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The Manipal Conclave: Day 2 LIVEBlog!

The LIVEBlog for The Manipal Conclave has ended.

Hope to catch you at the next event.

Thank you so much for joining us on the ride and all the love.


Athyu, Shah, Chandra & Chatterjee.



Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 201512:18 pm

Whoa there champ, you’re a little early for the party. Tune in at 1 PM for the LIVEBlog of Day 2 of The Manipal Conclave!

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:16 pm

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy fence…” You know that things are getting real when Ashwin Mathew says that during sound check. Conclave Day 2, live soon on Indian Standard Time.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:17 pm

“Baby you’re a rich man!” Now playing at LA! Looks like The Conclave Crew and the Post Staff share a mutual love for Sorkin movies and The Beatles. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:19 pm

Okay people, gates open any time now! Shah and I sneaked in from the back entrance. It was difficult fitting in but we did it for you. Out of love. And for the good seats. 

Okay, get in line folks! 

We begin soon!

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:21 pm

Shome will play mixologist for the afternoon. ‘Karma Police’ blaring at LA. DJ, spin that.

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:23 pm

For those tuning in now, this Amit Shah and Athyunnath “Ready” Eleti live from The Manipal Conclave, Day 2. Avneesh will be joining us soon. 

And, we might have a guest blogger today, so stay fresh.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:27 pm
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:28 pm

Aww… look at The Post Social Media team giving us love. On another note, seats are filling up fast people, come on in!

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:29 pm

Shome playing “Hit me with your best shot” in the LA. Challenge accepted. If Jerry Maguire gets remade in 2016 they’ll say, “Shome the money!!”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:31 pm

The Samples – Could It Be Another Change playing now.

Arul and Vani would approve of this playlist.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:32 pm

Okay, we have begun. Ipshita Gupta, General Secretary taking the stage now.

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:33 pm

Kanchan Pamnani receiving a bouquet of flowers from Dr. Veena Maben.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:33 pm

It’s a full day session today folks. You better have had lunch.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:34 pm

We have our first set of speakers today, talking about the essence of Ideas and their relevance today.

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:34 pm

Krishna and Shubham taking centre stage, speaking on startups and the value of ideas.

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:37 pm

“I was drinking a cold drink but it finishes fast. But what if a drink never finishes? What if a certain chemical starts a water cycle of sorts in our mouth?”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:38 pm

Dynalithe Systems, startups for social change.

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:39 pm

“Elon Musk, who as you all know is the Iron Man of our century.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:39 pm

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:41 pm

“you might think your idea is illogical, but Google it. You’ll find three companies at least that are earning profits from that very idea.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:43 pm

Getting serious Mr. Robot vibes here. Leave me here.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:46 pm

An all star team where each person was an expert in a different aspect of The Project.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:47 pm

Generating electricity by applying pressure on roads, Shah, I think we should really go jogging, for the environment’s sake.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:47 pm

Video Time!

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:52 pm

“We have very good classes, assignments, and a good attendance system.” audience giggles.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:53 pm

Okay, so the main objective of the company is to make a smarter way to detect cars in traffic using image recognition and control your traffic signals using the data, so you have clearer, better roads. The challenge of course, is to implement it on Indian road conditions. After all, we have such great road manners.

Amit Shah October 11, 20151:54 pm

Designing a traffic management system at night, sessional next morning. Thug Life. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:55 pm

How lucky would you have to be to have Digital Image processing exam the next day while your entire company was working on the same concept?

Dynalithe lucky. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:57 pm

“We realized we had to get serious. But we are engineering students, how can we be serious?”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20151:58 pm

As is tradition, we got our selection letters right during our end sem exams asking us to come for the finals. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:03 pm

Shubham standing like Father Time in the background.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:04 pm

This is an Indian Road, of animals, humans and machines mixed seamlessly. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:05 pm

This is also where we spend 6000 crores of our annual revenue and serves as a cradle of pollution. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:05 pm

Second Video! The teaser for Dynalithe! 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:06 pm

Dynalithe Systems: A solar powered add on module for your traffic signals. 

There. Plugged. Think they will sponsor us now?

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:07 pm

K. Annamalai (Superintendent of Police) starring in the video talking about traffic and the advantage of real time analysis. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:07 pm

Mr. Abhay Shetty featured in the video, next to his car that he calls Car.

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:09 pm

When Dr. Abdul Kalam stands and looks at your project, you know that the idea is going places.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:10 pm

“When we made the final round of the Texas Instruments competitions we were told that the Chief Guest was going to be Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. We were stunned and we had only 30 seconds to present the idea as he stood in front of us listening intently. 

Then he came back and explained our own idea to us even better. The only thing he said, go ahead with it, it is worth it. “
Amit Shah October 11, 20152:10 pm

You know you’re at The Conclave when the speakers have Wikipedia pages.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:13 pm


We have enabled comments so now YOU can be a part of The Live Blog. 

Comment below, tweet to us @athyunnath @amitshah6675 or @themitpost and if you are nice, we will feature you here. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:14 pm

After the competition when the bidding began we were stunned. We built this product for 5000 rupees and they were bidding 37 crores!!! 

