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TechTatva’22-Questionable Intelligence



Shivani Seshadri Iyer | Staff Writer

This event in TechTatva 2022 was a concoction of the worlds of word puzzles, engineering, and popular culture. Anyone with a flair for all three would have been elated to take part in this event.  Anshita Palorkar, a Core Committee member of this event, commented on behalf of the organisers of this event that they would love to see the intersection of people’s literary and critical thinking skills, and as a literary-themed category in a technical fest, they expected a lot of unique answers. They wished to provide a sense of freedom of creativity and expression to the participants since creativity is something that takes a backseat in the engineering world. 

The event’s first round consisted of a test on word puzzles, word games, math, logic, and critical thinking. 17 teams took part in the first round, of which 5 qualified for the second round.

A team working together to crack a puzzle.

The second round was inspired by old games from childhood, the phenomenon of escape rooms, and science fiction. It comprised 3 sub-rounds: Balderdash, Name Place Animal Thing and Pandora’s Box. In Balderdash, a science fiction trope was given, and teams had to come up with an example in 60 seconds. In Name Place Animal Thing, 40 random words were called out, and participants had to classify them into four groups. In Pandora’s Box, an acrostic crossword and a math problem were given to the participants. Answers from both of them gave a clue to a rebus. With many answers relating to Taylor Swift, it was the perfect event for any Swiftie wishing to test their acumen.

Tech Debate

Krish Manchanda | Staff Writer

The Tech Debate was a multi-round debate under the Questionable Intelligence category.  The judges presiding over the debate were MV Srujan, Sushant Shekhar, and Chinmayi Sahai. They believe that in a debate, the information you deliver is more important than the way you deliver it. In essence, one should prioritise content and thoughts over speech.

A participant presenting their views on artificial intelligence and criminality. 

In the first round, the topic was the metaverse and Facebook. The debaters presented their thoughts based on specific data leaks by Facebook and how it can be unreliable to control the metaverse wholly. The topic for the final round was centred around the ethicality of people using AI robots to perform actions otherwise deemed illegal. Mallika Shinkre, with her non-questionable and crystal-clear acumen, won the final round.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’22

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