Data Science student, the position of treasurer is one that I felt I can contribute to the most. I have immersed myself in the fields of data analytics and machine learning for two years now. This has instilled in me a curiosity to delve deeper into understanding how numbers work. These skills can be effectively translated while handling and maintaining records of funds for the Student Council. Approachability, sincerity, and meticulousness are qualities that I believe in and aspire towards, therefore the position of treasurer seemed perfect.

The role of a treasurer is important for smooth functioning. I aim to carry out my responsibilities efficiently so that resources can be bought and events can be planned. During my tenure, I plan on increasing the focus on documentation. Accuracy and completeness of transactions are ensured by leaving a paper trail. Future members of the council can always look back and use it as a reference. Another objective that I will be working towards is spending with consultation. I will make an effort to be aware of the general opinion and welfare of the student body. I am honored to be occupying the position of Treasurer and am confident in making a positive contribution. I aim to balance records in a manner that achieves the aspirations of both, the administration and the students.

Technical Secretary (Male)

Name: Vinamra Choudhary

Department: Mechanical Engineering


The Technical Secretary’s work is always associated with computer science and coding, so I was a little hesitant about applying for the position as a mechanical engineering student, even though I knew I was interested in the post. Eventually, I pushed myself to go for it to change the fact that most people nowadays assume that the term ‘technical’ only involves coding. Moreover, the most important responsibility that comes with being the Technical Secretary, which I found exciting, is being the Convener of Techtatva, the national-level technical fest of Manipal Institute of Technology. I am very excited to take on this responsibility and take the fest to a whole new level.

Manipal Institute of Technology is a reputable college with an outstanding record when it comes to technical knowledge and education. As the Technical Secretary of the college, I would like to enhance the student’s technical skills and help them get the best out of the institute in terms of academics, technical advancement, fests, and an exquisite technical environment for the sustainable and exponential growth of the students.

We have a lot lined up for this term, starting with the creation of a proper channel for the technical clubs and student projects so that they can easily communicate with us without facing any difficulties. Next comes the website of the Student Council, which will contain the event calendar of all the events taking place around the campus so that each student can benefit from the workshops happening all around the campus.

I also hope to increase the general awareness among students of pursuing academic research as undergraduates.

I am also excited about Techtatva and Manipal Hackathon. I want to take them to a new level by ensuring everything runs smoothly and hosting the website for both events well before time.

Technical Secretary (Female)

Name: Manaswi Deepak Jadhav

Department: Mechanical Engineering


A technical secretary is in charge of inter- and intra-college technical activities, as well as the planning and scheduling of technical events during the academic year. 

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”-Bill Gates. 

As a leader, I look forward to working towards the betterment of the aspects that faced failures and maintaining the consistency of achievements while also considering the changes related to technology that we are experiencing after the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year. As a former student project member, I am aware of the dedication of students towards their fields of interest and of their bringing great success to the college with their skills. As a leader, I will try my best to conceptualize and arrange technical programs and activities which will help the students become ready for the corporate world.

My plan of action as Technical Secretary will include

TECHTATVA – I will make sure that this year’s technical fest will be a great success by coming up with the best solutions for all the hurdles we face during the same.


1) Student projects/technical clubs hold a significant share of the success earned by the college. I will work towards the smooth functioning of the student projects/technical clubs and will address any problems that arise. I will work towards the proper management of the yearly student project expo and student project scrutiny board meet. I will also be in regular contact with the student project/technical club boards and faculty advisors.

2) “It may not happen tomorrow, because it’s a big ship to turn and it takes time, but I truly believe we can manifest anything that we want”- Ellen DeGeneres. Providing the small and new student projects/technical clubs a platform to showcase their skills will be my top priority.

3) Ensuring that all rules and regulations established by authorities are followed by the student projects and clubs.

4) Introducing a compulsory HR department within every student project/club for internal issue resolution so that their progress is not hindered by unresolved conflicts.


1) Arrange regular technical workshops initiated by student project/club collaborations which will not only educate the audience but also lead to the exchange of ideas between collaborating clubs that might help with their future endeavors.

