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From The Editor’s Desk


Founded on the 19th of November, 2014, The MIT Post was established as a body that would be the singular destination for all information about Manipal Institute of Technology and its functioning. Whether it be a prospective student wishing to know more about MIT’s campus life, or a current one looking to find out how friendly the administration is to the LGBT community, The Post would cut thorough the noise and provide the most accurate account about any issue.

Looking back, as we celebrate our anniversary, we realize we have come far, since that clear winter day two years ago. Today we hold the reins to a website that receives more than ten thousand unique visitors each month, publish a collection of newsletters that have a circulation in the thousands during our fests, and a social media presence that remains the first stop for updates about campus events and a host of other publications to cater to every need that an inquisitive MITian could have.

The vision of The Post is far reaching, and a lot of the work that the founders envisioned still lies unfinished. With each year, a slew of new ideas are brought to the table, which define and set apart that term of The Post from others in its history. It is my privilege and honour as the Editor-in-Chief for the 2016-17 term to hold this office, and I would like to take this opportunity to renew our promise and tell you what The Post shall endeavour to accomplish this year.

The MIT Post will:

  • Report the events on campus without fear or favour, and maintain an accessible database of all said events.
  • Inform our community about the happenings in the nation and the world, in the context of how it shall affect them.
  • Reflect MIT as the select hub for engineering education and educate the students about the latest developments in the industry.
  • Help students navigate through various college-related affairs, with guides and How-To’s.
  • Bridge the gap between the student body and the administration by being the two-way communication channel between them
  • Provide a platform for campus teams to showcase their accolades and help them reach out to the students.

These are the promises we make to you, but I would also like to tell you how we hope to accomplish them. Below are the ways in which we hope to keep our word:

  • Event Reports: Every major event on campus shall be covered, with the aim to produce a piece that shall inform those who couldn’t attend about what transpired, while simultaneously provide constructive criticism for the organizers.
  • Newsletters: The familiar fest newsletters shall continue to be published providing coverage of the highlights of the previous day’s events.
  • Nation and The World: Major events transpiring around the world shall be reported about with the aim to inform how they affect our community.
  • Technology and Innovation: The Post shall aim to best reflect MIT as an institute of technology is, and we shall do this by highlighting the scientific research and projects undertaken by the college. This shall be done by collaborating with various technical clubs, student projects, professors and departments, and report the innovations in each discipline.
  • Arts and Culture: The essence of a campus is its culture, and The Post shall both educate and elucidate in this regard with reviews about the various art forms displayed both on and off campus.
  • LiveBlogs: The beloved LiveBlogs shall continue to be a premiere feature of The Post, providing real time coverage about featured and limited-entry events.
  • Interface between the students and the administration: The Post shall be in charge of helping the administration address any concerns that the students will have. A clear two-way channel of communication shall be established between the two parties and interviews of any authority figure shall be scheduled and conducted to address questions posed by the students. The Post shall also make announcements on the behalf of the Student Council and ensure maximum reach for them.
  • Pre-event Publicity: A graphic shall be published twice every week where the events happening in the campus shall be listed along with relevant details and a small summary of the event. The clubs seeking to be included shall send us these details to see it published as part of the graphic.
  • Mobile Application:  A mobile application shall be developed and deployed, with push notifications that shall provide live updates about campus activities to interested parties, and ensure that major announcements are not missed by the community.

To accomplish these tasks is a tall order for any full time student, but I am privileged to have a Staff that comprises of some of the smartest, most passionate individuals on campus. Kindred souls working together, to keep our promise.

We serve you, the MITian. Whether you are a current student, an alumnus, or a member of the staff or administration, we are beholden to you and as such and are open to any questioning and criticism.  I, as the Editor-in-Chief, am directly responsible for all activities conducted by The Post.

Finally, I wish to leave you with these words by Margaret Mead, that have been the guiding light for The Post since its first publication.

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

Here’s to an informed MIT,

Meghana Dharmapuri,
The MIT Post.

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