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The Manipal Conclave: Day 1 LIVEBlog!


The Manipal Conclave

We are now live straight from the LA, bringing you the latest from TechTatva’15s premier event, The Manipal Conclave.

This post is being updated in real time, please be generous with that F5 key and we promise you won’t miss out on anything.

The Blog is done for today folks! Tune in here for all the action from Day 2!

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20154:06 pm

Hi. The Manipal Conclave begins soon. Excited? 

Amit Shah October 10, 20155:35 pm

Hey folks. Amit here, blogging The Conclave live from the LA with Athyunnath Converse Eleti and Avneesh “No!” Chandra!

Amit Shah October 10, 20155:44 pm

It’s 5:45PM right now and as is tradition, The Conclave is yet to start. Fashionably late on Indian Standard Time.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20155:52 pm

Okay folks we are kicking off now! 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20155:53 pm

We have Ipshita Gupta (Gen. Sec. SC) hosting. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20155:56 pm

Ganesh Nayak up on stage “I now cycle, into the wild.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20155:58 pm

A white MIT T shirt and khaki pants he looks more like a student than an ex faculty member. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20155:59 pm

The Director Dr. G.K. Prabhu walks in to a standing ovation.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:00 pm

He is talking about Dr. Narsimha Bhat, to those who remember, Dr. Bhat was also a speaker at The Conclave last year. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:02 pm

Mr. Nayak worked under Dr. Bhat doing Digital Design. Now comparing the different attitudes you see between a professional environment and working in a environment like a startup. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:03 pm

Okay, Avneesh is experiencing a few Internet issues. He will join us soon. But we still love him. Keep hitting refresh. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:05 pm

“The attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be.” – Alan Watts 
A quote that inspired him now inspiring the hundreds in the room. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:06 pm

An alumni of the institute we are discussing how he overcame his smoking addiction. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:07 pm

Speaking out against smoking, clean for three years. Ganesh Nayak hitting the majority of the auditorium hard.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:07 pm

“I tried asking a lot of people on how to quit but it was awkward. I couldn’t ask my friends (who were probably smokers) and I couldn’t ask my parents or professors either. But we live in the age of the internet.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:07 pm

“OK Google! How do I quit smoking?”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:08 pm

3 years and counting. You are an inspiration sir. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:08 pm

Cycle hard, breathe easy. The smoker who quit, the cyclist who didn’t.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:09 pm

We are seeing a lot of inspirational quotes on screen now. 

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:09 pm

“When I got onto a bicycle, [I] couldn’t ride it till the end of the street. In four months, not only did I quit smoking, I could climb every hill in Manipal”.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:11 pm

“It was an open road, I could go where I wanted.”
-Ganesh Nayak on his initial foray into cycling.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:12 pm

Lot of zen here. We are now talking about his long 100km trips which just kept getting longer. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:13 pm

“I kept thinking how this could get bigger. And the Himalayas were calling.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:13 pm

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:13 pm

“Ain’t no mountain high enough.” Stop complaining about cycling from 16th Block to NLH. He went to the Himalayas.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:14 pm

“When you are on a bicycle, you are exposed to the elements, you cannot hide, you cannot run. If it breaks, you have to fix it.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:15 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:16 pm

And then I made it to Kathmandu. 

thundering applause

Sorry, the claps just distracted me. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:17 pm

Okay, we are looking at pictures from the trips. Shah, let’s go?

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:18 pm

Sure, Athyu, you won’t jog in the morning, but you’ll cycle to Kashmir.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:20 pm

Ganesh Nayak: Groundbreaking cyclist.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:20 pm

He made it through the Zoozilla 5k road! All the way to Leh. Landslides galore, when you have road companions like a cyclewala making it from Kolkatta to Leh. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:21 pm

Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the country, and he made it on a cycle. This is a drop mic moment

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:21 pm

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:22 pm

Let’s go for drinks with the army. Whiskey, vodka, and Bottled Oxygen. Triple Sec.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:23 pm

Now cycling down to Manali. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:23 pm

“And men may come, and men may go, but I go on forever.” Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:24 pm

There’s no radio network. You can’t call your mom and tell her What’s up ma I am in Leh. 

