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The Overview Effect


Taking us on a trip through history, Blank 101 ventured into an expedition of a kind with Space Missions. The event delved into an informative account of space missions that have taken place over the years. Members of Blank 101 dug into zealous descriptions of various commissions that have taken place; giving us a sense of how infinitesimal we are in the endless Universe. Since 60 years, scientists have been trying to reach out to the vast oblivion, trying to unriddle this enigma. This event was just a taste of the unknown, a step into the elusive paradise.

The first speaker spoke about how the Cold war and intense competition between the US and the Soviet Union spawned exceptional Space Programs. The successive speaker spoke at length, about the Apollo program, which was an American mission aimed at establishing superiority over the Soviet Union, in space research. The Pioneer program which was a series of unmanned space missions for planetary exploration was talked about extensively. The speakers covered a wide range of topics; from the Voyager Program, the Hubble Telescope, Cassini Huygens to the Rosetta Spacecraft. An appreciative round of applause followed when India’s most successful space mission, Mangalyaan, was addressed.

The talk was concluded with a speech about, ‘The space missions that never made it’. The event ended on a light note with a light-hearted story about the Zambian space mission.The leader of this space program, Edward Makuka Nkoloso asked for 7 million Pounds of funding from UNESCO for their space mission for which they had designed a ‘rocket’, essentially a 3 x 2 -meter oil barrel. Needless to say, they did not get funded.

Scientific facts were addressed, facts were discussed and history was relived. However, most importantly, an awareness of just how united we are as a planetary society, how national and racial divisions don’t matter was sub-consciously created in all of us. Walking out with a clear picture of how imperative it is to protect this little blue dot of ours was an irreplaceable experience.

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