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Youth Parliament – Lok Sabha: Day 2 LiveBlog!

The LIVEBlog for Leaders of Tomorrow’s Youth Parliament, Day 2 is now live ! Stay Tuned !


Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:19 am

Hello People! Saurabh Bodas and yours truly will be bringing you the latest from the Lok Sabha Day 2 of Youth Parliament. Stay tuned!

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:25 am

Saurabh Bodas here, collaborating with Mukund Poddar to cover Day 2 of Youth Parliament. 

We hope to witness a productive day for the Lok Sabha today. 

Watch out for the action!

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:30 am

Tense discussions on before the house formally commences. Alliances being forged, stratagems being decided upon.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:32 am

Motions to commence the proceedings and continue with the second reading introduced and passed unanimously. No surprises there.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:34 am

Leader of Opposition stammers his way through his first speech of the day to establish his challenge to the Government. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:34 am

The second reading again being taken literally by the members. I guess it was silly of me to expect people to have read the blog yesterday.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:36 am

The opposition Railways Minister “cuts the chase” fast enough and gets to the matter. We hope he is not interrupted or his train of thought may not resume on the same track.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:40 am

“The establishment of nuclear power plants on erstwhile agricultural land will help farmers with electricity”, says the Women and Child Development Minister. Yes, to play Halo on their X-Boxes.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:41 am

Woman & Child Development Minister is seen seeking friendship from the Opposition in a twist of events. 

It would be interesting to note how the Opposition reacts to this sudden change in agenda. 
Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:42 am

Finance Minister makes a compelling speech to push the Land Acquisition Bill forward, widely backed by well-rehearsed desk banging by the rest of the Government. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:43 am

After a bombastic speech by the Finance Minister, the only things not silent here are the numerous mobiles.

FM: Would you not say that the bill will help farmers to take their lives forward?

Siri: Yes, Sir.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:45 am

‘To point out the flaws of the Government, we must take the permission of the Government.’ 

The frustration felt by the Opposition Party was felt strongly here. 
Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:46 am

The Opposition: “Our only problem with the bill is that it is completely absurd.”

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:49 am

Telecom & IT Minister makes an effort to make a compelling speech against the points introduced by the Government the day before, which, even though pretentious, seems to work like a charm. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:52 am

The room looks sparsely populated today. Looks like the chair’s final advice yesterday went over people’s heads.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:53 am

The Prime Minister to a member: “What are you?”

“Leader of Opposition”

So not passive-aggressive.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:54 am

Prime Minister finally speaks, just  when we were starting to question his relevance.  

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20159:56 am

The Telecommunication and IT minister. Definitely among the more adept at communicating his point across.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 20159:57 am

The fact that the Prime Minister is banking upon the the Amendment Session to make his bill a success betrays his lack of confidence to pass the bill without any changes. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:01 am

Joining us now will also be Akhil Muraleedharan. To take a moment to appreciate this development, the house enters a relaxed lobbying session.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:03 am

Kudos to those clueless members hiding their lack of skill with timely ‘ayes!’ and synchronized desk bangs. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:06 am

The members are grouped among themselves, with the government only talking to the other government ministers, and the opposition cutting each other off. Whatever happened to political espionage and listening in on the enemy’s communication?

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:06 am

The members are grouped among themselves, with the government only talking to the other government ministers, and the opposition cutting each other off. Whatever happened to political espionage and listening in on the enemy’s communication?

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:14 am

*cue drum roll* Hey! Shah’s here!

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:15 am

And because parliament is lobbying right now, I’ll do a bit of my own. Click on the orange link on my name to visit my blog. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:16 am

This such a slow Sunday morning, half of the organisers look like they would rather be sleeping. The other half seem to be doing that right here.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:16 am

Chairs requesting members to go back to their seats.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:17 am

A fifteen minute informal chitchatting session smartly named as the ‘Lobbying Session’ formally ends. 

Hoping for a more productive session.
Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:18 am

Do you know how to look like everyone is following your orders?

