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Tryst With Finance—Consultverse by TCCM

As Zoom became host to the event Consultverse by MIT alumnus Rohit Chadha, finance enthusiasts flocked together to get an insight into consultancy as a prospective career through the event coordinated by The Consultancy Club at Manipal. The webinar kicked off with the guest speaker’s introduction and his journey through Manipal and Wharton into the business. He was joined in the webinar by Professor Alapati Vittaleswar from the Department of Humanities and Management. The session was primarily based on finance with the added touch of a morale boost. The webinar was devoted solely to the challenges and upcoming changes in the consultancy industry.

The speaker, Rohit, described how the career advances in consultancy from entry to the middle, right up till the senior level. He proclaimed efficiency as the key in this industry and elaborated the scientific aspects related to the field alongside strategy building and performance improvement. Afterwards, he shifted the discussion to how the changing nature of the work has brought about a transformation in several aspects of the game. He went on to explain the agile organization, digital transforms taking place and how data is driving the business. Rohit also discussed the practical issues of getting into consultancy and the traits required to achieve success in the industry, be it having a good understanding of the market, business, and technology or being a leader, and having excellent communication skills.

Rohit stated, “Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Company are some of the top tier firms in consultancy. While preparing for an interview at any consultancy firm, go through a lot of case studies and read about the firm beforehand.” The positive vibe reverberated through the screens as the question and answer session on consultancy flourished, quite differently from a typical seminar hall setup. A major question which delighted the guest was from Glen D’Souza, who asked, “How exactly does a consulting firm do data-driven research when most companies want their data to remain local. Isn’t it a conflict of interest?” “There’s a whole group of people who work on data privacy. Certain tools are used to create secure data systems so that data can be safely stored and analyzed. Teams that work on a particular client will not be working with any other client in the industry,” replied Rohit.

The ease of enjoying a great presentation while in the comfort of being at home enhanced the audience’s experience. Considering how adversely the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone emotionally and mentally, this event was an excellent getaway from the regular monotony, diverting minds to something productive. Consultverse paved the way for further online discussions and webinars to be hosted by clubs and the college administration as a means to increase constructive learning and encourage creative questioning.

Featured Image Credits: The Consultancy Club at Manipal