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The Youth of Tomorrow—Interactive Session by Ek Sangharsh and The Psych Club


On Saturday, August 18, The Psych Club, Manipal and Ek Sangharsh put together an interactive session for the students at Manipal Pre-University College, aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of keeping our surroundings hygienic. Three rooms filled with seventh and eighth graders buzzed as the students chattered and everyone was incredibly excited about the event. The first speaker addressed the kids in Kannada and explained what the event was about to them. Since all the students understood Hindi, the rest of the speakers switched to Hindi.

Following the introduction, they played a game of ‘Simon Says’ with the kids, eliciting an enthusiastic reaction. The next speaker emphasised the importance of keeping our surroundings hygienic through a story. In an attempt to make the session even more interactive, the organisers asked the students about how they kept themselves and their surroundings hygienic. Kids were also awarded star stickers to increase the students’ involvement throughout the event. The organisers also spoke about the spread of various diseases owing to the stagnation and contamination of water. The discussion was followed by another game, to which the kids responded with great excitement.

A member of The Psych Club addressing the kids

“The kids were extremely energetic and we had a great time interacting with them,” said Abhijat Singh, a member of The Psych Club. He added that they were a talented lot and showed some fantastic dance moves including a backflip. On being asked about how they put the event together, Tarun Choudhary, a member of Ek Sangharsh, said that they had contacted various schools asking for permission and the Vice Principal of Manipal Pre-University College was kind enough to grant them permission for the same.

Organisers distributed chocolates in the end

The event ended with the organisers distributing chocolates among kids and getting a couple of pictures clicked with the students. Samundra, a seventh-grade student, said that he had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal about cleanliness and protecting the environment. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the event while learning about sanitation and the environment at the same time.

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