“Everyone back to their seats in 5 4 3 2 *wait for everyone to actually take seats for two minutes* 1”

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:19 am

Don’t raise your voice, raise your placards. Coming to you straight from NLH, Lok Sabha, Day 2.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:20 am

The Chair explicitly mentioning the requirement of a formal format for any amendment requests, something that must be considered imperative for this formal proceeding, reflects poorly on the Lok Sabha members.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201510:21 am

As the 3rd reading begins here in the Lok Sabha session, this is Akhil Muraleedharan here saying a Hi to all those who are tuned in right now. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:22 am

Aaaand the floor is open for amendments. Things are heating up.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:20 am

The Chair explicitly mentions the requirement of a formal format for any amendment requests, something that must be considered imperative for this formal proceeding, reflects poorly on the Lok Sabha members.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:24 am

The atmosphere boils up in silence as amendments are being drafted. The Government better have a strong defense readied for this one. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:24 am

Boils up in silence.” Bodas being poetic.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:27 am

Amit, only if you consider the temperature on the Kelvin scale.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:28 am

Well in that case it is 0K.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:28 am

Finance Minister: ‘This process won’t be very efficient.’

Oh, well. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:30 am

“Look. Look how many amendments we have.”
Sign of a well-oiled government.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:29 am

Finance Minister: ‘This process won’t be very efficient.’

Oh, well. Attaboy.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:32 am

“This clause walks murky waters.” Bodas’ poetic streak being caught by the Leader of the Allies.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:33 am

Thanks there, Shah. I strive to inspire.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:33 am

And he types that with a straight face while sitting right next to me. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201510:35 am

“Vote only for what you believe in”. 
Valuable advice from the chair.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:35 am

Any amendment introduced by the opposition is voted against by the entire government unanimously. Guess who among the opposition and the government has higher numbers in the parliament? This is going to be extremely productive.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:35 am

Press photo being taken right now. Getting our game faces on.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:36 am

Adding a new clause to contradict another clause of the Bill? 

Are you sure about this, Prime Minister?

Well spotted, that, Telecom & IT Minister of Opposition.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:37 am

“The Prime Minister is wrong on a technical level here. He shouldn’t be adding but amending clauses.” 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:37 am

If people only voted for what they believe in, politicians would soon be replaced in elections by angels in some countries.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:38 am

This seems so pointless right now, I need a break. I will see you in a few hours again, Shah. Try not dying till then.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:38 am

The first question asked by the Leader of Opposition this entire morning turned down by the Chair. 

Things aren’t looking good for his presence. 
Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201510:39 am

Well I guess people don’t really have a choice when they vote. It’s almost always vote for the least rotten of the lot. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:39 am

“Watch me Whip, watch me Nay Nay.”

Parliament, summed up.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:41 am

“Watch me Nene.” Madhuri Dixit getting passive-aggressive with the husband.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:42 am

We have the first deadlock for this Session. 

The Amendment in question needs to be duly thanked for finally generating some interesting matter.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:43 am

Leader of Opposition reminds me of Nawazuddin Siddiqui from Gangs of Wasseypur. Faizal ka badla yeh hi lega.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201510:43 am

Amendment to clause four is now being considered. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:45 am

This house is in dire need of a crisis.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201510:49 am

Mr White trying out an alternative revenue source. Politics is more addictive than his usual  deal.

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:49 am

“Interesting to know that not a single amendment had been passed by the house.”

The chairs are unimpressed.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201510:50 am

Smug smiles from the Government. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201510:54 am

A long amendment was proposed by the Finance Minister which was opposed by he Government and Opposition alike. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:55 am

“Please, please. Maintain decorum.” Now we have a Lok Sabha.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:55 am

The Amendment by the Defense Minister invites laughs from the members. 

We wonder what’s going on in his mind. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201510:57 am

Minister must be reminded to raise his placard to support his own amendment. Funnily, he was the only one who did.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201510:57 am

So the Defense Minister forgets to vote ‘aye’ for his own amendment in the midst of all the other ‘nays’.

That’s herd mentality right there.

Amit Shah November 8, 201511:04 am

And another amendment bites the dust. “What we think right now is that this bill is perfect, as not a single change has been made till now.”

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:05 am

The proposed amendment was voted for by the entire Opposition and voted against by the entire Government. The amendment fails.
 *heavy table banging from the Government*.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 201511:08 am

Amit, are you reminded yet of your experience in the Lok Sabha? That time when you got the delegation of Mamata Banerjee.

Amit Shah November 8, 201511:08 am

Oh yes. that was gold.

Amit Shah November 8, 201511:10 am

I so wish LoT had people playing various politicians. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:10 am

“This is so unfair” – The Allied Opposition.

Amit Shah November 8, 201511:11 am

Aaaaand the first amendment passes.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:12 am

The first amendment finally passes to the music of heavy banging. 

