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Veda—Unlocking the World of Career Diversity

Every student has to go through a certain stage in their school life when they are expected to choose a suitable career path for themselves. Their decision should align with their passions and skill set, but many of the students are unaware of the options that exist. The Scio Foundation organised Veda which aimed at enabling high school students, in and around Manipal, to understand the different career options and clear some of their confusion.

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The first speaker, Mr Ganesh Nayak, an MIT professor from the ICE Department,  spoke about his experience after he made the decision of pursuing a degree in engineering. While he struggled with the course, he found a passion for adventure and cycling during his college years. He worked hard towards his passion despite it being a deviation from his chosen career path. He started off as an amateur cyclist but his perseverance enabled him to make it through extreme conditions during his cycling expeditions in the Himalayas. His story left the audience inspired and motivated to delve into their passion.

Dr K T Shwetha, a psychologist by profession, spoke about her unusual path to pursue the field of psychology. She addressed the common misconceptions that people have regarding mental health and psychotherapy. The audience received a wonderful insight into various aspects of the human mind and she emphasised on the need for a mentally healthy society.

Mr K Thirugnanasambantham, the principal of WGSHA, was the final speaker of the day transporting students to the world of culinary arts and food science through a live demonstration. He briefed the audience about his journey into the culinary world and spoke about the value of food to the mind and body. He also talked about the future of the hotel management industry, with a focus towards culinary arts. As volunteers from the audience helped him make a few elevated dishes, he spoke about the importance of life skills and working with a passion.

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Picture Credits: MTTN

The speakers gave the audience a peek into a few professional fields while stressing on the importance of following one’s passion and staying true to themselves. The students enjoyed learning about these careers, although they would require many more sessions like these to make a concrete decision. “I enjoyed the session but I am still confused about what I am going to do after I finish high school,” said Rayyan, a 9th-grade student from T A Pai High School, Kunjibettu.