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Two companions and Two families- Twice the Grandeur


A rainy Sunday evening. The MIT Library Auditorium is buzzing with activity. People are reciting lines and practicing their dialogues. Photographers and videographers are constantly keeping a check on the camera. One of the students is conducting a sound test and reporters are getting seated. It is time for something opulent, something magnificent, and something splendid. Aaina was ready for its first event of the semester.

One of MIT’s most prominent acting clubs, Aaina came up with ‘Double Bill’- a two play event on the 20th July 2017. With strikingly different stories, this dual play event managed to take the audience on a journey encompassing a plethora of emotions. While ‘’Bali and Shambhu’’ struck the emotional cord and caused an increased tear gland activity, ‘’The Outlaws” filled in the humor and quirky quotient.

Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal.

The first play, ‘Bali and Shambu’, set against the backdrop of an old age home, focused on the distinctive individuality of the two titular characters. While Bali (Devansh) is a happy-go-lucky person, taking life the way it comes, Shambu (Saurav) is slightly reserved and still dwells in his past. The story narrates the budding friendship between the old grumpy Shambu and the lively Bali who is still young at heart and has a romantic liking for Dr. Jhilmil (Sanam).

Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal.


A blend of great direction and some brilliant acting, Aaina’s play was an emotional cocktail. Devansh as Bali stood out, charming the audience with his on point dialogue delivery while Ashutosh as Gautam kept the crowd entertained with his goofiness. The story beautifully weaved out the connection between Shambu and Pari Kathas, and the sad past of the characters which shaped their present. It was evident that the team had worked diligently towards this.

Aaina’s next performance, “The Outlaws” was a comical portrayal of two families.  Based on the works of Jean Blasiar, the play was a humorous take on marriage and family. Jill, the granddaughter (Aashna Arora) is engaged to her lover Michael (Maulik Jain), who unfortunately comes from a different family background. What comes next is a quirky trail of events, with a concoction of whimsical dialogues and names, humor and romance.

Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal.

Beth, the grandmother, played by Nikita Shankar makes you fall in love with her sassiness. The grandparents, Beth and Henry, have some beautiful and playful scenes together and there are moments where you just smile and gaze at them.  Each character comes out naturally, be it Emily, the mother of the bride (Poulomi Ghosh) or Dickendra Jain (Parth Berry). Something light and frisky, this opera managed to make the spectators have fits of laughter, which is definitely not a cakewalk. Although there were initial issues with the volume which did not enable the audience to hear the first few dialogues, the play was acclaimed by many.

Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal.

All in one, Aaina’s double bill was a huge success. With the library auditorium getting jam packed almost an hour before the commencement of the event, this play set the right mood for a Sunday evening. Adding to the grand night, Anvesh Badamikar, the Vice President of Aaina, entertained and bedazzled those who gathered with his zen like mimicry skills. It was truly an evening of fun, drama, and rain. Aaina ka dhoomdhadaka was a treat to watch.


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