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Unscrew Engines– A Paradise for Automobile Aficionados

The Society of Automotive Engineers, Manipal (SAE-IM), hosted Unscrew Engines on the 18th and 20th of January, to cater to the automobile enthusiasts in Manipal. The enthusiastic crowd that attended the event comprised of first and second year MIT students, and students from ICAS as well. The theory workshop that took place on 18th January, aimed at providing the students with some conceptual knowledge which would help them in understanding the practical aspects of an engine. Initially, the prerequisite questions were answered before digging deep into the intricacies of the engine and its working.

The session was very interactive as the hosts kept the audience engaged by bouncing off questions to check the students’ knowledge of the subject. Many students from the crowd were well versed with the functions and operational aspects of the various segments of an engine. Concepts ranging from four-stroke engines to Turbochargers were meticulously explained, along with videos and animations, which gave the students a comprehensive idea about the exact working of a car.

The practical workshop was held on the 20th of January, in the Automotive Machine shop and Engine Lab. The crew divided the crowd into batches and assigned a part of the engine to each batch. Each fragment of the engine was explained to the students in a detailed manner by the crew members. SAE-IM opted for a hands-on approach as the batches were provided with tools to unscrew the engines and have a better look at the internal parts. The engine used for this workshop was that of an old TATA truck. Later, the students were taken to the transmission lab to test out their newly acquired skills on the magnificent BMW engine.

“Workshops like Unscrew Engines are a very powerful stage for anyone who is fascinated by the idea of cars. The goal of SAE-IM has always been to provide  practical knowledge to students other than what is taught in class to give students a better grasp on what they learn and make them excited about the automobiles that they’ll own in the future.”, said Nitesh, the general secretary of SAE Manipal. The students had a great time learning and applying that knowledge with firsthand experience at working with engines.

Picture credits: SAE-IM