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The Manipal Experience


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The first thing that hits you is the rain. Unless you’re from Meghalaya, the sheer amount of water pouring down is going to surprise you. Slowly, beyond the dull grey sky and the almost relentless downpour, you begin to see the beautiful little university town that is Manipal. Once you’ve bought the necessary umbrella, completed all the formalities and settled in your hostel, your mind is flooded with thoughts of what all you want to do in college. For those living in hostels for the first time in their lives, which is most students, MIT Manipal provides quite a pleasant surprise. Things here aren’t as bad as the hostel conditions your parents or uncles recounted from their college days.

Clouds over Academic Block 2

Sunrise from Block 16

Sunrise from Block 16

First year is a time to explore. From Dollops and DeeTee to Malpe and Kapu, if you’re not experiencing Manipal in all its untold glory, you’re missing out. As a first year student, you will end up eating mostly from the food court at KC (that’s Kamath Circle, better catch up with all the abbreviations, kid). If clean, monotonous and decent quality food is what you want, the food court is the place for you. But before you know it, the taste buds yearn for something more, and starting small with the Kamath Canteen, Apoorva, Sindhi mess and Snack Point, you soon start looking for new places to eat. In that respect, Manipal doesn’t disappoint. You will find everything from Café Basil to KFC in a radius of 10 minutes. Naturally, as it is with every college student, you will feel the cash crunch after a few days of enjoying the palatable delectation Manipal has to offer.

Apoorva Mess, for those last minute orders

Apoorva Mess, for those last minute orders


On hot days, walking uphill all the way from blocks 16, 17 or 18 for boys is a daunting task. Too bad these blocks have the best rooms on offer for first years. But walk back down the hill on a cool evening, and all you will want to do is sit on the green slopes and enjoy the breeze. Whether you’re coming back from a hardworking day at the workshops or a lazy four hours of lectures, the evenings in Manipal are when you do the activities that give you pleasure. Badminton at the recreation club, football on the MIT ground, basketball at the court in KC or join the activities held by numerous clubs – here you find everything that you could wish for in an engineering college.


The lawns between blocks 15 and 17

The basketball court at KC

If your only interest is studying, the MIT Library is there to help. If you wish to apply your mind on projects practically, the MIT workshops are there for you. With teams like Formula Manipal, RoboManipal, AeroMIT, Solar Mobil and more, as a student of MIT, you get to be a part of projects that are pushing the boundaries of every team member’s ability. Manipal is full of bright minds that are not just concerned with exams and grades (don’t be too cavalier about them though), and if you’re coming here, you will feel at home in the workshops. Love robotics? You can join RoboManipal. Love formula cars? Formula Manipal is the place for you. Team Manipal Racing can fulfill your dream of building off-road racing cars. Numerous projects like Project Manas and Solar Mobil are making strides into the technology of the future with driver-less cars and solar powered cars respectively.  Working long hours at the workshop may not be the thing for everyone. Well, we still have you covered. Technical clubs covering a large number of fields are the prefect combination of learning and fun.


MIT's team AeroMIT testing their drone at the workshops. Just one of many such teams.

MIT’s team AeroMIT testing their drone at the workshops. Just one of many such teams.

Team RoboManipal's bot, at RoboCon India 2016

Team RoboManipal’s bot, at RoboCon India 2016

MIT Manipal is not just about the engineering. You have the freedom to do whatever you want apart from your academics. If your heart leads you to acting with Aaina or ADA clubs, or to jamming with the guys at MAFIA, the music club or to the workshops of the various technical teams pursuing excellence in their chosen fields, you can have it all. You just need to find what you love and pursue it. Leave behind the races you ran to get here. Now is the time to build dreams.

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