Why? For India. 
Amit Shah October 11, 20152:15 pm
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:15 pm

And with that, we have reached the end of the first session. Now signing the conclave memento and putting it up on the Conclave wall. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:18 pm

Ipshita now introducing Kanchan Pamnani on stage, led by Vedant Prusty. A truly inspiring story. Don’t miss out.

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:19 pm

Kanchan Pamnani was born with low vision, eventually going blind at the age of 34. But that didn’t stop her. She completed her graduation from Sydenham College and did her LLB from Government Law College along with two completed two courses from the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Geneva, and a course in arbitration from the Indian Merchants Chamber and a diploma in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Mumbai.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:19 pm

“I am in front of a group of techies and technology has influenced my life in so many ways.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:21 pm

“I use a software called JAWS, which makes the computer read what is on the screen. Many of you know Siri, but how many know about VoiceOver on the iPhone. It made me totally independent. I can call, text.”

Shah’s iPhone approves.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:23 pm

“In my school life I was the naughty girl sitting in front with thick glasses. Now I am a back bencher though. Because in school I always had to sit in front.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:23 pm

“Less in never more. More is always less as far as common sense goes.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:24 pm

“ICSE was special for me. They didn’t have too many laws, but they had common sense and reasonable accommodation. They allowed me to have my graphs in bigger sizes.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:25 pm

Blind lawyer? Kanchan Pamnani is the modern day Daredevil.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:29 pm

“We used a lot of frugal thinking to get our practice going.” In a very primal sense, the speakers of the Conclave are the very embodiment of TechTatva’s  theme this year. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:35 pm

“I dislike politics. Back in the day I went to Kapil Sibal to allow ebooks. He denied. So we did what we had to: used the system to our advantage, We went to LK Advani.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:36 pm

“I have no political affiliations. Nahi hua toh go to the other side.” There, she said it.

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:38 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:39 pm

So many times I asked myself why did I do law? And I am sure you as students also experience that doubt a lot of times. Am I in the right college? Am I in the right course? To that I say just push it away. Doubt doesn’t help.

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:44 pm

“I was talking to a lawyer once. I used a software called Talks in my Nokia phone. He was typing. My messages sent faster than his.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:46 pm

I am now working with people who are blind and with other disabilities. And today I am more aware of my environment than I have been. Even when I had sight. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:47 pm

A lot of staircases are not made even. The bannisters end before the last step and I often can’t judge where they end.

Calling out all engineers and architects. Get to work.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:48 pm

People talk about innovation and coming up with ‘out of the box’ ideas, but I have realised that we need to see ‘in the box’ too. Our immediate surroundings matter.

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:51 pm

Our government websites aren’t properly accessible to the disabled, Is it that Infosys doesn’t know how to do it?

CS guys. Preach.
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:51 pm

Universal Design is the new necessity of the day. We can’t only make things that techies know how to use. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:54 pm

Be alert. Be observant. Live within what we have. Less is enough.

On that, Ms. Pamnani ends her speech. Now for the Q&A session. Aditya Chatterjee on the mic.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:56 pm

“Pro bono work is important and it can only happen if you’re already satisfied. And sleep. If you could do with a little less sleep you could do with a little more pro bono work.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20152:57 pm


If you guys have a question we could ask it for you. Shoot. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20152:58 pm

“Words like differently abled are just fluff. We don’t mind the word blind. In a physically not accessible India, we need a mentally acceptable India,”

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:01 pm

“Being a woman lawyer means that you will fight with your husband.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:02 pm

“You’re not going to win unless you try. Don’t stop. Never stop.”

Ms. Pamnani concludes an inspiring session. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:03 pm

Joint Director Dr. BHV Pai presents a memento to Kanchan Pamnani.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:03 pm

With that. We come to the end of the second speaker session. The signing of mementos and we will now break for tea before commencing with the rest of the sessions. 

Don’t go anywhere folks, The Post LIVEBlog shall continue.
Amit Shah October 11, 20153:11 pm

It’s lunch time at The Manipal Conclave and they’re serving sandwiches and sweets outside. I went to grab a plate but didn’t realise that there was a winding queue that starts at the staircase and ends at the stall. Sigh. No food for me.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:19 pm

Food is for the weak. Writers live on words.

Okay. Strike that off. I’m hungry too. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:26 pm

The grapes are sour, but at least the food stalls have sweets. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:26 pm

Okay people. Conclave resumes in five. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:32 pm

Them cheese grilled sandwiches. The cafeteria doesn’t joke about this stuff… 

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:33 pm

Ashwin Mathew up on stage for the next session, with the two veteran speakers Dr. MS Valiathan and Dr. Venkatesan.

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:34 pm

Padma Vibhushan M.S. Valiathan, a cardio-thoracic surgeon by profession, is an influential figure in the field of medical technology in India.

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:34 pm

A man of immense experience and exceptional knowledge, and a Veteran in every sense, Dr. V.S. Venkatesan has numerous achievements in the field of biomedical engineering. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:34 pm

Folks, we have Aditya Chatterjee joining us for the live blog folks! All say hola Aditya!

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20153:35 pm

Hola Aditya!

