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The IAESTE Contentions 2016: A Walkthrough

The IAESTE Contentions 2016 How To:

Few things are more valuable to a graduate engineer than a provisional internship, and few organizations are able to parse one to you when you are in need. Throughout the years, IAESTE’s forte has always at the forefront of the conveyance of paid internship offers to the interested students and this year too, it is no different when it comes to the flagship event, Contentions. What sets Contentions 16 ahead of the past is the ridiculous ease with which you can now apply for a fully sponsored* internship.

Contentions 16 is now an online event, in addition to the regular offline mode. Anybody interested in the deliberation of an IAESTE certified internship can now do it at the comfort of their homes. The procedure remains similar to last year

  1. Scan a copy of all the necessary documents, uploading them alongside an email to [email protected]
  2. Wait for the concerned authority to verify the details and the confirmatory email to be delivered.
  3. Reply on the earliest when the detailed assessment results come in, once you get through the preliminary procedures, filling out the online forms as soon as possible.
  4. All offer updates are periodically revised on Frequent the page for details.


Introducing Online Contentions

The new Contentions is improved over the previous system in place, ironing out any cumbersome procedure and making it easier for every member to deal with the tedious operation at hand.

  • Environmental Equity

Having people destroy valuable forest resources in the name of an expendable activity is not a commendable thing to speak of; to further the agenda of sustainable living, with the online application paradigm, Contentions eliminates the need to waste paper involved in clerical effort.

  • Ease of Access

Anybody anywhere (like your parents with a copy of your certificate in a distant place) can now send a scanned copy of the documents, reducing significantly the burden involved in the logistics of physical transfer. If what stood between you and an offer is time, this year’s Contentions makes sure you are not inconvenienced by anything.

  • Stress Free Appointments

Filling out documents with the hand is no longer needed, eliminating hours of manual labor. This is an added plus to the student populace who would have otherwise wasted time waiting in a tirade inside the Innovation Center. Massive queues and bottlenecks at odd hours are a thing of the past now.

IAESTE internships are highly valuable and much of this has to do with how lucrative a paid internship can be; Contentions 16 takes care of presenting your professional self to the wide world, actualizing your desire to do what you have always wanted to, after four years in your preferred under graduate course. Applying for the Contentions event requires that you have an active IAESTE membership. So pause whatever it is you are doing and apply for the event today; there is no wiser decision to be made.

* Terms and Conditions Apply