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Locked and Loaded

Vihaan Jain | Staff Writer

The ultimate paintball showdown took place on Thursday, with teams of three pitted against each other in a battle of colours and paint. The organizers of the event had meticulously planned and arranged for all the necessary gear including paintball guns, CO2 canisters and a whole array of body armour.

The event took place in a tented zone at the football ground, with stacks of tires and upturned tables placed strategically to provide cover to the fighters. The participants ranged from fairly experienced to utter newbie players, but all of them seemed to be equally excited.

Locked and Loaded was indeed a very popular event, with more than 60 people across 20 teams participating and battling it out with colours.


Kishore Wadhwani | Staff Writer

Enigma, held throughout the four days of the fest, demanded the contestants be quick and think on their feet. ”Recreational outdoor events are thrilling and a great way to rejuvenate. At the same time, the questions test how well you know the campus.”, said Dhruv Puri, an organizer of the event.

A treasure hunt spanning across the MIT campus, it took the participants to Pavilion, Food Court, Apoorva Mess and all the way to the Children’s Park chasing clues and performing arduous but fun tasks like Sting-Pong and Binge-Eating Samosas in a race against time.

Over the course of 4 days, more than 20 teams, each comprising 4 members, competed to complete the challenge in the shortest time and the team with the lowest time of completion won a cash prize. Vansh Agarwal, a first-year B.Tech student at MIT Bangalore described the event as, “Physically tiring, mentally stimulating and an exhilarating experience. Kind of like a crash course on the Manipal campus”.


Harshith Prasoon | Staff Writer

A test of physical prowess and teamwork, Labyrinth was an exhilarating obstacle course race for teams of two held across three days. Racing against time, participants had to go through formidable but fun obstacles in a bid to clinch victory; the added bragging rights as a cherry on top motivating them to try harder.

The race began with participants hopping over pairs of tires with one of their legs tied to their partner’s. Then they had to untie themselves and crawl under a net for a certain distance. Afterwards, they had to jump over a wall, walk over balancing beams and finally sprint back to the starting point to finish the race. Teams were timed for the course and were given a penalty if they did not follow the rules.

“We had overwhelming participation. On the first day when we opened the event, we had a huge turnup. We were surprised that people came all the way to the ground, but of course extremely content to have those many people participate in our event,” said Aditi Balaji, the CC for the event.

The event was well organized and was a sporting delight as all participants competed with utmost zeal and sportsmanship.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels ’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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