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A Portal to a Future Career—Vidya by SCIO Manipal

The transition from secondary to higher secondary school is a leap that comes with many challenges. Choosing a course that fits one’s life goals while also matching one’s interests is a tricky task that many fail to achieve. SCIO organised Vidya, a career counselling session, for high school students of Vidyodhaya School with the aim to educate them about the different career options available to them.

The two-hour session, held for grade nine and ten students, took place in their respective classrooms, which gave speakers a chance to convey the requisite information and reach out to each student. The fifteen speakers were divided into small groups with each group covering a different field. The groups rotated among the four classes in an organised manner with the intention of being more approachable to the students. The topics covered included a wide range of careers, from science and engineering to the humanities as well as sports. “I enjoyed the event and found it very useful. However, my friend and I were hoping to learn a little more about architecture,” remarked Aadhya S, a grade ten student at Vidyodhaya School. The use of excellent analogies and examples helped simplify the content and bring the information down to the students’ level.

The addition of colourful presentations helped keep the audience engaged while providing them with detailed information about each field. With their crisp delivery and well-thought-out content, the speakers comfortably held the attention of the students for the stipulated time. “All the members put in a lot of effort to make sure the content and presentations were up to the mark. The event went well, and we were glad to get a very positive response from the students,” remarked Maithri Rao, the head organiser of Vidya. Overall, the event was well organised and met the objectives that the club set out to achieve.

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