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A Tribute to India’s Greatest Engineer

“To make our country great, self-supporting and strong, work hard, work harder, work with efficiency, work in a co-operative spirit and work with a team spirit.”

These words by Sir M Visvesvaraya, one of India’s greatest engineers, form the cornerstone of the vision that needs to be adopted for India’s progress today. In this spirit, MIT, in co-operation with IE Mangalore Chapter, organised a celebration of the 49th Engineer’s Day with the theme – ‘Skill development for Young Engineers to Reform the Core Sector, Vision 2025’.

Engineer’s Day is as much a celebration of the man that was Sir MV, as it is a celebration of the profession. The programme commenced by renaming the AC Seminar Hall to Sir M Visvesvaraya hall in memory of the great engineer. In his inaugural address, our beloved director Dr. G K Prabhu spoke about the initiatives that the college has been taking to honour Sir MV’s memory. In his typical student-oriented fashion that endears him to his students, he mentioned the inspiration students can take from Sir M.V, the initiation of strong industry partnerships for all departments and reforming the academic structure. Following him was the chief guest of the evening, Dr. A O Surendranathan emphasized the need for engineers to work closely with the government.


Mr. Bhaskar Chiknanjundappa

Skill development does not just mean teaching students the various practical skills required in a field. As Mr. Bhaskar Chiknanjundappa, one of the two speakers in the seminar, pointed out, interest is primary. The student as well as the teacher must be passionate about the subject. Development of skills will automatically follow. Engineers need some essential soft skills, which need to be learned, not just polished enough to clear a job interview. Dr. K V Sriram, from MIT’s Department of Humanities and Management, gave a presentation based on the event’s theme. He stressed on a very important point, that sociological responsibility is just as essential as evolution in technology.

Dr. K V Sriram

Dr. K V Sriram

1.5 million engineers graduate from colleges in India every year. Despite this, India ranks 66 out of 128 countries in the Global Innovation Index. India has a vast potential to improve its technological abilities. The road to tapping that potential successfully starts with small events like these, which highlight the importance of the measures that need to be taken to achieve the target. MIT’s 49th Engineer’s Day celebration was a testament to the effort the college is making in this regard and the bright future that awaits its students.

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