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Thinking Out Loud

The Think Tank, a club started and run by a group of ambitious and like-minded freshmen, saw its first general body meeting and committee recruitments on the 8th of April. Aptly named, the club endeavours to cultivate a trend of thinking outside the box and catering to the engineering student’s passions, however unrelated they may be to their branch or field of work.

“We wanted to break up the monotony of college life,” said Abhay Sahni, president. “We want to inspire and encourage students to truly delve into what they love to do, and perhaps even make a lifestyle out of it.”

The Think Tank

The club intends to host a series of talks and workshops on various ideas that people across several industries have come up with, each being short enough to attract and maintain the audience’s attention, and intriguing enough so that students come away curious, thus kick-starting the thought and conversation process. “If people find the idea interesting enough and would like to learn more about it, we will get them in touch with the speaker in question, and maybe they can even work alongside them!” said Sahni proudly.

The Think Tank also aims to conduct TEDx and are currently working on bringing this prestigious event to Manipal. These talks focus on expounding on diverse ideas instead of motivational speeches or professional speakers, thus keeping in with The Think Tank theme. They will be a worthy addition to the Manipal calendar.