The Bill may not be perfect after all.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:13 am

Haha. I guess an update by both Shah and me was necessary to highlight the importance of this amendment’s passage. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:15 am

It is perfectly fine, Bodas. This was a much needed break. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201511:18 am

And there goes another one. A second amendment passes. The Opposition is pumped, and the wood on the table seems to be creaking.

Amit Shah November 8, 201511:19 am

Snack break! Session to be adjourned.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:19 am

Despite resistance from the Prime Minister, the amendment passed. Seems like the Chair’s advice to “vote for what you believe” has kicked in. 

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:21 am

The Minister for External Affairs wanted to keep the session going while the rest of the House was about to be adjourned. 

Well, that sure looks like a good work ethic for someone who hasn’t spoken at all. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:21 am

All those who are logged on, stay tuned as we’ll be back shortly. 

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:22 am

The Minister for External Affairs wanted to keep the session going while the rest of the House was about to be adjourned. 

Well, that sure looks like a good work ethic for someone who hasn’t spoken throughout the proceeding at all. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:33 am

So as the break progresses here, members from the both sides are intermittently engaged in heavy discussions on the amendments and additions, amidst sipping Frooty.  

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:39 am

The House is awaiting the return of the members to resume the session. So are we. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:45 am

Bodas’s laptop has suddenly decided to forcefully restart and update so he’s here staring into his screen. Meanwhile the session has resumed.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:48 am

So another amendment proposed by the Government failed. 
Another amendment is being considered now. No discussions this time. Straight to voting. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:52 am

The entire Opposition supports the amendment suggested by the Defense Opposition Minister along with one minister from the Government. Yet the amendment fails to defend itself. That’s another amendment scraped. 

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:52 am

Thanks for watching my back there, Akhil. 

I’m back. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201511:54 am

No problem, Bodas. 

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:55 am

The Chair is seen swiftly moving through the various amendments. 

We wonder why that’s happening. 

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201511:59 am

The Opposition is brought under the spotlight as more amendments are passed by it than the Government itself.

You better up your game, Mr. Prime Minister. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:03 pm

Mr. Prime Minister. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:04 pm

*Minister proposes amendment*
Chair: “That has already been voted upon.”
Minister: “Really ?”

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:07 pm

As the day keeps progressing, we have more table banging by the second. Things are heating up. Man, this is like the ending of Whiplash.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:07 pm

Leader Of Opposition speaks after a long time. He states his disappointment in the bill and the amendments which, I suppose, is the reason why he didn’t speak much.  

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201512:08 pm

We see a little 101 by the Chair on the proceeding of the actual Lok Sabha in the midst of the session.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:09 pm

The Leader of Opposition, sure can bang the table. 

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201512:11 pm

The Finance Opposition Minister suddenly brings his prowess to the forefront as he ferociously puts his point across, albeit only after directed by the Chair. 

You may speak well, but initiative is just as equally important, Mr. Minister. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:13 pm

“I know this bill will be passed. Because the government has the majority and we are the minority. Just like the farmers. Just like the adivasis.”
– Finance Opposition Minister
Someone give him another Frooty.

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201512:16 pm

The session moves into the final Lobbying Session to provide an opportunity for Lok Sabha members to conspire and convince. 

The final voting on each individual clause will surely be a bumpy ride. 
Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:19 pm

The Lobbying Session is generating a lot of noise here as the actual heated exchange of words is happening. Lemme take a quick round to see what people are discussing.

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:20 pm

The lobbying game is strong right now. The room is abuzz with activity, and the chair finally asked members to take their seats.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:21 pm

Yeah. I’m pretty sure I heard a lot of words prefixed with a word that begins with ‘f’. That passion.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:22 pm

“What will they eat ? Nuclear Waste ?”
– Finance Opposition Minister.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:26 pm

As the voting progresses here, here’s another picture from the Lobbying Session. That’s the Prime Minister debating with members of the Opposition. 

“Listen to me ! Listen to me ! ”

Saurabh Bodas November 8, 201512:31 pm

Leader of Allied Opposition just abstained from voting. Now he’s caught in a storm of compelling convincing by the Opposition and the Government to vote in their favor. 

Nice trick to get a little attention there, Mr. Minister.  

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:31 pm

The voting is done and is now being counted. If I didn’t know what was going on here, I would think that all the people who say “No”, sit on one side and all the ones who say “Yes”, sit on the other. That’s the summary of the voting, people. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:35 pm

The voting went into a dead lock, thanks to the Leader of Allied Opposition abstaining from voting. Finally the bill has been passed as the Chair votes in favour. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:37 pm

A break now, before the House moves onto the second bill. 

