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TechTatva’20—Vedanth 10.0

Vedanth, an annual technical exhibition, celebrated its tenth birthday over the first two days of TechTatva’20. Held online for the first time, Vedanth 10.0 played host to as many as fourteen promising projects. Through a brief video, the teams had to elucidate their innovatory technological feats. In a special COVID-19 section, they gave impetus to COVID-19 inspired projects. The most ingenious project was declared the winner.

Here is a glimpse of some of the featured projects!


As the name suggests, a Navigator employs a specialized robot that navigates its path by localising and mapping its environment simultaneously. It makes use of Robot Operating Systems and laser sensors to reach its destination.


Encompassed in a transparent, spherical body, Robo-Sphere is a dual-pendulum driven robot. Due to its structural design, it has the ability to travel in all directions. Fitted with cameras on its outer lobes and its heart, this robot aims to achieve a significant position in space exploration, military and surveillance programmes.

University Companion System

With the onslaught of COVID-19, universities are struggling to cope with the dynamics of online assessments. University Companion System is an app that proposes to streamline this process. Enlisting the help of AI makes it a more efficient system. Through this app, attendance can be recorded by facial recognition and the educator’s voice as a .wav file. It can also convert large audio files into smaller ones which can be further summarised as texts. Students will have easy access to all the aforementioned features. It also offers an assignment submission tab and an option for hostel punch-in. Teachers and students can easily plan their daily schedule, hassle-free.


An abbreviation for Vehicle Crash Detection Reporting System, VeCDeRS intends to aid victims of road accidents. Equipped with a detection system, it notifies the family members of the damaged vehicle’s owner. The device sends vital information like the location of the vehicle at the time of the crash to the respective authorities. This can drastically improve the time taken for rescue operations.

Robo Soccer Bot

Inspired by the legendary soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, this bot functions as a player, but in a compact and metallic body. A straightforward yet effective four-drive mechanism allows it to function as a soccer player on the field. Based on its specifications, the operator can grasp the ball using the C-shaped clamp attached to its front.

The backbone of the event was the online platform that spotlighted all these phenomenal projects. An enormous effort by Robotics and Circuits (RnC), the implementation of this virtual stage was not without complications. “There were several challenges that we faced initially. It wasn’t easy to decide upon an online platform where all projects could be displayed. Eventually, we had to upgrade our own website for that purpose. Most of our internal projects had to be changed/modified to software/simulation-based projects so that they could be displayed online.  It was difficult working with team members due to lack of effective communication and discussion because of the work from home situation”, commented Core Committee member Shreyas Daga, on the challenges faced with the event’s online execution. Ultimately, Vedanth 10.0 pushed through all the barriers with a massive bang!

If these submissions have piqued your interest, visit their website for more information on their projects.

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, TechTatva’20