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Understanding the Index―Stock Meets by ESOM

Stock Meets by the Economics & Finance Society of Manipal was an event which intended to shed some light on the basics of investing in the stock market. It took place on 23rd September at the M.V. Seminar Hall. It saw a decent turnout despite being held during assignment week.

The event had four speakers―Nilesh Jain, Ankit Choraria, Saransh Srivastav and Yashvardhan Kandoi. Over the course of an hour, the speakers taught the audience about investments and the stock market. They started by explaining what investment is, the different modes of investment available, and the importance of investing. Then they delved into the details of investing in stocks. They spoke of what stocks are, how a stock comes into being, the factors that determine a stock’s value, and how to gauge the market. They went on to explain various terminologies such as bull and bear markets, common and preferred stocks, and financial ratios. They ended by telling the audience what they would have to do to start investing in shares. “The event was quite helpful, and I definitely feel like I’ve learned something. It was certainly up to the mark”, said Vishal Nayak, a first-year civil engineering student and audience member at the event.

“It’s assignment week, and not many people at MIT seem to be very interested in Economics. Considering these factors, the turnout was quite good. It was nice to see that the audience was very engrossed in the event”, said Ankit Choraria, a second-year CCE student and one of the speakers at the event. “Stock Meets is a marquee event of ESOM, and we have it every odd semester”, he added when asked about the event.

The speakers did well to condense a vast topic into something concise and straightforward, which could be easily grasped. At no point did they lose the attention of the audience members. Stock Meets proved to be a highly useful and informative event for novice investors.

Image Credits: The Economics & Finance Society of Manipal

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