2) Invite achievers in technical fields to hold sessions and share their valuable knowledge and experience with the students.

3) Arrange regular alumni meets and invite those who have achieved great success in their careers to share their experiences and guide the students.

Along with accomplishing these goals, I promise to be enthusiastic and have a can-do attitude about all activities that I undertake as a technical secretary. I will make certain that the job is completed on time and that it is done well and will respect everyone’s ideas. I will lead with integrity.

Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Aditya Goyal

Department: Computer Science and Engineering


MIT is a hub of cultural diversity and when i started interacting with people here, i realised how different cultures have so much more to offer. I want to learn as much as i can about our traditions and the value they hold and what better opportunity can there be for this than being the Cultural Secretary!

Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name: Pragya Chawla

Department: Computer Science and Engineering



One of the primary reasons for applying for this post was that I’ve always enjoyed taking part in cultural events. I have actively been a part of The ShowStoppers Crew, performed in several events, and represented MIT in various cultural fests. I would also like to add that I have a BA degree in Kathak dance form. Apart from being an artist who has been on various stages as a performer, I’ve also been a part of teams that work behind the scenes. This is why I understand the level of dedication and sincerity required, not only by someone who’s presented to the audience but also by someone who’s been working backstage throughout.

Talking about my plan of action for the upcoming year, the main objective will be to promote an environment that is more inclusive and motivates students to participate in cultural activities, which will bring out the creativity and talent they harbour. Other than that, one of my primary aims is to organise Revels. Adding on to that, I also wish to organise tons of cultural events and also make sure that all the cultural clubs are provided assistance whenever required.

Not a change per se, but I wish to organise specific events that haven’t been organised in the past (like inter-hostel competitions!), include more social work, and encourage maximum number of students to participate in the same. Considering the year we all went through I want to reiterate the importance of mental health assist anyone who needs help.

I want to help create an environment where students can be heard and foster mindsets that envision new horizons and possibilities that do not simply ask what we can gain from college but how we can add value to it. I hope to make this year a memorable one for everyone!

Sports Secretary (Male)

Name: Satyap Ilme

Department: Mechanical Engineering


I have been involved in sports for as long as I can remember. It was when I was five years old that I played Tennis for the first time and since then there has been no looking back.

The responsibility of being the Sports Secretary allows me to ensure that all sports-related activities run smoothly. It also gives me a chance to learn, experience, and innovate in areas not just related to sports but also the general working of the Student Council as well as the administration. It gives me a very special opportunity to be one of the representatives of our institute.

The following shall be my proposed plan of action for my tenure as the Sports Secretary of the Student Council at MIT:

  1. Improvements are to be carried out in the D Block gym. Renovation and revamping of the gym are extremely important. The appointment of an official Gym Trainer with the addition of newer gym equipment and considerations on making the gym fully air-conditioned would be one of the aims in the coming tenure.
  2. Sports Week is an initiative that can be taken in order to conduct inter-hostel/intra-college sports tournaments which would not just help students get a sense of team spirit at the same time would enhance leadership, integrity and competitiveness amongst themselves. For such event, all major or minor sports shall be considered and shall be played in a League format with a Points Table to note the wins and losses of each Team.
  3. Ensuring that the Basketball courts, Tennis Courts and the Athletics Track are converted into Synthetic surfaces as the existing ones which are cemented affects the knees and the bone joints of the player severely and increases the chances of injury on a higher side.
  4. Many sports teams in our college are not been appointed with a coach/ fitness trainer. I feel such coach/fitness trainer should be appointed which shall not just be a motivation to the team players but also let the players improve upon their game and fitness.
  5. Proper fencing for the football ground is to be done at the same time it is noticed that the football ground has an uneven surface for which repairing of ground shall be done. Creation of a football turf inside the campus shall also be done.
  6. A Sports Calendar should be created wherein the days shall mark all information about the competitions and tournaments that are to be conducted. Also, an official sports website shall be made for the college where we shall add profiles, achievements and the records of win and losses of teams and players in addition to the sports calendar, which not just gives a sense of pride and achievement amongst the players but also motivates them to work and train harder.  
  7. During Revels, it is to be made sure that all the sports events are conducted smoothly and in case there is any sort of miscommunication or conflicts between teams/ players or participants they are peacefully resolved.
  8. Safety of players is the utmost priority and an official First Aid Team, one of its kind shall be readily available in case of any sort of injury or accident a player undergoes while playing, as it takes significant amount of time for the ambulance to reach the destination and take the injured player to hospital. Hence an initial help for the same could be provided by the First Aid Team. 
  9. A few sports like Handball & dodgeball and others should be introduced as new sports for the college at the same time there shall be allocation of space for the same.
  10. Participation of women has been low in any kind of sporting event for which I shall work and coordinate with the administration in order to formulate better provisions for a higher footfall in this case.
  11. Awareness, Execution and Competition- A higher awareness about sports, execution of the plan and conduction of competition is a three-tier plan for conducting any tournament inside or outside the college campus. 
  12. Friendly Tournaments/Matches can be scheduled as per the academic plan not just amongst the students of MIT Teams but with also the Teams coming under MAHE, with consultation from senior authorities at the Student Welfare departments and Council of other colleges under MAHE.
  13. Regular meetings with the Teams/Players of our college will be conducted in which it shall be made sure that they are provided with all sort of required resources from the administrations end.
  14. Motivational Seminars and brief talks should be conducted for the players to stay motivated throughout their journey and make sure they have the sense of pride, humility and integrity at the same time have leadership qualities amongst themselves.

Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: Namitha Mk

Department: Civil Engineering


I applied for the position of sports secretary because I have always been very interested in sports. I believed that I could best represent my interest in sports at MIT. My primary responsibility is to host a successful Revels Cup. Which I will do along with my fellow sports secretary and a team of core committee members dedicated to giving athletes a platform to be recognized for their talents. 

During my tenure, I want to achieve the following. First I  would like to introduce new sports teams at MIT for sports previously not formally organized. Secondly, I would like to encourage more and more people to play sports. Creating awareness about its benefits and joy. I aim to improve outstation participation in our fest. As well as find more opportunities for our teams to compete at other sports events across the country. I will organize intra-MIT sports to keep the spirit high and ensure that information regarding inter-MAHE sports events is given out well in advance so that teams from MIT can prepare accordingly and do well in all events.

Placement Secretary (Male)

Name: Shivam Goyal

Department: Industrial & Production Engineering


I applied for the position of Placement Secretary in the Student Council because I am confident that my skills and experience would make me a valuable asset to the team. I believe that my background in event planning, marketing, and communication, as well as my ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, would be critical in ensuring the success of the placement program.

I am passionate about helping students achieve their career goals, and I see this role as an opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives. I am excited about the prospect of using my organizational and communication skills to help students find meaningful internships and job opportunities.

I am eager to bring my enthusiasm and dedication to the role of Placement Secretary, and I am confident that I would be able to make a meaningful contribution to the college by being a part of the Student Council.

My primary role, to the best of my knowledge, is that I would be a connecting link between the university

placement cell and the students. The placement club would be assisting me with this entire process. My expectations from this role include overall enhancement of the institution’s placement process, implementing new methods for assisting the students and advancing their skill set, and hoping to increase the overall placement percentage. Considering today’s highly competitive world, starting with a precise plan is the need of the hour. The plan is inked, keeping in mind the present needs and trends in the industry.

Some of the activities that I would like to initiate this year are:

1) Volunteer Orientation:

Volunteering during placement drives plays a crucial role, and to make it a smooth process the volunteers must be trained to face challenges.

2) Increase Social media presence:

I would like to increase the social media presence of the placement cell by initiating a new Instagram and LinkedIn page. I also wish to revamp the YouTube channel with tons of placement prep videos.

3) Placement Process Awareness (Sensitization talks)

4) Aptitude and coding development courses

5) Increase Alumni Networking

6) Conduct mock interviews

7) Organize CV and Resume building seminars.