That’s a blow for Shah on Twitter. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:24 pm

Khardungla Pass: Road to Perdition.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:25 pm

“You just come with me, I’m the permit.” Ron Swanson at LA?

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:26 pm

Just in case you’re wondering who the man in the picture was that Shah uploaded, it’s Mr. Satyam Das, extraordinary cyclist, self proclaimed crazy man. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:27 pm

Athyu would’ve even bragged about taking a flight to Leh. Just Eleti-ist things.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:28 pm

People carrying Maggi in Leh? Months ago, they might’ve been branded smugglers.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:28 pm

So we met a group of four girls camping with canned Maggi, and snickers and all they lacked was table and silverware. I wolfed down the food. They were the food supply guys for a marathon and they had extra stock. 

See now there is finally something we can relate to. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:29 pm

We have now reached Tanglangla. 

I swear the pictures we are looking at are class A wallpaper material. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:29 pm

“I’m on… top of the world… looking down on creation” Ganesh Nayak at Taglangla.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:30 pm

Getting major Supertramp vibes here. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:30 pm

Why didn’t Discovery Channel cover this? Haven’t we seen enough poisonous snakes?

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:31 pm

Ganesh Nayak is the Manipal’s very own Bear Grylls, there, I said it. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:32 pm

Add a dragon to those mountains and this could’ve been a shot of Skyrim. Fus-ro-dah!

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:33 pm

“We had no water to drink because everything was frozen. Apparently we were supposed to sleep with the water in our jacket. So for the rest of the time in the desert we just kept stuffing water bottles in our jackets.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:33 pm

We saw a lot of wildlife, okay, wildlife is just Yaks. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:34 pm

I kept thinking: Why am I doing this? I quit my job to push a bicycle up a hill. Why?

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:34 pm

Karan Johar paying close attention to this LIVEBlog for the plot of his next movie.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:34 pm

There are no easy days in the Himalayas. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:35 pm

Mr. Nayak’s favourite flavor of ice cream: Rocky Road.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:38 pm

We saw snow leopards and snow storms. and well it was just… phenomenal. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:38 pm

We saw snow leopards and snow storms. and well it was just… phenomenal. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:38 pm

Mountains, lakes, mesmerizing beauty. Peter Jackson? Here’s where you shoot The Silmarillion.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:40 pm

What? Paying taxes for your horse eating grass. Don’t worry, this is genuine information. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:41 pm

Oh well. Cycling is quite the “uphill” task.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:42 pm

There’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There are chappatis. The world’s best chappatis.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:43 pm

That photo of black horses in front of the frozen river looks like Skyrim on boosted graphics. Sigh. Need to get out of the room more often.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:44 pm

No GPS. No internet. Using paper maps. Mother nature is truly unforgiving.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:45 pm

Day one of The Manipal Conclave is officially sold out, and with extremely good reason.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:45 pm

So he couldn’t carry too much water and he had to depend on a river. A river that went dry.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:46 pm

Hey! Avneesh is here! All hail Connectify! 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:46 pm

Guess who’s back? Back again? Chandra’s back.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:46 pm

Only thing more difficult than Ganesh Nayak’s Himalayan trip is connecting to iON inside a packed Library Auditorium.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:47 pm

“I was completely blown away by how harsh and beautiful things can be at the same time.” Haven’t we said that so many times?

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:48 pm

“Water’s never tasted so good.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:48 pm

“And then the horseman started shouting ” Bitto, Bitto!” and I knew this was it, this was how it ends. Then I realized he was shouting sheep. And then the magical shepherd appeared. With the most glorious water I have ever had.”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:50 pm

The man, the legend, Ganesh Nayak.

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:50 pm

After cycling so long, even Lays chips is like a breath of fresh air.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:50 pm

I paid him a hundred bucks and asked what will he do with it? The nearest market is three days away and he said, “You’re gonna spend so much money on your way here and then back but all this time I will still have your hundred bucks. I will be richer than you’ll ever be.” 


Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:51 pm

And then I had maggi, and chips and then pepsi. And it was the best I have ever had. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:52 pm

You don’t realize a things value when you have lost it, you realize it when you have been trekking for three days in the Himalayas. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:53 pm

Ten day educational break to learn CPR and First Aid. Traveling ain’t a piece of cake.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:54 pm

“I’d done my research, and there was a college in the Himalayas offering a course in first aid and CPR.”
Ganesh Nayak on his Wilderness First Responder training, received from Viren Peramul (World Champion Rock Climber and Kayaker) and Capt. John Hovey (US Marine Corps).

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:56 pm

There he said it. Jugaad.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:57 pm

“How to do good jugaad.”
The ideas of Frugal Innovation, resonant even in the mountains of the Himalayas. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:57 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:58 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at Gangotri. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20156:58 pm

Ganesh Nayak making a better “Everest” than “Everest.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:58 pm

Subtle Shah, real subtle. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:59 pm

If you own a cycle, lock it up well tonight. This is an inspiring story.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20156:59 pm

Subtle Shah, real subtle. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20156:59 pm

Better yet, if you own a cycle, get moving. What’re you doing not riding it?

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:00 pm

“You always have to meet a babaji.” Calling on the spirit of the Wild.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:00 pm

“And then one day I met this Babaji. You always have to meet a Babaji, it’s not a journey unless you have met a Babaji. Steve Jobs went one and I have met a lot of Babajis but this one had a bicycle. He was my personal Babaji!”

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:00 pm

“Yo babaji what’s up?” Did he just…

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:00 pm

“It’s not a journey if you haven’t met a Babaji. Steve Jobs met one!”
Ganesh Nayak on meeting his Cycling Babaji.
What’s up Babaji?

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:01 pm

“What you don’t have, the road provides.” – Babaji

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:01 pm

And then I said, “Hey Babaji! What’s up?”

And he said. ” I am going to Nepal and these other places. Just chilling here for now. ”

And I was getting all these good vibes from him. Yeah, “vibes”. 

*Crowd explodes in laughter*

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:02 pm

Mount Fishtail in Nepal. Breathtaking.

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:03 pm

“Going lightweight, there was a huge advantage.” Athyu, take notes.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:04 pm

The road to Muktinath: sights the likes of which most of us can only dream of. Also, good oven-prepared pizza.

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:06 pm

“Doing more with less”, “going frugal”, “jugaad” real subtle, TechTatva.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:07 pm

“Lot of places in Manipal that you can go mountain biking, but they’re fast disappearing [due to construction].”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:08 pm

David the Mountain Watcher. Uatu vibes, anyone?

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:08 pm

I met some phenomenal people. I met David, and he was a mountain watcher. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:09 pm

I am trying to imagine what David’s #placed status was like. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:09 pm

“Nepal prints maps of mountains every year. In 2014, they printed an extra 8000 meter peak.”

Another 8000 meter peak?

You had ONE job David.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:10 pm

Nepalese Cartography (2014) and the Mystery of the 8000 Metre Peak. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:12 pm

Ganesh Nayak : The Weird Beard man.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:13 pm

“When I went to Bihar, I got so many invitations: come home, come have chai with us, come have lunch with us. It led to so many meals, it led to sleeping in other people’s houses.”
“I stayed away from the cities. If you stick to the villages, you get the best people.”
-Ganesh Nayak

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:13 pm

“No matter which village you go to, people will treat you nice. Cities will try to con you.” Smooth transition to the next speaker.

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:13 pm


Slumdog Millionaire vibes.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:16 pm

“So the Chaiwalla had a book he wanted me to write in and I realized I was writing in the last few pages and he had this big book full of stories of people expressing gratitude.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:16 pm

Ganesh Nayak: Been there, done that. *cue Dr. Dre*

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:16 pm

“The trip was getting over.”, Ganesh Nayak says, with a hint of sadness in his voice.
We know what he means. This talk could not go on long enough.

