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The V7 – TMR’s Magnum Opus

For many of us, the winter break is a welcome reprieve from a seemingly endless semester. However, for the members of Team Manipal Racing (TMR), an off-road racing student project in Manipal University, the 28th of December 2016 was a touch hotter.

MIT Director Dr. Prabhu taking the V7 for a spin

With glee in their eyes, the team was ready for the launch of their new masterpiece – the V7. It is a single seater vehicle designed to endure the harshest of terrains – be it mountains, rocks, boulders, mud, or even sand.

Being the seventh version of their critically-acclaimed ATV Series (All-Terrain Vehicle), the V7 is the lightest vehicle they have ever built, tipping the scales at 150 kg. Light, but not light at heart, it exhibits a pulling power of 1800 kg.

A beast of a vehicle, the V7 runs on a standard Briggs and Stratton engine, and features a custom-made gear box, brake calipers, brake rotors, and a driveshaft – along with a host of other customisations to allow greater flexibility and more strength for lesser weight. Being one of the first teams in the nation to use the passive rear steer in 2014, TMR’s latest boasts a new-and-improved version of the same.

Not many All-Terrain Vehicles have a proper electronic system built into them, but the V7 is not just another ATV. It’s system tests and tunes the powertrain of the car with the help of time traps and RPM sensors. GPS modules and a wireless communication system have also been installed to connect the driver and the pit crew, which is essential for professional racing.

The car was made keeping in mind the requirements for a national competition known as Baja Student India, which is held in Coimbatore in the first two weeks of January. Their second and most anticipated test will be in Illinois, USA, and is the renowned Baja SAE – where they will meet and compete against students from universities all around the world.

Dr. GK Prabhu inaugurating the V7

It’s safe to say that with the V7, TMR is not walking away without a fight.

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