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:36 pm

Everyone is a joker in this Staff. -_-

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:36 pm

Okay. Time to work. We have Dr. Valiathan speaking now. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:42 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:44 pm

The environment in the LA is that of utmost interest. Everyone listening with bated breaths as Dr. Valiathan tell us his story. The only sounds are of his sombre voice and the clack of the keys from the Press Area. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20153:45 pm

“Our learning was need-based development. We didn’t have a marketing department. We had raw experience.”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20153:45 pm

Needless to say the man knows how to command the attention of an audience.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:49 pm

“This is very important. Failure. If anyone tells you he made a Class A device without failure I can assure you he isn’t telling the truth.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:49 pm

“This is very important. Failure. If anyone tells you he made a Class A device without failure, I can assure you he isn’t telling the truth.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:51 pm

“The next most important thing is to learn from experience and networking. It’s the second most important thing you need to remember.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:52 pm

“The third thing is to test. If you have made something, test it. A lot. Test it in as many places as possible and if they fail to produce the same results everywhere then your technology has failed. We tested across a number of hospitals, some places we succeeded and some places we failed and we learned a lot from that.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:53 pm

“A story of testing is that the label we were using to mark the blood banks was developing fungus. The doctors called form the Tata hospital and told us about it. If we hadn’t tested it we would’ve failed eventually. Verifying your technology is very important.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20153:55 pm

The final most important thing while making new technology is distribution and incubation. Today we have many incubator centres but back in the day we were actually developing an industry. And that meant finding things on our own. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20153:58 pm

“There are two factories in Trivandrum making forty-six million blood bags today. Industry interaction is essential.”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:01 pm

“It requires a certain amount of genius to identify even the smallest of flaws in a product.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:03 pm

The young people need to take initiative. That is all. 
With that we come to the end of Dr. Valiathan’s talk. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:03 pm

Dr. Venkatesan takes the podium now.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:04 pm

“There are three generations here. Dr. Valiathan was my mentor, I am here and the students I am mentoring are here.” 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:05 pm

“I was crazy about how heart valves. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:05 pm

They all said I was crazy. Then I was in the first team that made the first artificial heart transplant. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:06 pm

Dr. Venkatesan: speaking straight from the heart.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:06 pm

Here is something for the youngsters, those were heavy days and the only thing we did is we never took no for an answer. 

Never, take no for an answer. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:07 pm

“There were times when we have done plumbing, electrical work, sweeping; everything on campus, just to get work going.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:08 pm

Aditya keeping it classy with the italics.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:08 pm

There are some who take masters as an easy thing but let me tell you something, you can do wonderful things with research. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:08 pm


Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:09 pm

Don’t be under the impression you cannot create change. You can do wonders. And if you’re crazy you will definitely do wonders. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:09 pm

Don’t be under the impression that you cannot make a change. You can do wonders.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:10 pm

Chatterjee making us look so bourgeois. Shoo Chatterjee. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:10 pm

It’s not a competition, Athyu.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:11 pm

I got into a lot of trouble because I could never keep my mouth shut.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:11 pm

The Julian Assange of Biomedical Engineering?

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:11 pm

Athyu using the word bourgeois and saying that we look bourgeois.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:13 pm

I wanted to make large change and they said I should only concentrate on my hospital. When you do serious work, they ask you a lot of questions. Are you infringing on any patents is the primary of them. 

If you are going to affect any business they will be after you. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:13 pm

Dr. Venkatesan congratulates us on the wonder that is TechTatva.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:13 pm

Dr. Venkatesan. 


Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:14 pm

Slide time! First slide congratulating on a great TechTatva. Harsh is probably blushing right now. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:14 pm

A special mention to RoboManipal. This adding on to the special mentions they got from Shome last night. Woot woot!

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:16 pm

HEY! Chandra is here! 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:17 pm

A lot of companies never advertise their achievements. A lot like MIT.
I am starting to realize why we have a job at The Post. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:17 pm

Avneesh casually squashes my toes as he makes his way towards his seat.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:19 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:19 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:20 pm

Chandra. Be nice. Say hello to everyone. We have over a thousand people tuned in. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:21 pm

Casually squashed toes are what you get when you refuse to move out of the way.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:22 pm

The human body as the world’s best engineering marvel: “simulating [it] is practically not possible with current knowledge and technology.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:23 pm

The human body is amazing. it’s the best chemical factory. Its the best engineering factory and it has the best control system. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:23 pm

“Your body is the best control system. It adapts and responds in real time.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:23 pm

“All the Electrical engineers will know: time delay.”
Where we fall short on replicating the processing power of the human mind.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:24 pm

Maybe ION can learn a little bit about responding in real time from the Human body.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:24 pm

“We are at best in the early stages of mimicking the human system.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:24 pm

Basically, your body is a wonderland.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:25 pm

We are now talking about bio mimicry. We are at very early stages in this department. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:25 pm

Imagine there’s no countries, it’s easy if you try.
Imagine is it possible to model the brain and its architecture?