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:40 pm

Anyone following the election results ? The Chair engages in an informal discussion about the election while displaying the stats on the screen.

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:41 pm

Chairs getting candid on Twitter. 

Everybody needs a break.

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:49 pm

Chairs keeping it light with the speakers. And now they’re willing to let go of 15 minutes of their lunch break to complete the session. That dedication. Trust a man to truly love you if he gives up food.

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:53 pm

Freedom of speech and expression. Was waiting to hear that.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:53 pm

The new bill has been presented before the House. The bill is to “ensure greater freedom of speech and expression.”
 Let me take a moment here to express my personal opinion as a student journalist. 
“Hmm ! Interesting … ”
– Akhil Muraleedharan.

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:56 pm

“India is full of all kinds of people, not just good. There are bad people too, just like you politicians.” 

Opposition minister pointing to the government. *grabs popcorn*

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 201512:57 pm

I guess he just demonstrated a very subtle example of what happens if you give complete freedom of expression. 

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:58 pm

Ion working fine for once. God bless. Hope I didn’t jinx it.

Amit Shah November 8, 201512:59 pm

Session adjourns for lunch. Meeting again at 2. Lobbying is the new dinner table conversation.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 20151:00 pm

“Please use the lunch time to chart the amendments and to discuss the bill.” 
– Chair. 

Interestingly enough, people have already started discussions. 

Amit Shah November 8, 20151:20 pm

“India mein aao, India mein aao, humari freedom of speech hai. Phir tumhari peeche se maarenge.”

Lunch time discussions at the Parliament.

Amit Shah November 8, 20151:23 pm

“Do you know how messed up the media is in our country is? We can speak nonsense without being accountable for it. Aise hi they call Shah Rukh Khan a Pakistani.” 
Lunch time discussions continue.

Amit Shah November 8, 20151:25 pm

You have to hand it to Leaders of Tomorrow. The Youth Parliament is seriously raising the quality of lunch time conversation. Rich, intriguing, and insightful.

Amit Shah November 8, 20151:27 pm

“I really love your idealistic thinking, but we’re making laws. We are trying to run a country, we need to cover every situation. We can’t afford to be idealistic.”

Amit Shah November 8, 20151:46 pm

Amit Shah November 8, 20151:50 pm

Members of Parliament slowly making their way back into the room. Session will convene soon. Don’t go anywhere.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:07 pm

Chair asks people to take their seats. Lok Sabha, now in session. 

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:11 pm

“Bill to ensure greater freedom of speech and expression”

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:12 pm

Repeal Article 19(2) of the constitution, one that imposes “reasonable restrictions” on free speech? House is under serious debate.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:14 pm

Minister of Parliament requests permission to speak and says that he loves “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton. Really, that’s all he says. Freedom of speech, much?

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:17 pm

This man’s extravagant hand gestures bring the much-needed Italian to the Indian Parliament.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:19 pm

Going lone wolf for a while now. Where is everyone else?

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:19 pm

Hey there again. Guess who’s back?

Freedom of speech obviously!

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:21 pm

A government minister now applauded by the opposition. Is this the same Lok Sabha I took a break from? 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:22 pm

The co-chair joins us again. The mobile battery ran out during the bathroom selfie-session.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:23 pm

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, placard is heavy. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:24 pm

“We do not want an expansion of the Freedom of Speech article, because it prevents people from saying insightful  inciteful and hurtful comments.”

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:26 pm

Oh Mukund just used a strikethrough.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:26 pm

Two more and I’m out of the ball-park?

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:28 pm

Freedom of speech being heavily debated upon here.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:28 pm

The deputy Leader of Opposition justifying her frenzied pace of speech today: “Hey, I am debating after three whole years.”

I guess she just wanted to make up for lost time, quite literally.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:30 pm

To sum it up, Article 19 of our constitution allows freedom of speech while 19(2) allows “reasonable restrictions” on this freedom. 

The government wants 19(2) struck off, and for freedom of speech to be absolute. The Opposition, well. Figure it out.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:31 pm

Godwin’s Law strikes again. The Delhi rape case used as an example to curtail the media’s freedom of speech.

