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The Ultimate Trident of Fitness—Triathlon 2020


Manipal’s premier socio-adventure club, RedX, organised one of the biggest sporting events of the semester, the Triathlon, at the MIT campus on 2nd February 2020. The event called for participants that were willing to prove their mettle in three major pillars of exercise—running, swimming, and cycling.

The contest exceeded expectations this year, with over 120 participants showing up to test their stamina and speed. The race started two hours later than scheduled due to logistical issues. Participants were divided into groups of six people and were evaluated based on how quickly they finished the entire race.

Participants try to swim across the MIT swimming pool in the first leg of the Triathlon.

Contestants began the Triathlon at the MIT swimming pool, swimming across the pool twice before moving into the next phase of the event—cycling. Participants headed out with cycles that were kept aside for them, cycling around the academic blocks before ending their journey at the Student Plaza. The final part of the contest saw competitors running along the circumference of the MIT hockey field marking the end of the Triathlon.

RedX had positioned its members along the route to direct the participants during each course of the Triathlon. The path was well-planned, allowing contestants to challenge themselves physically. The members had a backup path, in case any issues arose with the original route. There was adequate water available along the course, and those that completed each course were given refreshments to recover from the run. “It wasn’t a very hard event to manage because of my fellow Management Committee members, who cooperated and ensured everything went on without any conflict”, remarked Murtaza Yusuf, a RedX Management Committee member.

The cycling route took the contestants across the MIT campus.

Participants were content with the way the three legs of the race were planned out. “Swimming was the hardest part for me. I’m not used to swimming, and it was quite challenging. The route was great and took us throughout the MIT campus. It was a great event to participate in”, said Srisai, a participant who successfully completed the course. It was clear that the participants poured in all their energy into the race, with the least time taken to finish the course being an impressive 10:32 minutes. The effective organisation by RedX made Triathlon 2020 a huge success and a challenging, yet an enjoyable event to participate in.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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