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:26 pm

The guy responsible for changing the slides for each speaker’s presentation: the real MVP.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:27 pm

“What is needed is original solutions, rather than an incremental approach to research.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:27 pm

Chandra went Lennon on us. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:28 pm

Bio-mimicry, or biologically inspired engineering design, is a fast developing field. Because of this, Manipal is one of the first institutes in India to have Biology as one of its engineering program’s fundamental courses.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:28 pm

Better Lennon than Lenin. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:28 pm

This speech is for anyone who complains about Bio in the first year,

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:29 pm

Chatterjee googling Lenin.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:29 pm

“People will say ten times, no, to you. They’ve done it to me. I’m still standing. I’ll keep asking. Either they wear out, or I wear out.”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:30 pm

Gotta find them references. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:30 pm


Srishti Saraswat is sitting next to me and punching my shoulder each time sir says never take no for an answer. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:30 pm

The slide reads “Thank you & Questions?” 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:30 pm

Thank god for the edit feature. *ahem* Athyunnath *ahem*

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:31 pm

Ashwin questioning the veterans on Martin Shkreli.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:31 pm

“Ask once. If they say no, go back after two minutes. Either they wear out or you wear out. But never take no for an answer.”

With that we move on to the interaction session moderated by Ashwin Mathew. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20154:32 pm

One of the most reviled men on the planet lately, Martin Shkreli, comes up during the conversation. Kudos to Ashwin Mathew for having the courage to say that nightmare of a man’s nightmare of a last name out loud, and getting it right.

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:32 pm

This just in: 9gag proposed to replace the Scumbag Steve meme with Martin Shkreli.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:33 pm

“Should Govt. control the prices of drugs or the patent holders?” 

– Mathew asking all the right questions on stage. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:34 pm

“The drug regulation authority in India takes a tough stand for us and we are grateful for that. “

Amit Shah October 11, 20154:34 pm

For those who don’t know, Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, quickly became one of the most hated people in America after purchasing the rights to the 62-year-old drug, Daraprim, and increasing the price from $13.50 a tablet to $750; over a five thousand percent hike.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:35 pm

“There is a clause that helps us and only when we have something that will affect millions do we use that clause. “

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:47 pm

Hey there folks, sorry about the delay. We went down for a few minutes due to some internet issues. We are back now and streaming again. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:47 pm

“All of our IT companies are working for America. But we need to for things for ourselves.”

“We need to believe in this country.”
Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:47 pm

“All of our IT companies are working for America. But we need to for things for ourselves.”

“We need to believe in this country.”
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:48 pm

Till now we have discussed about laws governing patents, the morality of working for a company and that of the human race and the ethics of the industry. All stellar questions by Mathew and beautifully answered by both Dr. Valiathan and Dr. Venkatesan. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:51 pm

We need political will . We are at a great disadvantage compared to other countries, especially the US and we need to fix that. These are the issues that need addressing. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:55 pm

Dr. Valiathan compared the “rotten” medical system present in the USA with the British National Health Service, calling the latter “ideal”.

The NHS, has, however, been criticized heavily in recent years for negligence and incompetence.

Is there an ideal medical system?

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:56 pm

Dr. Valiathan brings up the problem with patents, one which has gotten more and more complicated lately, especially in the West. Oftentimes, rather than being used for proprietary reasons (or to give intellectual credit), they become threats to hinder new research and advancements in its initial stages.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:57 pm

Time for questions from the audience. The MIT Post’s managing editor Manas Subramony is up first.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20154:57 pm

Manas Subramony, Managing Editor at The MIT Post, brings up an example of Kerala’s medical system to frame a question asking the panel about the questionable competency of our government hospitals.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20154:57 pm

Time for questions from the audience. The MIT Post’s Managing Editor Manas Subramony is up first.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:00 pm

“The issues with heart transplants are not legal or ethical – they are to do with the cost and logistics.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:01 pm

Second question takes quite the leap: The future of applied artificial intelligence in India’s medical system.
Dr. Valiathan: “I think we need basic intelligence first.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:02 pm

“If you’re thinking tomorrow, real human intelligence is going to be replaced, we are still far, far away. Advanced countries still don’t use this technology.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:04 pm

Ashwin brings up the confounding problem of India’s brain drain. Many of our best medical minds go abroad to advance their careers, but foreigners come here to avail service from our medical systems.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:10 pm

Ashwin Mathew’s face lights up as he learns about the exponential financial returns associated with bio-printing.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:12 pm

Prusty on the mic.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:13 pm

After Vedant Prusty’s question to Dr. Valiathan, it’s pretty clear there needs to be a word limit for these things. Either that, or we’re all “going deaf”.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:14 pm

“We have outsourced our thinking, that is our problem.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:15 pm

Vedant Prusty (Gen. Sec. SC) asking about the connect between the price of education and its relation to healthcare in India. Before affordable healthcare comes healthcare itself and if MBBS students how to pay out of their nose to learn medicine, can we ever look at a future for affordable healthcare in India? 

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:15 pm

Athyunnath writes about Vedant.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:16 pm

“India is the diabetes capital of the world.”

All I can think of is the dessert we were served an hour ago.
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:17 pm

“India used to be the HIV capital of the world and is now the diabetes capital of the world. How do we get these figures? How do we determine these things? These are questions we need to ask. People keep going to the WHO for answers but the WHO is seriously under funded, do you really think all these developed country rely on the WHO for these things? No. India needs that independence. “

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:17 pm

Amit writes about Athyunath writing about Vedant.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:17 pm

Is there any way to upvote these posts?