Placement Secretary (Female)

Name: Swathi Mohan

Department: Computer Science and Engineering


Placement- a vital chapter of every student’s life, comes with its own baggage of hassle, anxiety and apprehension. As the placement secretary, my first motive is to eradicate the panic that surrounds placement. I chose this position to help the students have the most tussle free placement process. Everyone deserves a chance to make it big in their dream company, and it is my responsibility to ensure that there is nothing that stands in their way of doing so. We, the placement secretaries, have many exciting revamps and ideas lined up for the upcoming year, and we hope we do justice to our role!

Instead of focussing on the placement process itself, this time I’d like to shift our focus towards placement preparation. I would like to arrange and conduct important workshops, bootcamps, mock interviews, coding sessions, guest speeches etc. for 3rd and 4th year students to aid them with their preparation and assist them to build a strategy.

The next goal is to collaborate with learning platforms, coaching institutions, and various engineering colleges in order to increase opportunities for our students as well as to shape their placement journey.

Lastly, I would like to push forth and shed light on core branches like Civil, Mechatronics, Industrial Production etc. by widening my network and contacting companies that do not adhere to prime software roles. Not only will this be a huge benefit for the respective branch students, but it will also be a major boost for MIT’s placement rates, which will further up our college stature.

I hope these reforms will bud into a successful legacy and that my tenure as the placement secretary proves to be a fruitful one!

Vice President (MTech)

Name: Sudeepvardhan T. Angadi

Department: Industrial Automation And Robotics


The council, like the college as a whole, believes that everyone matters. The council is committed to the rights of the students and wants to give them the opportunity to exercise those rights. So I found this opportunity to get myself involved valuable as my previous experience in Bharat Scouts And Guides helped me gain leadership and discipline qualities as a Rashtrapati Scout. This experience will help foster both personal and professional growth.

Some of my aims include:

1.) Peer support: We as a student council will work together to act as a peer support group to provide a confidential environment for students to share their problems, be it personal or social.

2.) Providers of information: All the members of the student council could provide

management with information. It could alert management to student concerns that they might not be aware of.

3.) An educational opportunity: Student council can be used as a learning tool where we can involve students as spectators so that they can learn to think critically through observation and involvement.

4.) Promote Scholarships: Many students aren’t aware of the scholarships provided by the government. So informing every student of every class for the same is an important goal.

5.) Promote cultural values and human relations.

Vice President (Male)

Name: Ayaz Munis

Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering


As the Vice President, I get to observe closely how the college functions and present my views to the higher authorities to help with decisions that are beneficial for the students. I believe that by taking on the role of Vice President, I can help to implement initiatives that enhance the “fun” aspect of the college lives of students as well as smooth out the academic road bumps of the students.

This year has been remarkable, with MIT reopening after nearly two years. The present Student Council had to build everything up from scratch and they did an astounding job. Now it is our turn to carry forward their legacy. As the Vice President of the Student Council, I aim at fostering an environment for the welfare of the students, an environment that caters to their needs, an environment through which students can open up. Here is a peek into my plan of action for the same:

  • To build a deeper connection with the various technical and non-technical clubs of MIT
  • To minimize the communication gap between various student bodies
  • Act as a point of contact for the students

And loads more. While these are some of the goals I intend on achieving as a student council member, I wish to try my best to take every decision only after thorough discussion and acknowledgment.

Vice President (Female)

Name: Triya Roy

Department: Information Technology


As the Vice President of the college, my experience so far has been truly enriching. I have had the privilege of working with a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff, each with their own unique passion and drive. My role has provided me with the ability to speak on behalf of the student body and to play a significant role in determining the future of the college.

I am committed to improving the student experience by providing greater access to resources and support systems, fostering a sense of community, and advocating for increased funding for student organizations and initiatives. I will collaborate with my colleagues to overcome any challenges and to ensure that the college continues to thrive.

A wise person once said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” This statement aligns with my philosophy as Vice President, as I aim to make a positive impact and leave a lasting mark on the college community.

Joint General Secretary (Male)

Name: Rohan J. A.