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:17 pm

“Sweet are the uses of adversity.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:19 pm

“Two years ago if I told you that I wanted to climb the Himalayas I’d be called a madman. But I went and did it anyway.” 

*drops mic*

Give it up for Mr. Nayak.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:19 pm

“MITian and proud.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:20 pm

“Nothing is impossible, really. Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” 

― Francis of Assisi

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:20 pm

And with those words, Ganesh Nayak signs out. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:21 pm

Now signing the memento to place on the Conclave wall. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:21 pm

“Wow.” – Ganesh Nayak on the standing ovation. Yeah, it was that loud.

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:21 pm

“Give me one mug of water. I’ll know how to take a bath with it.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:22 pm

Out director, G.K. Prabhu once saw his CV and forwarded it to his HR. But that evening he took it along with him for there was one curious line, Give me a mug of water and I’ll know how to take a bath with it. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:23 pm

“Every student and faculty stood up. Ganesh, we are very proud of you.” – G.K. Prabhu, Director of MIT.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:23 pm

“He had the best chapati, the best parotha, the best maggi and pepsi but today we had the best teacher. ” – Dr. G. K. Prabhu (Director, MIT)

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:24 pm

It takes cycling to the Himalayas to understand the true value of water. Ganesh Nayak goes back to the stage to pick up his bottle.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:47 pm

We are now starting part 2 of the session. After a quick break of sandwiches and chai. No, not the best chai in the world but close enough. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:48 pm

Iphsita is now back, introducing the second set of speakers, from TRIP – The Rural India Project. An initiative to better represent the poor of India in the media. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:49 pm

The Rural India Project: an initiative by the students of MIC, up next on stage.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:50 pm

“Most farmers didn’t commit suicide by choice. They were encouraged by their families, for the government’s compensation. Money with which they could send their children to school, and feed them.”
The shameful reality.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:51 pm

Some twelve thousand farmer suicides in just 2014, according to some reports.

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:52 pm

“I was ashamed that despite being a journalism student, despite reading newspapers everyday, I had no idea about the rate of farmer suicides. That’s when I realised how biased the media of this country is.”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:53 pm

“I realized how biased the media houses of our country are.”, TRIP on the lack of media coverage regarding these stories.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:54 pm

“…and 11 year old, exposed to alcohol, cleaning up vomit after hours in DeeTee. All this happening in a student town in Manipal.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:54 pm

“There are three children working in MIT campus. One child worked in DeeTee. He was cleaning up vomit after hours. This is happening in a student town in Manipal. Why isn’t anyone covering these stories?”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:55 pm

The temperature of the room just dropped a few degrees. Journalism isn’t getting ratings, it’s a calling, a moral imperative, for the chosen few to catalyse change. 

And we are learning today just how much the India media failed in doing so. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:56 pm

Kalighat in Kolkata – Mecca of the East. 

Many children worked in these food stalls. There was this child taking out used plates and washing. There was a customer who came in. The child touched one of the used plates on the customer. The manager slapped the child.
I asked my mother why I can’t do anything about it. She said, “Because it happens everywhere.”
Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20157:57 pm

We are talking about child labour, yes. but it’s more than that. It’s The Rural India Project. A group of students giving voice to the voiceless. Being journalists. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:57 pm

“…with the whole and soul intention, to only tell [stories of rural India].”

Amit Shah October 10, 20157:57 pm

Let’s find out these stories. Freeing the still chained eagle pinion of the country with the power of the mic and the notepad.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20157:58 pm

“We need to feel their pain. Maybe then, they’ll trust us with their stories.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:00 pm

The government of Meghalaya banned coal mining due to earthquake risks. People lost their jobs, and they couldn’t send their children to school. I met a girl, asked her if she went to school. She looked at her basket, looked at me, and walked away.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:01 pm

While Shah and Chandra tell you about TRIP, I want to tell you what the LA is like right now. Aaina is producing this and you can see the mastery in the storytelling as the lights and sounds play in sync. 

