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A Weekend of Coding and Design: IECSE’s Founder’s Weekend

IECSE’s Founder’s Weekend saw rooms of NLH and AB5 filled with members of IECSE donned in classic white customized t-shirts and a unified enthusiasm for coding, proud to celebrate 10 years of their club. Event heads aimed to rekindle the spark of what the club stood for by conducting multiple interactive and learning events over the course of three days. The events were conducted in an effort to inculcate the culture of coding as well as design in the students, with competitions regarding the same held in adjacent rooms.
On the first day of the event, students were taught how to make a bot using Python, which was to be executed on an open source telegram software. The second day witnessed a simultaneous learning experience of both design as well as coding – where one room conducted an offline competitive coding event and another held an Adobe Illustrator workshop. The tools of the trade were taught by making a loosely Star Wars inspired minimalist movie poster. The coding event was preceded by an informative lecture on Competitive Programming, a skill useful in placements. It aimed at teaching programmers how to minimize the size and maximize the efficiency of their codes. The lecturer imparted valuable words of advice, urging the members to refer to other codes & solutions and participate in the online coding event, Hackerank. The lecture concluded concisely on the note of learning elegant coding, and they moved on to the competitive coding event based on multiple levels and speed. Meanwhile, the adjacent room saw a handful of professional movie posters, with the participants catching hold of the Adobe tools efficiently.
For the final day of the Founder’s Weekend, members assembled, on the lazy Sunday morning, to discuss the questions of the online event Hackerank and learn to formulate smarter codes for the same. This was followed by a Design Competition where participants could use any software to redesign the logo of a company, and the one with the most creative thought behind it would claim the throne. The last event, the Tech Quiz, was held later in the afternoon, with brilliantly organized questions by the LDQ team and a challenging take on the technological world’s trivia. With eighteen questions in the preliminary round and four rounds of finals, the atmosphere was tense yet proved to be a great learning experience.
With an efficiently coordinated event, the organisers satisfactorily managed to widen their reach, aiming to give participants a taste of the non-technical side to coding, so that even a ‘non-coder’ could enjoy and learn.
Picture Credits: IECSE
Featured Image Credits: IECSE
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