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:18 pm

You know the session is interesting when you realize it has gone way above the time limit, and the only way you saw that was because your watch fell on the ground. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:19 pm

*drops watch*

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:19 pm

There is silence in the room, but not of boredom, it’s of interest. At least I hope it is. For we are now going into the deep end of the debate on healthcare in India. The education system of Medicine in India and what’s wrong with it. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:20 pm

Shout out to our friends across town at KMC, you would’ve loved to be here. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:21 pm

I wish I had friends at KMC.

Or, you know, friends.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:21 pm

Athyunnath is so captivated by the session that he is blogging throughout it.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:21 pm

Everybody wants experience and degrees, nobody will accept just an MBBS, they want MDs and researchers with a decade of experience. But where do you get that experience? And at what cost?

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:22 pm

Shah and Chatterjee, reel it in kids. We are on duty here. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:22 pm

The session is overshooting the time but, you know, the audience has full-sized aortic pumps.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:22 pm

“Take that, and project a statistic for one billion people. Is it reliable?”
For those of you lucky enough to avoid studying algorithms, that’s the problem of scaling.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:24 pm

You can see Ashwin Mathew completely ignoring the piece of paper, now crushed, in his hands as he involves himself in the conversation. I lived with the man for two years and this is the highest amount of interest he has ever shown in healthcare and hygiene. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:25 pm

“Modern medicine is irreplaceable when it comes to infectious diseases. A problem arises when you consider degenerative diseases.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:26 pm

Ashwin is ignoring Athyunnath and this is the highest amount of interest he has shown in him.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:28 pm

In retrospect, we’re just kids talking to each other in a quiet auditorium in school. Just that we have 12295 hits. No pressure.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:29 pm

Athyunnath would do well to note that he now (practically) lives with Amit, and lecturing people on hygiene isn’t somewhere he wants to go.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:29 pm

Dr. Valiathan discusses the use of traditional medicine in a preventive capacity.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:30 pm

Chatterjee taking us back on track.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:31 pm

The session has been pushing past schedule for a while, and though Dr. Valiathan is engaging in his answers, I can’t recall the last time Dr. Venkatesan spoke.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:32 pm

Got an opinion? Want to swear at Amit?

Scroll right to the bottom and leave us a comment!

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:32 pm

I feel like Frodo at Mount Doom.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:33 pm

“Let’s hope India soon gets its ideal Healthcare model. On this note, let’s now end our veteran session.” 

With that, we are done with the third session for the day. 
As the speakers sign the mementos and place them on the conclave wall. 
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:33 pm

Yogesh Tolani would like you to know that he came up with the pun, “And that’s just another pic in the wall.” 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:33 pm

I, for one, wonder how much the display with all the speakers’ signatures (autographs) would sell for.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:35 pm

Dr. Vinod Thomas (Ex Director and Current Additional Registrar for Examinations) and Dr. B H V Pai (Joint Director) present the veterans with the mementos. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:35 pm

HEY! The next speaker’s from Bengal! Chatterjee, we’re up.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:36 pm

Ipshita back on stage introducing Aniket Misra. A quizzer, a journalist and overall awesome person. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:36 pm

Before we start the session we are going to have a quiz! 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:37 pm

Aniket Misra comes on stage to quiz us. LnD Club members, try not to lose it.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:37 pm

Akhilesh Oberoi, President of  the Literary, Debating and Quizzing club of MIT is practically giddy at this right now. Did I mention he is also in the Conclave team? I have money that he came up with the idea for the quiz. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:38 pm

WAIT. I just realized. They are giving chocolates for the right answers. The entire Post staff is hooked on to laptops right now. GUYS! Free food! 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:39 pm

“I see four rums and a whiskey.”

Guess we know where the fifth one went.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:39 pm

First question is a minimalist poster of five rums and a whiskey. One of the participants who ended up giving the right answer, (Vicky Donor) saw only four.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:41 pm

Oberoi is standing at the stage and raising his hand to answer the quiz. You can see him tip toe. Breath Obi. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:41 pm

He gets a chocolate. Aww…

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:43 pm

You can just see everyone visually excited and leaning forward to answer the questions, Akhilesh Oberoi on the other hand has a big grin as he stands tall at the stage. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:43 pm

I will not stand for fish related humour. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20155:43 pm

And we have our first Bengali joke. It involved figure, go fish.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:43 pm

We are talking about a Delhi v Bengal controversy. Shah just rolled up his sleeves. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20155:49 pm

“So, Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower twice. If  he can do it, you can too. Don’t restrict yourself to engineering guys”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:50 pm

Aniket Mishra has the audience completely engaged as he mimes eating a burger.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:54 pm

This quiz is turning up the heat at LA!

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20155:55 pm

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:57 pm

Ah that concludes an exciting quizzing round.

Amit Shah October 11, 20155:58 pm

Aniket Mishra is an accomplished quizzer and a sought after Quizmaster in the Indian Quizzing Circuit. A graduate of Hans Raj College who is currently pursuing an MPhil in Football in Vernacular Literature from Delhi University, Aniket is a versatile individual who is also the Editor-in-Chief, North Zone, Sportskeeda.

