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The Mean Metal Maestros

By Sohil Sharma | Staff Writer

“The biggest risk in life is not taking one.“

-Mark Zuckerberg

It all began in the year 2012 when three MITians – Sarthak Paul, Aman Bansal, and Ananya Rao – realised their potential to make it big in the automobile industry. The realisation drew up on them after the remote control car that the trio made, bagged the first prize in Quark, BITS Pilani’s Technical Fest. However, it took them two years to plan and eventually launch Mean Metal Motors in 2014.

Side view of the M-Zero. Courtesy:

Side view of the M-Zero.

Starting as a team of students working at MIT, Manipal,  Mean Metal Motors has expanded itself across Europe by affiliating with designers in the UK, Portugal, and Italy, and has shifted its main office to Bangalore. Within a span of eleven months, their website has crossed one million hits, and with every moment passing by, they’re reaching closer to their biggest goal – India’s first ever super car.

The M-Zero back view Courtesy:

The M-Zero back view



The ‘M-Zero’ utilizes a completely new concept of aerodynamics and has been inspired from things in everyday life. Aerodynamics being its biggest asset, the M-Zero claims to have the capability to cut through air really fast. It will supposedly be reaching a speed of 100 km/hr from 0 km/hr in less than 3 seconds, with a maximum speed of up to 320 km/hr, and can be driven on almost any terrain. Looking at the fascinating specifications offered by an Indian start up, the mesmerised patron’s first doubt would probably be the price. According to Mayank Jain, the Customer Operations Head of the newly created division ‘Mean Metal Motors – Energy’, the car is being planned to be put into the ninety lakh segment, though it is still a little early to estimate the exact price. “We are trying to keep the price as low as possible because we all know that super cars are not seen in much abundance. Therefore we want to bring the super car culture to India, and put India on the automotive world map”, he says. Europe, being a hub for the super car market, will definitely be a target for the company. However, they plan to go global with the car. Therefore, whoever wants to buy a super car, and finds a Ferrari very costly will be a potential customer. The prototype is expected to be out by June 2016, and displayed in the Paris Motor Show, one of the most prestigious auto expos in the world.

"Breaking the barriers has always been our ultimate aim" - Mayank Jain,

“Breaking the barriers has always been our ultimate aim” – Mayank Jain, Customer Operations Head of the Energy division.

The Mean Metal Motors does not plan on confining itself simply to automobiles, and therefore has come up with the division, Mean Metal Motors – Energy. The CrossGlider (E-ONE), as they call it, is a new product of the company that falls under this division, and is a ‘one of its kind’ Segway cum skateboard. Through this product, the company aims to reach out to a broader variety of customers, since the super car will only allow them to engage  a handful of patrons. “Breaking the barriers has always been our ultimate aim”, as per Mayank. The CrossGlider is an electrically operated vehicle which can be ridden on road, and even on slopes, thus conceptualising a pollution free local transportation device which can serve as a comfortable alternative to cycles.

Presently,  Mean Metal Motors has a dedicated team for different subsystems working from the college itself, along with a management team which helps organize ‘Karting’, which as the name suggests, is a karting championship series where teams try to outshine one another’s karts in a race. The company will hold recruitments in the campus itself, owing to the fact that most of them are from MIT, and recognise  our college as a great house of talent. Moving forward with a steady pace, with the primary dream of seeing their fellow citizens driving a super car, the Maestros continue to inspire the aspiring entrepreneurs and making the college proud.

Ratheesh MY (Project Director) with the Skatocross, the initial version of the Energy division's first product.

Ratheesh MY (Project Director) with the Skatocross, the initial version of the Energy division’s first product.


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