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The Student Council 2015-16

The Student Council (SC) election, held annually near the last third of every odd semester, is arguably MIT’s most important student-body-level event. Unfortunately, for much of the college, the elections fly under the radar, not to be heard of until the new Council itself is properly announced.

The procedure, inconspicuous as it may be, is a long and arduous one for those involved. For all those aspiring to represent their fellow students in the next few years as it comes their turn to do so, we have outlined some of the basics of the process, and provided a link to the details of the Council’s positions as they now stand.


  • The incumbent Student Council announces the dates for the new one’s elections, and the call is open to all students in the Institute who meet or exceed that year’s criteria. (This year, the most notable change was in the CGPA cut-off, which was lowered from 8.00 to 7.50.)
  • Based on the stipulations in the announcement, the applicants compile their documents and their CVs. Each application has to be endorsed by the applicant’s department Head. Each applicant can apply for at most two positions.
  • A Student Council Advisory Board is formed to review each application, in order to shortlist at most two candidates for each post on the council. In the event that only one candidate is shortlisted, they are considered unanimously elected.
  • The shortlisted candidates are asked to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation, to introduce themselves and outline their plans to the congregation of Class Representatives (CRs) from all years who will be voting for them.
  • Following this, the CRs cast their votes for each position in a secret ballot, the counting of which precedes the announcement of the new Council.

The Student Council’s individual roles and responsibilities per post can be found here.

Here are the elected representatives for the year 2015-2016, along with their respective plans of action:

Aakar Jain: 12141696_407910739408144_3018009198570956796_nPresident | Electrical and Electronics Engineering

My aim is to turn this new bunch of students into a strong team which would carry forward the legacy of Student Council 2014-15. I want to take forward all the proposals that the previous council couldn’t see through to the end and also pursue other new ideas for the betterment of overall campus life in MIT.
I want this team to become a family to me just like the previous council and together help MIT achieve greater heights on a national and global scale.




Kshitij Verma: Picture2General Secretary | Mechanical Engineering

By the end of my tenure, I want to achieve the following:

  • Ease of hostel allotment procedure
  • Certain modifications in campus
  • New amenities in hostels
  • Improvement in net connectivity and Wi-Fi
  • Better circulation of information

And I will give my cent percent to achieve the combined goals of the new council.


Mahima Makhija: Picture3General Secretary | Computer Science and Engineering

  • Improve the mess menu as well as quality of food.
  • Optimize the hostel allotment procedure.
  • Improve the internet service provided or get a new ISP.
  • Provide cycle stands in girls and boys block.
  • Construction of sheds for footpaths.
  • Overall betterment of MIT as a campus.



Madhulika Sreeram: Picture4Treasurer | Mechanical Engineering

The central objectives would be improved transparency, continually updated and consistent documentation, and proactive interaction with the students and the administration to ensure streamlining in the process of fund approval and reimbursement.
A budgetary calendar, whose outline shall be prepared after thorough analysis of previous years, alongside monthly forecasting shall serve to support planning of required reserves and expected expenditure.




Laksh Sanghavi: Cultural Secretary | Mechanical Engineering

Picture5To make a fest successful, you need to create an element of surprise; something that will make people look forward to the fest every year and enamour them every single time, which ought to be unleashed and I strongly believe that the guidance and support of the administration and fellow students will help me achieve my goals and function more effectively and efficiently. It is my sincere belief that our college will one day be a sanctuary for cultural wealth, where the students alongside academic acumen display the diversity of abilities MIT hosts, all resulting in a holistic development that Manipal offers.




Sowjanya M: Cultural Secretary | Electrical and Electronics EngineerinPicture6g

  • Revels: With proper planning, scheduling and organizing, device a strategy
    to achieve higher participation from MIT as well as other

    colleges in Revels 2016
  • Utsav: Motivate and assist the students of our college to bag one of the top 3 positions in Utsav 2016
  • Other: Dance studio and jam room, Workshops almost every weekend, stalls by students to display their talent, and promote classical music and dance.





Siddharth Bharteeya: Technical Secretary | Mechatronics


“I may have an ambitious plan for MIT’s future, but I am equally determined to see it through. During my tenure as the Technical Secretary, I wish to upgrade the technical club experience with internal workshops, training under each department and exposure to the industries.
Beyond the student bodies I will actively work to encourage student projects/research, digitize crucial procedures and instil a more technically proficient and festive atmosphere in Tech Tatva ’16.”




FB_IMG_1446881522811Disha Sarawgi: Technical Secretary | Mechanical Engineering


My vision is to inculcate a passion amongst every student to innovate and create. We shouldn’t graduate with just a degree but an eye to identify and solve real world problems.
As a Technical Secretary, I would like to organize more workshops and promote student projects, research and publication besides making our technical fest – Techtatva – bigger.




Rishabh Singh: Sports Secretary | Mechanical Engineering


“My plan of action is three stage in nature. My primary aim is to bridge the gap between the casual and competitive player by using the policy of awareness-participation-competition.”





Aruna Baijal: Sports Secretary | Computer Science and EngineeringPicture10


My aim is to encourage participation in sports and improve the equipment available. Also to

introduce more facilities and make sports more accessible to all. I also wish to increase female involvement in sporting activities.




Shantanu Pasari: Placement Secretary | Information TechnologyPicture11

My most important job will be to ensure that information is communicated from the placement department to the students in an organized and timely manner. With an increasing number of companies coming for internships, it is imperative that we have a Placement Portal for pre-final year students as well.
It is important that all departments conduct weekly placement classes/placement talks.

I look forward to organizing seminars for junior students informing them about the various opportunities available. A database of off-campus opportunities and increased involvement from alumni is also something that I want to implement.