Department: Computer Science Engineering


To be part of the Student Council as Joint Secretary offers me the unique opportunity to represent my fellow batchmates and bring to light the changes that I would like to see at my university. The things I learned and the experiences I acquired as president of my school’s student council in the tenth grade made me want to apply to be part of the student council at MIT. I want to bridge the gap between the students and the administration, which is why I applied for this post. I love interacting with people, so I want to make the student council more transparent and accessible to students. Since I am interested in management, I am sure that being a member of the student council will give me a good head-start in pursuing my interest in this field.

My goals during my tenure include focusing on mental health awareness and bringing out solutions to various problems. I will assist the other members in the management of hostel and mess committees and attend to related issues. I will coordinate with the class representatives and look into the problems faced by students, thus acting as a medium between the students and the administration. I want to create a system through which students can give feedback and suggestions regularly on various topics. As a firm believer in the advantages of transparency, I want to give the students the ability to share with me their true concerns and allow them the opportunity to personally flourish while we work together to fix what they believe needs to be improved. I would like to work with clubs and student projects in ways that would help in their advancement and generate curiosity amongst students about the same. I want to be an inspiration to others and be as friendly and approachable as possible, while also keeping students updated about events taking place in and around the campus.

I will bring to my position excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as integrity, selflessness, and engagement in campus-wide issues. I will give my best to all responsibilities assigned to me.

Joint General Secretary (Female)

Name: Aditi Bhoomireddy

Department: Computer Science Engineering


The student council has always fascinated me in terms of how they work as a unit to bridge the gap between the students and the administration. I’ve always wanted to be a part of this process that brings about much-needed changes. In a college life full of academics, the student council gives me an opportunity to add something different to my routine and I believe there is a lot to learn from the same.

“Empowering those around you to be heard and valued makes the difference between a leader who simply instructs and one who inspires.” 

The line above resonates with me and I aspire to act by it. I intend to work with the rest of my team to ensure seamless communication between the students and the faculty. Addressing various grievances of my peers is of utmost importance to me and I hope to establish a system to make the same more efficient. Another goal is to ensure the smooth functioning of student projects and clubs which form an essential part of the vibrant student life here at MIT. I look forward to being a part of the change.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Male)

Name: Anand Ji Parasar

Department: Data Science Engineering


I have always been very interested in literature and poetry. I naturally became invested in other cultural activities that stimulate creativity. Poetry and literature as artforms have profoundly impacted my life, and I wanted to share that feeling with like-minded people interested in the arts. The position of the joint cultural secretary would allow me to do just that. It was my main motivation behind applying for this position. 

My main responsibility as joint cultural secretary is to organise a successful Revels. I will support the cultural secretaries in making their vision a reality. I will work together with all the core committee members and assist them in organising events. Events ranging from music and drama to art and dance. An event for every student in their field of interest. That is my goal.

Joint Cultural Secretary (Female)

Name: Nandini Anand

Department: Computer and Communication Engineering


The vibrance of our culture and the extravagance of celebrations have always charmed me. An opening for the post of the Joint Cultural Secretary at the prestigious Student Council of MIT was an opportunity that I just couldn’t miss!

Here at MIT, students come from all over the country bringing a diverse set of talents with them.

I want to encourage all students to explore their creative side, and along with the administration’s help, contribute towards creating the perfect atmosphere where these skills can be nurtured, displayed, and celebrated.

Joint Technical Secretary (Male)

Name: Varada Hemanth Kumar

Department: Information Technology



The decision to contest to join the Student Council as the Joint Technical Secretary was not an easy one. However, I have a strong desire to be of help to the people around me, to solve their problems, and work for their interests, and I believe that being a part of the Student Council is the first step towards achieving this goal.

Furthermore, I am passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives. As the Joint Technical Secretary, I believe I can leverage my technical skills to make meaningful changes that benefit the student community.

Working as a team and for a just cause is important to me, and I believe nothing is a bigger cause than being in the student council and solving students’ problems. No leader can survive alone, and the best results are achieved when the interests of everyone are taken care of. Overall, my goal as the Joint Technical Secretary is to contribute to the council’s vision of creating a better campus experience for all students by implementing innovative solutions that improve student experiences, streamline communication, and increase efficiency.

