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Through Lights and Lanterns: Diwali’17


It may have been a cloudy night, but our Diwali celebrations shone brighter than all the stars out there

NASA’s satellite image of India during Diwali is the perfect depiction of how beautiful the Festival of Lights is. While the whole of India glows when seen from the sky, Manipal, on the other hand, set the skies on fire. With the twinkling stars hidden by a thick blanket of smoke, MIT’s lanterns created a speckled sky worthy of Diwali’17.

Image courtesy: The Post Staff

The festivities began at 6:45 PM on the Hockey Ground. The administration decided to celebrate Diwali with minimal pollution. The greenery was preserved, and so was the gaiety. Students and faculty members alike streamed towards the ground in large numbers as the lanterns took flight. While most of the events in Manipal may not commence on time, the ground was teeming with people—mainly because the number of lanterns was limited. The floodlights installed along the football ground proved to be a boon not just for the footballers—because the photographers seemed to have a blast of their own. The ground was teeming with lights from the lanterns and flashbulbs alike as everybody managed to capture a memory of Manipal during Diwali.

Image courtesy: The Post Staff

While the celebrations may have been organised to near perfection, the choice of music, which initially may have been pleasing to the ears, was not appropriate for Diwali celebrations. The few firecrackers elicited mixed emotions—particularly when few of the aerial crackers failed to reach the sky and exploded on the ground.  Nevertheless, these shortcomings seemed trivial when compared to the gathering that included more than eight hundred students coming together to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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