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Unveiling the Mysteries: Rabbit Holes


In the vast expanse of the internet, there exist countless web pages that bewitch the curiosity of users. These digital ‘rabbit holes’ lure individuals into a maze of captivating mysteries and unexplored territories. Blank 101 sought to delve into the numerous beguiling topics that have enthralled internet users for years together. The focus was on a spectrum of internet mysteries like the dark web phenomena, the SCP foundation, etc. The enigmatic idea of the Backrooms was one of the subjects that was covered during the Rabbit Holes.

BLANK 101 crew member at the event

Originating from the 4chan post in 2019, the Backrooms are purportedly an alternate reality accessible through glitchy images and unsettling descriptions. Ascensionism, rotting com, and laughing horses orifice headquarters were among the diverse range of topics covered. Rabbit Holes did not shy away from the darker corners of the internet. Fans of Kanye West may recall the game in 2013—Kanye Quest 3030 which quickly became popular online, was also included in the event. 

A lighthearted moment from the event.

Rabbit Holes explored the various assorted aspects of internet culture that are often overlooked. The event served as a gripping journey into the mysterious corners of the internet. On exploring the immense mysteries of the internet, the attendees found themselves mesmerised in the world of digital enigmas. The event featured a wide variety of speakers and performers. Each speaker brought their own unique perspective on internet culture, making the event truly diverse and riveting. 


As the world of the internet continues to expand, events like Rabbit Holes serve as reminders of the untapped mysteries awaiting curious individuals, enticing them to embark on their own journeys into the unknown.


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