I want to create a thriving coding culture on our campus. To achieve this, I will organise workshops, hackathons, and coding competitions collaborating with the technical clubs to encourage students to learn and practice coding. I will also collaborate with industry experts to provide mentorship, internships, and job opportunities to students. Furthermore, I will be in constant touch with all the technical club presidents to help them in whatever way possible and get things done by the administration.

In addition to creating a coding culture, I will also implement project-based learning that aligns with the curriculum and requires students to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems. These projects will be challenging, engaging, and will allow students to work collaboratively.

Regarding Techtatva, I recognise that there has been limited participation in the past due to poor promotion. Therefore, I will devise a comprehensive promotional strategy using various digital channels such as social media, and other promotional methods to reach out to a larger audience. I will also involve all the faculty members in the promotion to encourage students to participate in the fest.

To ensure that the fest runs smoothly, I will begin planning the event well in advance, setting clear objectives and timelines, and involving all stakeholders. I understand that planning started late in the past, so I will ensure that we start planning earlier and create a well-detailed plan of action to be followed by all categories to avoid any last-minute clashes or issues.

Joint Technical Secretary (Female)

Name: Anushka Singh

Department: Information Technology


Technology and the wonders it can produce have always caught my attention. With this vision, I wanted to play a part in boosting this digital era that we are living in to great heights. Fascinated by the techno-savy culture in college, I always wanted to contribute to it to increase it and share my knowledge so that more people get to know the actual benefit of technology.

During my tenure I want to have a very smooth process for the functioning of all clubs and have portals for everything online on one platform so that it’s is convenient for everyone to access. I also look forward to increasing the coding culture in tech as well as non-tech branches as I believe that not only would it improve one’s coding skills but also problem solving skills and knowledge.

Joint Sports Secretary (Male)

Name: Dhruv Kutmutia

Department: Information Technology


I have gained valuable experience playing various kinds of sports like chess, swimming, football, hockey, archery, and so on. I also had the opportunity to gain experience in a leadership role when I become Chartered President of the Leo Club of Malegoan Vibrant.

My plan of action for my tenure as Joint Sports Secretary involves promoting sports events such that participation and attendance increase tremendously.

  • Most participants in college have some prior experience playing sports. My goal is to create enthusiasm and eagerness for participating in sporting events among new students that may not have this prior experience.
  • Organizing enough sports events so that every individual can participate and experience the fun and joy of playing sports.
  • It is a well-known concept that academics and sports go hand in hand. Playing a sport also helps in studies and keeps the mind and body healthy and productive. As such, my goal is to work towards promoting this mindset in the student community.
  • Providing better facilities and coaching to sportspersons, which also includes providing basic equipment for relatively unpopular sports like archery and javelin throw.
  • Try to make all the sports facilities readily accessible to all the students and manage the scheduling of their usage to provide enough time for each individual.
  • A healthy sportsperson is one that considers not only training but also a good diet. As such, I look forward to aiding members of MIT’s sports teams in creating and following recommended diet plans and completing their daily protein requirements.

Some other objectives that I aim to fulfill during my tenure are:

  1. Aid students in developing their physical fitness.
  2. Promote a greater understanding of the importance of sports in the student community.
  3. Provide opportunities to be innovative and creative in sports.
  4. To develop the capacity to maintain an interest in sports. 
  5. To develop leadership skills and qualities, self-esteem, and self-confidence amongst students.
  6. To promote an understanding of physical and mental well-being.
  7. Maintaining records of sports events attended by students at all levels and their achievements. 
  8. Submitting an annual report on events conducted and budget allocations and expenditure during the year.

Joint Sports Secretary (Female)

Name: Jia Arora

Department: Information Technology




One of the reasons I applied for this position was to contribute to the development and promotion of sports in the student community. As a sports enthusiast, I am passionate about the positive impact that sports can have on individuals and the society as a whole. I believe that by serving on the student council as the Joint Sports Secretary, I can create and implement initiatives that will encourage more people to participate in sports, improve access to sports facilities and programs, and support the growth of local sports organizations.

