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Whenever I find myself here
It’s always because I’ve been aimlessly wandering
Searching for what can only be found
Inside of me

But I couldn’t stay in my room
Not with that gaping void staring back at me
The spot you once filled

It wasn’t destiny that brought us together
I needed you in my life
Everything I worked for, was to make that happen

We didn’t fit together like missing pieces of a puzzle
Nothing of the magical sort
I winced at each new scar on my fingertips

Still my eyes glinted with visions of what we could become
In desperation, I soldiered on

Never will I forget that moment
My fingers pressed against your strings
Arm timidly embracing your body

A note drifted through the air
We had come together in glorious harmony

You had become all I could think about
And I loved every minute of it

My worries plagued me no longer
All my heart longed for was to know you better
Headlong and unafraid, I had fallen in love

My insides lurched with a sickening intensity
Vicious blades of a cyclone churn as they unravel
Lashing out unscrupulously at all in their path

Suffocated by my despair
I would channel it through you

Pain of blistered fingers
A small price to pay
For the chance to make an escape

It has grown on me
Turning to you when the world feels so empty

Fate keeps snatching you away
This sadistic pleasure it takes
Now I am left wondering
If ever I will see you come back


Featured image by Aditya Sriram