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The Final Test—Placements in MIT


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A thorough analysis of placement statistics at MIT can be found here.

A form containing information on the current placement scenario can be found here. It is accessible only to fourth years.

The uncomfortable pacing and the vexingly unintelligible look on the interviewer’s face as he scrutinises a sheet of paper can make anyone wonder if they have done enough in life. The images that come to mind when thinking of placements, cemented by the countless film portrayals, tend to scare most prospective engineers. Thankfully, the college, with a carefully designed preparation system, eases the process of seeking a job considerably.

The grooming process at MIT starts early. With an environment supporting growth and all-round development, MIT pass-outs are amongst some of the best-trained and equipped in the industry. This is especially due to the unique curriculum followed which provides students with the opportunity to actively spend time in various industries through internship programs, amongst other schemes.

Lasting four to six months, these internships (or research programs) are usually left for assessment of students in their eighth semester. These help students gain both technical proficiency and skills in management and communication. They also help students learn how to deal with a competitive environment as well as to handle unprecedented work pressure.

Many major companies find this initiative fruitful and hence, have increasingly opened their doors for internships to MIT students. Many also go on to then place the interns into their coveted ranks. Some of the major companies that offered internships to students of the college include Airbus, Amazon, Bosch, CIPLA, Cisco, DRDO (DIPR, INMAS), Ericsson, GE, Hyundai CE, IISc (Bengaluru), IITs (all over the nation), Intel, ISRO, Tech Mahindra, TUM (Germany), University of Bremen (Germany), University of Stuttgart (Germany), VM Ware, Wipro, Yokogawa, and Oracle, among many more.

The college continually makes efforts towards exposing students to work environments right from the beginning. Encouraging internships, the college has partnered with various reputable internship and scholarship providers around the globe—amongst those are student bodies such as AIESEC and IAESTE. The institute also has collaborations with various noteworthy colleges, both nationally as well as internationally, promoting exchange and semester abroad programs.

The primary concern for most students in the country is the lingering belief that they aren’t doing enough, or have certain underdeveloped skills that could hugely affect their employment opportunities. However, that is not true. Although some companies might have a particular set of requirements for certain job profiles, maintaining good grades and having a reasonable amount of expertise is more than sufficient for landing most of the available placement opportunities. A strong curriculum vitae (CV) in terms of off-campus internships during vacations, experience in the field of research, volunteer work, or noteworthy achievements in other fields such as sports, music, dance, etc. also help to increase the candidate’s chances. Soft skills too, like good communication, high enthusiasm, team spirit or negotiation skills, can come in handy during a job interview.

For a basic summer internship program, the process usually starts at the beginning of the fifth semester—whereas the placement/eighth-semester internship procedure starts at the beginning of the seventh semester. Although the process varies from company to company, the general procedure followed includes taking a written qualifying test, followed by a series of eliminatory rounds—be it group discussions, technical interviews, or HR interviews. Each subsequent round is designed to test a specific skill so as to find the perfect candidate for each position.

Being one of the leading private institutes in the country, MIT has always relished a certain amount of respect in the corporate world. This can be seen translated into the domain of placements as well. The college hosts approximately 200+ recruiting teams each year for undergraduate and postgraduate campus placements. Yet, it manages to provide quality placements to almost a thousand students each year. Furthermore, the average and median CTC for B.Tech students was Rs. 7.24 lakhs and Rs. 6.52 lakhs respectively. Some of the top recruiters in the year 2017 included companies like:

Amazon: 21 students

Honeywell:  32 students

Maruti Suzuki: 10 students

Mercedes-Benz: 25 students

Microsoft: 13 students

Oracle: 17 students

Philips Innovation: 17 students

Reliance: 35 students

Siemens Tech: 14 students

Vodafone: 16 students

Wipro: 57 students

So fret not, you’re in able hands that will not only see you through your degree, but will also act as a gateway to a secure job that does justice to that degree, and caters to your field of interest.

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