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Coursera Program Electives—FAQs


This article is current as of 4th January 2020 and will be updated with more information shortly. 

Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) partnered with Coursera in 2016, to provide students of MAHE with several sponsored courses belonging to a wide array of fields. In addition to these resources, MIT offers minor specialisations to the students of the sixth and seventh semesters as program electives through Coursera. Students opting for these specialisations are often faced with a multitude of questions regarding the process. This article answers a few such frequently asked questions.

What specialisations are offered as Program Electives on Coursera?

• Big Data by the Department of Computer Science.
• Fundamentals of Computing by the Department of Computer Applications.
• Digital Marketing by the Department of Humanities and Management.
• Data Analytics by the Department of Information and Communication Technology.

Each course constitutes three credits and is handled by course coordinators belonging to each of the respective departments.

How do I sign-up for the course? When do I start it?

You will be asked to provide your email ID by the respective department coordinators. You will receive your login credentials using these IDs soon thereafter. You need to ensure that the email ID you provide has not already been used to sign up to the selected course on Coursera. The timeline to be followed, along with the date of course commencement, will be sent to the students through the course coordinators of each department.

What is the marking scheme? Will I have to write sessionals or assignments on campus?

The marks obtained on Coursera through the quizzes and worksheets will be reduced and marked out of 35 by the college. There will not be any assignments on campus. Furthermore, students opting for Coursera will not have to write sessional 1. However, a test will be conducted on campus during the second sessional. This test will be for 15 marks and will have 30 multiple choice based questions. This, in addition to the 35 marks obtained through Coursera, constitutes their internal marks. They will also have to give the 50-mark end semester exam on campus. These tests will be based on the study material provided for the course by Coursera, as well as the materials recommended by the department. (The number of questions for the MCQ test is 30 as of November 2019).

What is the attendance scheme for this course?

As with other subjects in the curriculum, a minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory for this course as well.  Attendance is computed as the percentage-of-completion. This is calculated based on the number of completed videos, assignments, and quizzes, along with any other study material provided, such as PowerPoint presentations. Completion of videos and other materials is mandatory, and the course-completion certificate will only be considered if the percentage-of-completion is above 75%.

What are the deadlines for the course?

In addition to the deadlines imposed by Coursera, the college will provide the students with a timeline for milestones to be achieved through the course of the semester. These deadlines need to be strictly followed.

To further familiarise the students with the process, a workshop will be conducted by MaGE towards the end of January. For any further queries, the respective department heads can be contacted who will then direct you to the course coordinators.

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