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Theatre and Filmmaking Workshop with Animesh Garg

The ADA Dramatics Club of MIT organised a Theatre and Film-Making Workshop in association with Manipal International Literature and Arts Platform (MILAP). The workshop was hosted by the young and talented Animesh Garg, a third-year student at School of Communication, who inspires many with his laurels. He has worked as an Assistant Director for notable ad films like Maggi, Parle G, Manyavar, Dailyhunt, Red Label, and Ariel. His various breathtaking achievements include the winner of Best Film at Chalchitra International Short Film Festival (Manipal) and selection at the Filmingo International Short Film Festival (Mumbai).

Animesh Garg interacting with the audience about the different crew members in a film

The workshop was the right platform for a rookie filmmaker to pick up the nuances of the camera, light, and direction. In his presentation, Mr Garg dealt with different terms and techniques from scratch. The rising filmmaker kept on asking for the multiple opinions from the audience making the event very interactive. He also portrayed the different styles of camera placement and explained the lighting tactics.

On speaking with Mr Garg post-workshop, he said, “I aimed to hold an interactive workshop with proper audience participation. I feel, to an extent, it went according to plan. Overall, it was an excellent experience for me, and I hope the audience enjoyed it.

Students recite the seven swaras of music

In between the presentation regarding film-making, Shubham Sinha from ADA Dramatics conducted theatre exercises in the room. He stressed the importance of taal and rhythm in one’s performance. The room buzzed with energy during the marching and voice modulation exercises. Shubham says, “It was a pleasure and a great experience conducting this workshop. Being an actor and pursuing media engineering, I’ve come across various new techniques in this field which I would like to impart to my fellow mates.” He wholeheartedly thanks ADA Dramatics for this great opportunity.

Picture Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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