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All Things Design: The Dribbble Meet


IECSE’s Dribbble Meet was the place to be for people interested in graphic design, illustration, typography, and related creative fields. The event provided attendees a comprehensive introduction to the world of design.

Dribbble, an online community for showcasing user-made artworks, was the centerpiece of this event. Up for grabs were three invitations to join the exclusive invite-only community. Suvodeep Misra, a graphic designer and student of MIT, set the ball rolling by giving an introduction to the field of Design and Graphics. He talked about what design was and why was it relevant in today’s world. He introduced various applications of design and also spoke about some of the job prospects it offers. This was followed by an introduction to the basic concepts of graphic design, its layouts, and typography.

Image courtesy: IECSE

Next up, Divyansh Deora familiarised the audience with the concept of Dribbble. He told them about how the number of accounts on the platform were very limited; only 460,000 people had been invited since 2009. He also informed them about the contest for Dribbble invites, which was to be announced near the end of the event.

The next part of the event was an introduction to Adobe Illustrator. The IECSE team handled the distribution and installation of the software very efficiently, in parallel with the two talks. Following this, attendees were taught the fundamentals of Illustrator by members of IECSE. They were taught about basic tools and manipulation of objects.

Image courtesy: IECSE

The event ended with the announcement of the competition for Dribbble account invites. Participants were asked to send in their design portfolios, and an additional design on the theme “Retro” by Monday, 23rd October 2017.

Designed by: Omkar Pradhan

IECSE’s Dribbble Meet was a comprehensive introduction to design for attendees. The audience, consisting mostly of beginners, found the event to be well-organized and extremely informative and educational, with the chance to win invites to the platform as an added bonus.

Cover image designed by: Kushagra Rastogi

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