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Chakravyuh 3.0

Shivani Seshadri Iyer | Staff Writer

The infamous labyrinth of the longest epic in the world was recreated by the organisers of Chakravyuh 3.0 in TechTatva’22. 

The labyrinth’s first round consisted of a numerical, basic GK, problem-solving, and aptitude-based test. Each paper had 15 questions and participants were given 45 minutes to solve them. Since this was a team effort, a lot of discussion and deliberation took place before the answer was ticked upon.

A team at the event.

The second round saw 8 out of 13 teams that had initially participated take part in another battle of the brains to prove themselves as the megalomaniacs. This round consisted of five sub-rounds. In each sub-round, one question was presented to the teams consisting of two sub-parts; one was easy, and the other was hard. Each round lasted for 20 minutes; typically, the team would have to finish a sub-round to go to the next one. After finishing the five sub-rounds, they were let into the centre of a maze. There were three hidden questions in the maze for which they had to find the question and the answer without being given any hints and then get out of the maze. 

Abhimanyu couldn’t get out of the Chakravyuh without perishing due to the finagling of the Kauravas. However, some teams managed to successfully manoeuvre their way out of the Chakravyuh using their wit.


Prakhar Dwiwedi | Staff Writer

This event was a dream come true for the fans of Zinedine Zidane. Participants had to use their wireless controllers to guide their robots and dribble past their opponents in thefight for that footy glory.

Constant nutmegs through chassis and no red cards for flipping over your opponent unprovoked; this one wasn’t for the fans of the “spirit of the game”. The event had 5-minute halves of “Zidanesque” football which felt like a  paradise for old ball heads. Forcing each other to hit their own goals was certainly some new “kati kata” type of play which intrigued everyone around the block.

Participants look on excitedly.

The participants had a lot of fun during the event. One of the participants said, “My experience at the event was very good. Interacting with the robot through the interface and how it moved with a tap really satisfied my zeal for machines. Despite some glitches in it, the match was very competitive, and I won the match by 5-0, which really made me happy”. The knockouts of this “metal classico” displayed some exciting moments of competitors gunning for glory and colliding Real Steel.

After 3 rounds of kicking off opponents, Sahil Arya bagged the first prize, while Ark Mahajan and Gaurav received the runners-up and third positions, respectively. The organizing committee said, “We had a lot of fun conducting an event with such an interesting concept”. Overall it was an exciting amalgamation of classical sports and technology, which made up for a thrilling experience.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’22

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