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Together for a Change

Despite being the rudimentary building blocks of the society, it is strange how the garbage collectors, masons, and the general run of people with blue collared jobs are least cared for. Without them, our daily functioning would come to a complete standstill. In spite of being most susceptible to new diseases or common health ailments, the number of facilities exclusively available for them can be counted on fingers. It calls for empathy on our behalf to make sure they have at least a decent standard of living and good health at all times. Hence, SCIO Foundation, a non-profit organisation operating in Manipal has taken an initiative to acknowledge their contributions by organising the health drive Vaidya for them.


This event, the third of its kind in Manipal and the first of its kind in the MIT campus aimed at bringing health awareness to the working class. This free-for-all health drive was conducted in association with Kasturba Medical College and School of Allied Health Sciences. The event started precisely on time with people pouring in almost at the same time for check-ups. It was graced by the Director of MIT and the faculty members related to the event. The event was inaugurated by lighting the lamp, which was followed by a short and encouraging speech by the Director. The drive included an array of check-ups concerning general health, eye care, diabetes, fall risk screening, electrocardiogram check-up, ergonomic consultation, lifestyle disease risk screening, and cancer screening. In case anything serious was detected, provisions were made to issue a medical certificate to the patient, using which the subject could obtain treatment from KMC on an almost no cost basis.


As the Director himself had stated, it was a very well handled event not just by the organisers but also by the interns. The entire process was a sail through for the patients which otherwise is an extremely cumbersome and expensive process in any hospital. A well thought out event, it went through without many glitches and served its purpose very well.

Picture credits: SCIO Foundation.