There are three of them on stage, each telling a different story in parts. Each story unique, but just as compelling. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:02 pm

“The flashlight on my phone was of more intensity than the streetlights in the village.”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:05 pm

TRIP demonstrates, with pictures to aid them, how the Midday Meal (one of the Indian Government’s proudest achievements) is served to children who have no choice but to eat them on their school’s grounds.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:06 pm

A man gave me shelter in the village. He’s a bamboo digger who is a drummer in a band. His monthly income is Rs. 800, and with that he fed five people. 

He refused to take money from me.

You don’t need a big bank balance to be a gentleman. You need a big heart.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:06 pm

We are seeing compelling images, of what the other half lives like. A camera and a drive to tell stories is all that powered these youngsters to seek and tell the stories of Rural India. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:06 pm

“These are the stories that need to be told, these are the stories the country needs to here. We, through The Rural India Project, will continue to tell these stories.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:07 pm

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:09 pm

“Who do you believe?”

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:09 pm

“What the media reported about Jharia and what I saw in Jharia are two different things. Who do you believe?”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:09 pm

“What the media reported about Jharia, and what I saw, are two totally different things. Who do you believe?”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:09 pm

We seem to be done with the presentation. A video is on the way. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:11 pm

A mosaic of compelling stories, from various members of TRIP. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:12 pm

“I wanted to tell the stories of people and how their lives were affected, but the one life that was affected was mine.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:14 pm

Using the power of journalism to tell the tales worth hearing. Uncolored by politics, the mic reaches long and reaches strong. This is quite a TRIP indeed.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:16 pm

Someone has to break that bubble to expose people to reality. That’s what we are trying to do with The Rural India Project. 

And with that we reach the end of the story of TRIP. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:16 pm

People live their own lives, not knowing what happens in these villages. That’s what TRIP wants. To break that boundary and expose them to the reality.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:17 pm

A standing ovation for the video. Sometimes I wonder just how limited we are as audience. For we saw something very compelling. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:17 pm

The entire team of TRIP is taking the stage for the concluding speech. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:18 pm

A double standing ovation for TRIP.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:19 pm

They have one final request from us, in the words of Bono. 

“We do not want your money, just your voice.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:21 pm

TRIP needs your voice to help them achieve their goal of telling stories. 

Check out their facebook page here:

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:21 pm

Now, the stage goes to Aritra Shome, for the moderation of the second student speaker session.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:22 pm

On a lighter note. Aritra Shome looking dapper on stage.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:23 pm

We are now doing a student projects session, where we shall hear each speaker tell us the story of their organization. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:24 pm

Wait is that Arnab Goswami (Aritra Shome) on stage? MIT  NEEDS AN ANSWER!

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:24 pm

We have SolarMobil, Parikshit, Team Manipal Racing and RoboManipal. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:26 pm

Mr. Goswami drilling RoboManipal.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:27 pm

The untalked about inflation in Manipal: within the span of a few years, every club seems to go from four or five members to fifty.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:27 pm

“Well there’s a lot of technical terms” said the engineer Aritra Shome.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:29 pm

We’ve never seen a discussion on technical achievements played this intense.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:29 pm

Researching Hindu baby names to name satellites

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:29 pm

Aritra: “So what will the satellite do when it goes up?”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:30 pm

Why is it called Pariskshit?

Well I wasn’t there when the name was decided but we have heard stories of people trying to find Hindu baby names, and even one of our seniors girlfriends name but finally decided on the Sanskrit word experiment. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:30 pm

Jugaad. Namedrop.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:30 pm

I don’t know which is better scripted: this or an Aaina play. I am at a Crossroads.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:31 pm

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:32 pm

Avneesh is sitting with a permanent facepalm.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:32 pm

“Parikshit is a thing that is going to space.”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:33 pm

“Parikshit being a thing that is going to space, requires some costly components.” 

I should think so. Going to space, after all.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:33 pm

There are too many technical terms for Mr. Shome when Parikshit is speaking. It’s like they are GOING OVER HIS HEAD just like the satellite.