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:01 pm

“I was (not) sloshed at a party and my girlfriend asked me how much she loved me. I chose the diplomatic answer “A lot”. Then she asked me if I would leave a chem exam for her. I said “obviously”. And after that she asked if I would leave Sachin batting at a cricket field for her. I was conflicted.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:02 pm

Aniket Misra talks about having a girlfriend to a crowd of engineering students, yet he still somehow comes off as sounding relatable.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:02 pm

Aniket Misra talks about having a girlfriend to a crowd of engineering students, yet he somehow comes off as sounding relatable.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:02 pm

The key to a good relationship is to be honest. And i told her no. So she said, if you love sports so much why don’t you go live with sports. I said, “Makes sense. “

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:02 pm

There there Avneesh. You will find someone. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:02 pm

Watching a movies counts as a passion? Alright, Shah, that’s your cue.

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:03 pm

To view my blog you can click on my name.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:04 pm

The thing is we all join jobs, ignoring our passion, we dread the Monday mornings and look forward to the Friday. Why do we forget our passions? 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20156:04 pm

+10 to Shah for subtlety. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:06 pm

If I die Sachin isn’t gonna call my parents. But I am still passionate about sports, some of us would kill for Manchester United… 

Or Chelsea, or Liverpool or Arsenal. We care about the things we are passionate about. It can be anything. It can be The Beatles (Srishti Saraswat’s face glows like a supernova) or in today’s times it can be Nicki Minaj or Justin Timberlake. But we are all passionate about something. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20156:08 pm

Aniket Mishra has made an almost undetectable transition from a standup routine to an inspiring anecdote. Verbal brilliance live at the Library Auditorium.

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:09 pm

“Passions. We might fail, but don’t stop. Just because you failed in an exam doesn’t mean that you stop studying.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:09 pm

“Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three is too young an age to sit down and say, ‘I wish I’d done that.'”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:10 pm

It’s really hard to follow your passion. This is the first crowd that hasn’t laughed when I told them I studied Chemistry while I wanted to write. “Then why did you want to write Aniket?” 

It’s hard. And it’s not okay to give up on your passion. It’s not okay to sit and crib. But so many of us do that.

I wish I had not given up writing. I wish I had not given up on dancing. or singing or anything for that matter. 21 22 is a very young age to say I wish I had not given up. 

If your passion is to do well in engineering then go ahead, but if you’re the kind that checks scores in class or thinks about something else. Go ahead with it. Don’t stop. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:10 pm

“The first time I met Sachin I felt weak in the knees. And I’ve asked out a girl without blinking an eye.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:11 pm

Oh wait I’ll slant too

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:11 pm

“People will roll all over you, and they won’t even flinch. It’s an extremely competitive world guys.”

Back to the reality of the rat-race, then.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20156:12 pm

“You can either choose to be the guy who sits in his drawing room telling his kids he could have played for India… or you could be playing for India right now.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:12 pm

Italicize, Shah, italicize.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:13 pm

The thing about persistence is to not give up, Because people will roll all over you. They will. People are ruthless. You don’t want to be sitting in your room talking to your grandchildren saying “If I hadn’t stopped playing I could have played for India.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:14 pm

Short. Honest and to the point. Aniket Mishra is one of the best things to happen to MIT this evening. 

Done with the talk we are now having an interactive session. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:14 pm

If you guys have any questions, you can tweet or message us and we will ask them for you. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:15 pm

“I’ve only failed one paper in my whole life, and that was Feminism in my first year of Masters.”

*looks at Srishti Saraswat*

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:15 pm

I’ll start underlining

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:16 pm

Ashwyn Kumar having his DP taken while Aniket is speaking. Smooth.

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:18 pm

Abhijith Nambiar asking a question

Aniket: “Are you reading it off a piece of paper?”

Abhijith: “No no I just wrote it down.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:20 pm

“There’s no line of work right now in which, if you excel, you won’t make money.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:21 pm

Getting some 3 Idiots vibes from this answer. Chase excellence, success will follow.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:22 pm

“Let’s say if I’m into writing” – Athyunnath R. Eleti


Amit Shah October 11, 20156:22 pm

Athyu asking a question: “Let’s say I was into writing…”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:23 pm

Few questions get a round of applause. Athyunnath’s did.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:26 pm

There is a greater chance you will be good at something you’re passionate about than something else. So try. And keep trying.

You think he will sign my moleskine? 

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:27 pm

Q: “Journalism is a highly criticised profession.”

*Athyu smirks*

A: “Aren’t journalists the ones who criticise people?”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20156:29 pm

Sachin Tendulkar is a recurring theme in Aniket Mishra’s life.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:30 pm

“No one can make you read literature if you don’t want to.”

Beg to disagree, but the point stands.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:30 pm

To paraphrase the guy who asked the last question: There are people like Mandira Bedi, then there are actual sports journalists.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20156:31 pm

“What’s the difference between being an Editor-in-Chief and a journalist?”