Vani Sanghi: Placement Secretary | Industrial ProductionPicture12

A pre-communication with all prospective companies that have come
previously to the institute for placements, companies that have already evinced interest and companies with whom contact should be established.

My main focus will be on arranging interactive session separately for 5th semester students of each branch with the immediate seniors who have been placed in various companies. This is essential in order for students to appreciate and learn from the experience of seniors.




Subhalakshmi Sarkar: Editor-in-Chief (The MIT Post) | Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Manas Subramony, Managing Editor (The MIT Post) | Mechanical Engineering

  • t10505565_10205983053153651_2579146896007406072_nIMG_20151109_135235_956[1]To act as a liaison between the student community and the administration and voice their opinions/grievances.
  • To represent MIT accurately to the world.
  • To foster communication with other campuses (Sikkim, Jaipur, Dubai, Malaysia) of MIT, so as to bring the students spread across all the campuses under one banner and improve transfer/sharing of knowledge and student projects.
  • To roll out an app for the college which will cater to all the needs of the students, and will give them regular updates and information on the go.



Jeevantika Saxena: Editor-in-Chief (Editorial Board) | Biomedical Engineering

Padmanabh Pandit: Managing Editor (Editorial Board) | Civil Engineering



To make the book a better read by increasing the quality of writing, have a more refined design and higher accuracy in the database section. All in all, making the book as personal as possible to every outgoing student of Manipal and give them something to remember the college by.

  • An increased number of written/art submissions from the students of MIT, so that the book carries more articles from the students itself, rather than the board members.
  • Making the Editorial Board a more public body than it is-to make people aware of the oldest student body in MIT, which will subsequently help us in getting more submissions.




Sahas Gembali: Vice President | Electronics and Communication
A lot of my ambitions and plans involve communication.
An MIT App as a more solid forum and a MIT Radio. Some of the other plans include launching a campus ambassador program to increase outstation participation.





Soumya Mishra: Vice President | Chemical EngineeringPicture14


There are quite a few changes I would like to bring about. One is to increase the quality of life within the campus through improved infrastructure and new facilities such as a new laptop service center within campus and more ATMs. I also plan to improve communication between the students and the administration through more regular and efficient meetings. Club clashes will also be kept to a minimum.



Pashangh Hormuz Lavangia: Joint Cultural SecrPicture15etary | Civil Engineering


As part of the cultural committee, I intend to create a lively and conducive atmosphere in campus by promoting cultural activities through the clubs or otherwise. We shall also strive to make the 37th Edition of Revels the best the college has ever seen.





Sulagna Roy: Joint Cultural Secretary | Chemical EngineeringPicture16

As the joint cultural secretary, some of the amendments that I would like to make includes a jam room, a dance studio and organise more workshops and open competitions for everyone.

I will also try to reduce the clash between the non-technical clubs and form a core cultural committee that works under the council and has representatives from most of the non-technical clubs.
Also we represent ourselves in Utsav as a contingency which ensures greater participation in Revels’16.




Abhilash Agrawal: Joint Technical Secretary | Civil EngineeringPicture17

As a joint technical secretary my area of focus will be more on promoting/encouraging number of student projects and research work, while also increasing number of professional workshops conducted. Creating transparency in the system and increasing coordination between technical clubs will be my main target.






Alveera Gill: Joint Technical Secretary | Electronics and CommunicationPicture18


As the Joint Technical Secretary, there is a lot that I want to bring about in this year. Right from pushing peers to their highest caliber and increasing the number of opportunities for them to do so by encouraging research and student projects among everyone. Despite all the excellence, there is always scope to achieve more. My aim is to contribute in reaching that position of ‘more’.




Darshan Nandekar: Joint Sports Secretary | Chemical EngineeringPicture19

  • To encourage outstation participation in Revels and form girls teams in various sports.
  • To bring up traditional sports and combat sports.
  • To introduce an Open elective from the Department of Physical Education



Enakshi Rajvanshi: Joint Sports Secretary | Mechanical Engineering


To make sports an integral part of the MIT culture for promoting healthy living, community building and personal development and to deliver services in a professional, equitable and transparent way.




Utkarsh Tripathy: Joint Secretary | Computer Science and Engineering



“I intend to put forward and solve the basic problems that students face intheir day to day life. I also have plans for the betterment of the college fests and proper utilization of space available in college.”



Aastha Jain: Joint Secretary | Electronics and Communication Picture22Engineering

It is my vision to see our prestigious college scale heights and see
students head in the right direction to achieve their goals. In my tenure, I would like to ensure no voices go unheard and no ideas go unconsidered
and try to put in my best to do justice to the post.




Harshitha Srinivas: Vice President (M.Tech) | Mechanical EngineeringPicture23


  • To provide sheds for the people travelling from 10th blocks or provide cycle
    facilities for students coming from far off blocks.
  • To provide washing machine facility to students staying in boys hostel.
  • To improve the taste and quality of food in the food court.



Vivek Vikas Shukla: Placement Secretary (M.Tech) | Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Picture24As a placement secretary I will try to do following things, which will be beneficial for the students during their campus placement:

  • Communication & personality development classes will be conducted.
  • Try to prepare the students for corporate environment by proper guidance.
  • Aptitude traning classes.
  • Group discussion which will mold students for forthcoming placements.




Anjana Harikumar: Placement Secretary (MCA) | Department of Computer ApplicationsPicture25


My current plan of action includes understanding the working of Placement Department and my responsibilities as Placement Secretary. Followed by proper strategizing to maximize the desired output. It also includes coordinating between Placement Department, students and Department of Computer Applications to maintain a smooth flow in their relations.




The MIT Post wishes them the best for the year ahead.