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:34 pm

“They jumped over the wall, stole our stuff, and absconded.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:35 pm

SolarMobil going technical: “We needed to put solar panels on the car. If you’d see, you’d know.”

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:35 pm

Frugal Innovations. Namedrop.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:36 pm

We ordered some parts from China, but we had some trusting issues

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:36 pm

Seriously guys, this is the website not the newsletter. Reel it in. 

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:37 pm

“We had the bright idea of using a drill as a lathe.”
Well, what can you say. “All jugaadu people” up on stage.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:37 pm

“All jugaadoo people sitting over here itself.” Best technical minds of our college, ladies and gentlemen.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:38 pm

“The Shafts we had were too big. So we took them to the mechanical shop, used the lathe, shortened them.”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:40 pm

Inspiration, in case you need some for the future: “A cool car, drifting around IC.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:40 pm

Let’s take a typical day at IC, you have frustrated people going to ION, sly people waiting outside NLH but then I saw a car drifting in front of IC. And that’s when I knew I wanted to do that. – TMR

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:43 pm

“One senior decided to go out, downtown, for you know, dinner.” – Rishav DuttaChoudhary, SolarMobil.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:43 pm

SolarMobil: “Some of our seniors went downtown for… let’s say dinner.” We need crowd control in LA

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:45 pm

” We had a nice “meal”. We were back for the winter vacation but did not have the funds for the battery and only had the chassis. Then our senior, after the dinner, said, let’s make the car run. Now with what limited knowledge i had of engineering i knew that was not possible. then out senior asked us the come outside, pick up the chassis and said, RUN.” – SolarMobil

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:46 pm

“What is the driving force of Curiosity?”
“Curiosity… [something about the human drive to know and inspire and discover]”
“No. Actually, Curiosity is NASA’s Mars rover.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:47 pm

So most freshman hear the fans running in lab in NLH and wonder what is happening and that is how we attract juniors to our recruitment. – Parikshit

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:47 pm

Aritra: “How difficult is the question paper during recruitment? I’ve heard it is.”

Parikshit: “It’s very basic.”

It’s not like it is ROCKET SCIENCE.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:49 pm

Tonight The Manipal Conclave is getting better TRPs than Goswami’s show. All hail Shome. 


Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:50 pm

“Okay now this is my favourite section. This is the story part.” – A visually excited Aritro Shome

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:50 pm

The Shome must go on.

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:52 pm

TMR: “I saw a dark and vulnerable man who quickly anodized my aluminium parts.” 

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:53 pm

RM: “I asked him if i could use his shower. He was really happy.”

Avneesh Chandra October 10, 20158:53 pm

“Instead of my two ugly roommates, I see two girls. I asked myself, was I in heaven?”

Shome: “That’s so much better than Divij’s story.”

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:53 pm

This has got to be the best thing ever to happen to the Conclave. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20158:55 pm

Shome: “Do you have some of that space beer?”

You know, to be high in space.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20158:59 pm

Okay, I promise you there is a much more serious article coming up about this session written by Karan. No really, trust us. 

Amit Shah October 10, 20159:00 pm

Karan has a lot of work cut out for him.

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20159:00 pm

And with that, TheShomeHasEnded. 

A thundering round of applause to all the student speakers. The reason people aren’t standing is because they refuse to believe it’s over. 

Informative and entertaining. Kudos to Aritra Shome for a stellar session. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20159:00 pm


Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20159:03 pm

And we now have Ipshita one last time to  facilitate the presentation of mementos and letters to all the representatives of The Student Project teams. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20159:04 pm

And with that, we have reached the end of Day 1 of The Manipal Conclave. 

The Post shall be back tomorrow, to cover the second day of The Manipal Conclave. 

Athyunnath Eleti October 10, 20159:06 pm

On behalf of Amit Shah and Avneesh Chandra. 

Thanks for joining us on the ride. This is our first LIVEBlog and our servers tell us you guys absolutely loved it.

Goodnight, and see you folks tomorrow.