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The Mathitis Society: The Manipal Chapter

The foundation of the Manipal chapter of ‘The Mathitis Society’ was laid in mid-October last year and the organisation has evolved steadily over the past few months. With a contemporary approach towards the concept of higher education, TMS has not only managed to thrive under the crunch of being a newly established student-run organisation but has also managed to conduct a workshop – of which many more are expected within a span of two months.

The primary objective of the Mathitis Society is to “Educate, enable, and equip” students to pursue their goals effectively. While most student-run clubs and projects lay emphasis on a core branch of engineering, The Mathitis Society is carrying out an impressive task of catering to almost all fields of engineering, with regular workshops and other technical training programs.

Picture credits: Sai Teja

The most recent workshop conducted by TMS was the Winter Training Program, held over the Winter break, with nearly sixty students participating in the eight-day event. Students received comprehensive training in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching (accredited by Cisco) to help them further understand networking and its fundamentals. “An accreditation from a well-reputed company allows the team to train students using the company’s products and software, conduct technical courses and provide students with certificates approved and signed by the company itself”, explains Anirudh Akella, a second year student from MIT who is the Director for Business Development and Public Relations for the The Mathitis Society’s Manipal Chapter.

The process of attaining accreditation begins with TMS approaching prospective companies with an aim, a well-constructed plan of action, and a clear as well as concise marketing strategy. Owing to their current designation as under-graduate students, Anirudh admits that the team often faces certain reluctance from companies with regard to the way they conduct their workshops and train their students. The organisation has come a long way since then, with accreditation from nearly 150 companies. The Mathitis Society has been accredited by Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and L&T – to name a few. The organisation is also showcasing splendid administration skills, with the team handling every minute detail including the collection of examination and course fee as well as the distribution of certificates towards the end of each workshop.

Picture credits: Sai Teja

Over the course of the next few months, The Mathitis Society aims to conduct several other training programs for students. Members of the organisation have the added advantage of discounted workshop fees. With a team of intelligent and hardworking students determined to provide the best of education to each and every student they come across, the organisation is bound to reach great heights.

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