Except here they stated that the victim’s name was all over national media. It was not. Placeholders like Nirbhaya were used.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:31 pm

Karishma Agarwal going on a marathon run again. 528 words/minute. Believe me, I counted. I’m tired now.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:39 pm

“TRPs are the GDP of the Press.” It is hard to remain objective right now.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:39 pm

“If Kargil was India’s first televised riot, the media made Godra India’s first printed riot. It is clear that TRP is the media’s GDP. Barkha Dutt with her minute-to-minute updates proved to be the terrorists’ GPS.”

Opposition Minister owns the house. But why attack minute-to-minute updates, man?

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:41 pm

A member of the press gets a chance to speak in the house. When a member interrupted her, the chair says, “Do not interrupt them. They are the media, they can spill our dirt outside.” *ducks sheepishly*

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:42 pm

“Do you think the collective IQ of this nation is so low that one person can incite a riot with one post?”

“Really? Then why do companies pay millions for a 30-second advertisement on TV?”

The Press answers. Karishma owns, now at 650 words/minute.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:47 pm

Youth Parliament, where the debate rages on.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:50 pm

This is an extraordinary scenario where the government is pushing for greater autonomy and powers of the press. I wonder how many Gandhijis exchanged hands before the ministers were persuaded to take up the non-violent fight.

Oh, I am just informed the media was not supposed to give that point more than a passing mention. Forget that ever happened.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:53 pm

“We want absolute freedom. But.. erm.. absolute doesn’t mean absolute.”

– The Government.

Politics 101. Take notes.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:53 pm

HRD Minister: “Tell me one incident where a communal riot was started because of the comments of an individual.”

My Google webpage refused to deal with so many search results.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:57 pm

Legality, ethicality, and morality have been entwined together beyond all recognition and differentiation right now. This is a threesome that should not get into bed together.

Amit Shah November 8, 20152:57 pm

“It’s high time to stop this illusion of democracy and actually practise it.”

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20152:58 pm

Legality, ethicality, and morality have been entwined together beyond all recognition and differentiation right now. This is a threesome that should have not gotten into bed together.

Amit Shah November 8, 20153:06 pm

Sorry for the delay folks. Servers went down for a while.

Amit Shah November 8, 20153:09 pm

And the opposition celebrates winning the battle. Status quo remains with the Constitution.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20153:11 pm

Am I back on the website?

Amit Shah November 8, 20153:38 pm

Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back. Sorry folks. Site went down due to traffic.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20153:39 pm

Yes, this time I am back for good.

Amit Shah November 8, 20153:40 pm

There is a such a thing as too much love.

But we don’t mind. We’re back up. When it comes to love, we don’t take things lying down.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20153:41 pm

Don’t worry people, you did not miss much. A speaker here, a chair there, and a bit of table-banging. I would give you the general picture, but photography is more Amit’s job.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20153:52 pm

The lobbying session is finally over, and the proceedings of the house threaten to resume.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20153:59 pm

Final voting on the clauses is in session. Gerunds to be on the dock up next.

Amit Shah November 8, 20153:59 pm

A final formal vote just took place while the chair explained to the ministers what voting for or against actually implied in the bill’s context.

Amit Shah November 8, 20154:01 pm

We now have a volley of opinions in Parliament where the chair and ministers discuss final thoughts on the Lok Sabha.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20154:02 pm

The chairs are now reviewing the days proceedings. One was not happy with how the amendments were dealt with. The other is too busy reading our updates. (I am guessing by how intently he is looking at the laptop and smiling.)

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20154:14 pm

“The house took a wrong turn and skipped certain important points of discussion.”

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20154:16 pm

And, the day is closed. Award ceremony at 5 pm. “Guys, group photograph!” and the curtain comes down.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20154:17 pm

Karishma Agarwal has now changed tracks. 560 photos/minute.

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20154:20 pm

Refreshments, and other happiness here now. This job doesn’t feel so nice. I think I am about to leave.

Akhil Muraleedharan November 8, 20154:21 pm

Hey guys, Akhil here. We’re sorry for the huge delay and the erratic responsiveness of the site. The servers went down due to the heavy traffic. We’re trying our best to get it fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Mukund Poddar November 8, 20154:29 pm

I am literally sitting in an empty room right now. Let me wrap up, and then grab my own wrap to consume.

The Freedom of Speech bill was finally passed, with three clauses. It was a day well spent for most of the members, who will probably be spending a lot more in the after-party.

Meanwhile I am being kicked out, so adios people. It was quite the privilege reporting for you folks, and I am sure Amit is nodding along in silent agreement.

I look forward to doing this again, and thank you for all the love. Going to go to a corner and cry silently now. *holds back sobs* 

Hey, we love you, comprende?

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