My plan of action includes increasing participation in sports, improving access to sports facilities, or promoting healthy lifestyles through sports. Conducting research on the current state of sports in the college is extremely important. This will help us identify areas that need improvement and potential opportunities for growth.

Chairperson – Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), MIT

Name: Siddharth Prakash

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering


E-cell has two major goals: to help startups grow and to inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship in the student community of Manipal.

Being a startup enthusiast myself, I resonate with these goals and hence wanted to spearhead the organization working towards them. This is why I applied to become the Chairperson at the Entrepreneurship Cell at MIT.

I consider the E-Cell at MIT as a startup in itself and hence my goals also align with building it as one. Some of them are:

1) Building an organizational culture

2) Getting at least 3 startups funded in my tenure

3) Building alumni and corporate mentor databases

4) Building technology for the matchmaking of startups with the mentors they need

5) Building an upskilling engine inside E-Cell to nurture and produce the best professionals in the startup world.

Deputy Chairperson – Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), MIT

Name: Raunak Gupta

Department: Chemical Engineering


I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and in supporting others to start their own businesses as well as in contributing to the success of E-Cell’s initiatives and events. I look forward to developing leadership and organizational skills by serving as the Deputy Chairperson of E-Cell, MIT. Being a member of E-Cell also gives me the opportunity to network and connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders. I aim and desire to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurship community by connecting bright students to a larger audience. I wish to get all students with creative thoughts and ideas together and help them transform their ideas into startups.

My plan of action includes the following:

  1. Collaborating with the Chairperson to set the strategic direction of the cell.
  2. To nurture the skills and hone the creativity of students at MIT.
  3. Developing and implementing programs and activities to promote entrepreneurship.
  4. Networking with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and other organizations to build partnerships and opportunities for members.
  5. Organizing workshops, guest lectures, and competitions to educate and inspire members.
  6. Mentoring and supporting members in their entrepreneurial pursuits.
  7. Monitoring and managing the budget and finances of the cell.
  8. Ensuring the cell’s goals and objectives are met through regular reporting and evaluations.
  9. Encouraging and facilitating collaboration and innovation among members.
  10. Promoting the cell and its activities to a wider audience to increase visibility and impact.
  11. To help provide funding and mentorship to students from investors and alumni.
  12. To get research projects and help them convert to start-ups.

Deputy Chairperson – Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), MIT

Name: Archit Singh

Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering


I applied for the position of Deputy Chairperson for the Entrepreneurship Cell at MIT because I have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to contribute to the development of this field in my college.

As the Deputy Chairperson of the Entrepreneurial Cell, the following is my plan of action:

  1. Encourage and support the development of new ideas and projects, and help members bring them to fruition.
  2. Plan and coordinate events, workshops, and guest speaker sessions to provide members with opportunities to learn and grow as entrepreneurs.
  3. Network with local businesses and entrepreneurs to identify potential mentorship and internship opportunities for members.
  4. Create and manage the organization’s budget, allocate resources effectively, and ensure financial accountability.
  5. Develop and maintain partnerships with relevant departments within the college and other organizations in the local community.
  6. Promote the organization and its activities through social media, newsletters, and other marketing efforts.
  7. Foster a positive and inclusive culture within the organization, encouraging open communication and collaboration among members.
  8. Continuously assess and evaluate the organization’s progress toward its goals and make changes as needed.
  9. Mentor and support members, helping them to achieve their individual goals and grow as entrepreneurs.

This plan of action seeks to create a supportive and dynamic environment for members to develop their entrepreneurial skills and bring their ideas to life. By promoting collaboration, learning, and community involvement, the organization will provide its members with valuable resources and experiences to help them succeed as entrepreneurs.

Editor-in-Chief – The MIT Post

Name: Sagarika Seshagiri

Department: Computer Science Engineering


The Post was the first student body I joined as a first-year student. I always loved writing, but here, through all the club activities I learned the art of reporting. To be able to lead the organisation that has shaped my college life is truly an honor. I applied for this position so I could continue to nurture the safe space I found in the Post. To enable all my members to write, draw, and create, and to provide a platform to showcase their work.