“Being an Editor-in-Chief is a lot easier.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:33 pm

Aniket Misra gets a standing ovation from the Post Staff. I love these kids! 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20156:33 pm

Thunderous applause as Aniket Mishra wraps up my favourite talk of the day so far.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:34 pm

“Sorry Manas, you got demoted from a writer to an Editor.” – Ashwin Mathew

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20156:34 pm

And now, a short break between sessions.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20156:51 pm

Samosas and Gulab Jamun, just in case you were wondering. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20156:58 pm
An evening with Anuja Chauhan, up next.
Amit Shah October 11, 20157:05 pm

We’re starting in five, people. Settle down now. We’ve got something special for you.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:09 pm

Now, the last speaker of the evening. Often described as the ‘best writer of Indian commercial fiction genre’, Anuja Chauhan on the stage.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:09 pm

An interactive session we have Vedant Prusty hosting the interview. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:10 pm

Yes Dil maange more! 

Teda hai to mera hai. 

Be a little Dillogical.

Kitkat break to banta hai.
All of these, Anuja Chauhan. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:11 pm

What was Anuja Chauhan’s trigger for changing from advertising to writing?
A MacBook Pro. Of course.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:11 pm

Yeh Dil maange more! 

Teda hai to mera hai. 

Be a little Dillogical.

Kitkat break to banta hai.
All of these, Anuja Chauhan. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:12 pm

The audio setup at LA can’t keep up with Anuja Chauhan.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:12 pm

“Pepsi thinks ads are important. It’s all self-imposed. No one gives a damn.”

Athyu, touching some nerves?

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:12 pm

I joined advertising to write. I wanted to be a writer but soon it became a management job. With one of my promotions I got a MacBook Pro. And once I got it I couldn’t stop. 

Steve Jobs couldn’t have plugged this better.  

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:14 pm

Throughout your career your cover art for the books have been pretty interesting. Your book, The House That BJ Built, has your daughter Nayantara on it. 

Yeah, and she was like why are you exploiting my body for money. 
Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:14 pm

Wanted: Ugly Cats.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:15 pm

But once the books started doing well, my middle child wanted to be on the cover too. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:15 pm

Vedant Prusty starts listing all her accolades, he had to pause for breath. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:16 pm

So how have you ever coped with negative reviews? 

Well my books are doing okay. And I kept thinking, form my advertising days, when we used to get bad reviews, I would think ki “Yeh sab jalte hain.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:17 pm

What is the hardest thing about creating a masterpiece?


Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:18 pm

When I was working with Pepsi I did a PhD in cricket. Pepsi thinks he when the world cup starts the world comes to an end. And we, sitting in our offices thought, the whole world is waiting for the next ad to come out. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:18 pm

“As a writer you don’t have too much work. You just put your laptop on your stomach and say, ‘I’m working’.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:18 pm

When you are a writer you can sit with a laptop on your stomach and say you are working. 

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:19 pm

“What was the largest hurdle in your career?”

“I think it was me.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:19 pm

“Most of us are engineers, at least aspiring to be engineers. Most of us can relate to laziness.” 
True words, Mr. Gen Sec.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:19 pm

The largest hurdle in your career.

Me. My 20s was a blur of pregnancies and (ad) shoots.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:19 pm

The largest hurdle in your career? 

Me. In my 20’s I was very ambitious and competitive. I was arrogant. It was a blur of pregnancies and shoots. I kept thinking everyone around me is dumb. And if you keep thinking that you’re never gonna get anything done. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:21 pm

Once you are in advertising, I started realizing book covers matter too. If it’s a pink book boys won’t pick it up. 

There there Avneesh. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:22 pm

Vedant fires up three images on the screen. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:23 pm

Seems like the secret to everyone’s success involves a cycle.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:23 pm

We are looking at images from her life. A group picture of 4 sisters all dressed in pink, Mrs. Chauhan and her husband jiving at his 50th birthday, and her cycling in Bangalore. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:23 pm

Anuja “No” Chauhan.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:24 pm

Vedant: “If I’m not wrong, your sister Nandini Bajpai started writing before you.”

Anuja Chauhan: “No.”

She just Avneesh’d him.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:24 pm

“One of your sisters is Nandini Bajpai. She’s a a famous author, and from what I hear she started before you.”

*Avneesh cries a little*
Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20157:25 pm

Is it the lighting or is Vedant red? 

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:25 pm

There there Vedant. Adjusting your coat won’t adjust the questions.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:27 pm

Anuja Chauhan really knows what the people like. 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:29 pm

“My twenties were a haze of pregnancies and shoots.”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:29 pm
Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:30 pm

“I have a whole set of first readers, and [my husband] is very much one of them.”
Anuja Chauhan on the support of her family.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:30 pm

Conversation with script. Vedant might want to look into that.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:30 pm

So Vedant HAS read something she’s written?

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:31 pm

“As a writer, you struggle for authenticity.”
The guy who wrote this session’s questions nods furiously.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:32 pm

“I haven’t come across writing like this earlier.” 
One wonders why.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:32 pm



Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:33 pm

On being compared to Jane Austen:
“I think people like this are just lazy. They can’t have read Jane Austen. Just because Pride and Prejudice has five daughters, and this has five daughters, doesn’t make it Pride and Prejudice.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:33 pm

Vedant wants a rapid fire round. Will he be able to handle it?

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:34 pm

Rusty Prusty.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:35 pm

“Comic Sans font, good or ugly?”

“So ugly.”

Anuja Chauhan gets us.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:35 pm

“Oh very bad I hate Comic Sans.”

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:35 pm

Anusha Chauhan declares her hatred for Comic Sans.

She’s won Athyu’s heart.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:36 pm

Vedant throws a rapid fire round at her. He’s the one stuttering.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:36 pm

The star of tonight’s show, Vedant’s semi-impressed half-nod to Anuja Chauhan’s lightning-round answers.

Yeah, I like hyphens.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:36 pm

Vedant: Saved by the bell.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:37 pm

“I say so many politically incorrect things in my books. I hope someone will ban me.”
Indian politics bristles.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:38 pm

“Why is Salman Khan still shooting movies instead of being in prison?” 

She went there.
Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:38 pm

“thoda beef keema pao lao. NOW”
Follow Anuja Chauhan on Twitter, guys. We’ve got a kindred spirit.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:39 pm

“I think it’s so important these people not poke their nose into our business.”
Censorship and India, summed up.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:40 pm

“Whether it’s on homosexuality, or religion, all these little prejudices are very ugly.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:40 pm

“People think that if you’re being an intolerant Hindu, you’re going back to your roots, which is bullshit.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:42 pm

“Give me ONE GOOD thing pornography does. Nothing.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:44 pm

“It’s not a dream any parents would want for their child.”
Anuja Chauhan on her opposition to pornography being justified as a means of employment.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:45 pm

“Porn does nothing for you. It just makes your mind dirty.”

Prusty looks stunned. Forgets his question. If this wasn’t such a common experience this evening it might actually be suspicious.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:46 pm

Vedant Prusty, Anuja Chauhan needs no help selling her books. Like really.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:46 pm

“I don’t think books are going anywhere… Personally, I’m not a fan of e-books, but I understand that the economics of it makes sense, and they are better for the environment.” 

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:46 pm

“Initially, when you’re writing – everybody writes crap.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:47 pm

“As far as publishing in India goes, it’s very easy. It’s so easy to get a book out.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:49 pm

Nikhil Shankar and Siddharth going up on stage to sing as Anuja Chauhan departs. Athyu fangirl-ing over Nikki.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:52 pm

“I don’t think anyone who considers himself an intellectual is an actual intellectual.”

Athyu blushes.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:54 pm

A feisty Anuja Chauhan keeping the audience hooked.

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:56 pm

“How important is freedom of expression for an author rather than morality of writing?”
“Don’t write dirt for dirt’s sake. Sensationalism is horrible. It’s a cheap trick – a low hanging fruit.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:56 pm

“Should writers get involved in politics -”

“Everyone should get involved in politics!”

Buy her books, guys.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20157:58 pm

The final question of the evening is from The Post’s very own Samriddhi Jayaswal.

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:58 pm

“Your last four books had a very romantic theme. Can we expect something different from you anytime soon?”

“No, I like writing romance.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:59 pm

“Your last four books had a very romantic theme. Can we expect something different from you anytime soon?”

“No, I like writing romance.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20157:59 pm

“Your last four books were about romance. Can we expect anything different?”

“No, I like writing romance. It’s a good device to drag people through anything – a world war, a civil war.”

Avneesh Chandra October 11, 20157:59 pm

Anuja “No” Chauhan, really.

Aditya Chatterjee October 11, 20158:00 pm

“Y’know, like the Titanic. Ship’s sinking, put in some romance.”

Amit Shah October 11, 20158:00 pm

The temperature drops two degrees in the hall as Siddharth strums Nothing Else Matters, with Nikhil ready with the mic.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:05 pm

Hi hi hi. 

Sorry but this was just too good and then there was ION to worry about but I am back now.

Amit Shah October 11, 20158:05 pm

“Here comes the sun”, by The Beatles. Audience joins in with rhythmic clapping. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:07 pm

We are not just going to say thank you, we are going to give you an MIT thank you. 🙂

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:08 pm
Mementos being handed out. 

Ladies and gentlemen, with that we reach the end of The Manipal Conclave 2015. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:08 pm

Ipshita back on stage with the closing remarks. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20158:08 pm

Vedant, only Anuja Chauhan gets an MIT thank you?

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:10 pm

Oh wait. There is one last spot on the wall, to be filled by a memento by our Director and JD. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:11 pm

Final remarks by our Director. 

Amit Shah October 11, 20158:11 pm

Ipshita summing up the day’s events.

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:11 pm

Thanks to our SC, the volunteers, and all the mentors and guests who made this event such a success. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:13 pm

And there we have it folks. The end of The Conclave and TechTatva 2015. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 11, 20158:17 pm

And with that we wrap up our LIVEBlog for The Manipal Conclave Day 2. 

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Avneesh, Amit and Aditya, thanks for joining us for the ride. It’s been amazing. 

This was our first attempt at LIVEBlogging an event and the response we have received was tremendously encouraging. 
With that. 

Goodnight bye bye.