The MIT campus is always abuzz with events, performances, and competitions. As the head of the official student media body of MIT, I aim to curate these moments, to freeze them in time. So, when someone reads about it, it could be news or a blast from the past. I want to produce art series and op-eds that reflect the matters we care about. Through my tenure I wish to fulfill my responsibilities and inspire others along the way.

Managing Editor – The MIT Post

Name: Janvi Dhanani

Department: Aeronautical Engineering


As a child, I have always gravitated towards literature. The MIT Post has provided me with the platform to grow as a person and expand my creative horizons. The position of Managing Editor and being in-charge of nearly a hundred people gave me the opportunity to refine my leadership and management skills. The experience that I gain from this position will stay with me for a long time.

One of the main things I intend to do is increase the reach of the Post amongst the students, via carefully crafted artworks on our Instagram and publishing versatile articles on our website. I want to tap into the incredible talent of all the members of our Staff to put out some of the best content possible. Another goal I plan to acheive is to give more opportunities to our Photography and Videography team, so we can put out stellar video content on our social media as well. As the Managing Editor, I intend to carry on the incredible work done by our seniors. Through the Standard magazine, articles, event reports, artworks, and newsletters for Revels and TechTatva, I aim to take The Post to great heights.

Editor-in-Chief – Editorial Board

Name: Priyamvadha Chandrasekar

Department: Data Science and Engineering


I applied for the position of EIC on the Editorial Board because I have a genuine interest in being a part of the committee behind something as iconic as the yearbook. I found this to be the perfect position for me since I possess a passion for writing and I believe I have good ideas for the yearbook. I also noticed that the Ed Board, despite being an established and important organization, was not as prominent among the student body of Manipal. I will be honest here for a second, one of the reasons I applied was because I wanted something “fancy” on my resume. It took me around thirty minutes to draft my POA, which is something that everyone who has ever written a POA knows, is little time. Ideas flowed in like water. That was the very moment I found my reason to apply for this position.

As the EIC of the Ed Board, I aim to successfully curate a yearbook for the batch of 2023, showcasing their student life. Yearbooks are a gateway to nostalgia, a reminder of the beautiful memories people make here, the friends they made, the food they ate, and the places they went. It is therefore very important that it encompasses the spirit of MIT and gives people a reason to open and reopen the yearbooks.

One of the main aspects of a yearbook is the graphics and the colors that grab the attention of people and make them want to go through the yearbook. I will ensure that the most vibrant colors are used, in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Every batch is unique, with different ideas and different visions. Uniqueness in themes and color palettes will be implemented in the yearbook of every batch to embrace and portray their idiosyncrasies. With the right ideas and with the help of a competent graphics team, I can ensure the yearbook would become a book people would want to revisit over and over.

Managing Editor – Editorial Board

Name: Kashish Dagli

Department: Biotechnology


The yearbook is something very special for each batch as it marks a new beginning and I wanted to contribute to that experience. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. My experience in managing events makes me comfortable with a herculean task such as compiling the yearbook. My journey, both in Manipal as a student and in the Ed Board as a managing committee member, was really special and it is something I would love to pay forward to the juniors. We will be a part of making something that our batch will cherish forever and I want it to be the best anyone has ever seen.

Our primary goal will be to complete the yearbook for our seniors (2019-2023) which will include editing photos and addition of pictures of the HoDs and director. The pictures will be labelled according to their names and position in the photo. The art and illustration team along with the graphics team will capture the essence of the 4 years spent here and transform it into a magnificent yearbook. The previous yearbooks will be digitalized and the new yearbook will be made virtual with the help of the IT department. The new managing committee will be recruited along with the department heads. Once this has been completed, the collection of data for our yearbook will follow, which will include contacting various student clubs and projects for the same. The photos for our batch will be taken in October while the data collection and rough outline for the yearbook shall be finalized by September. The yearbook for our batch will be then completed by the managing committee using all the information provided by us.

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