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Daksh Loiya | Staff Writer

Setting young minds to the task of solving real-world problems truly tests their ability to apply their knowledge. Decontaminator, an event under the Arcus category, put the competitors’ innovation to the test. In this event, participants were given materials to make a simple water purifier and filter muddy water through it. The filtered water was tested using various criteria, including transparency and turbidity. The team with the cleanest water would be declared victorious.

Event coordinator Rishikesh further explained, “The contestants must use the provided materials like water bottles, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, cotton, and charcoal. Participants have to construct a water filter with the help of given materials and pass the dirty/clayey water through the filter. The collected water will then be weighed. Further, judges will test the water samples on the rate of filtration of the constructed filter, transparency, and the turbidity of the filtered water.” 

This year, Akash Kaushal won the title of best-at-filtering-water on campus. He has proven himself to be a must-have teammate during an apocalypse.

A participant building a water filtration system.


Sneha Bhowmik | Staff Writer

From selling your soul to the devil for permits to knowing the ins and outs of investments, building a well-functioning city is something every city planner dreams of.

Sustain-A-Build, a competition introduced by Arcus, tested the competency of the participating teams in their ability to think ahead and build the most efficient and conveniently planned cities. The three-hour event, with a cash prize of 2,500 rupees up for grabs, began with an aptitude and general knowledge quiz. The points obtained in this test were then converted to online currency in the second round, allowing teams to purchase various commodities and buildings needed in a well-rounded city. The third round consisted of each team designing a city that was finally judged by Professors Sughandhini H K and Laxman P Kudva of the Civil Engineering department.

Discussions abound at the city-planning event.

This competition also tested the participants’ skills in time management, teamwork, and communication. According to the core committee member Himanshu Prakash, the main goal was to teach the participants the importance of budgeting and the ability to plan an optimum, urban design under various circumstances. The teams had a refreshing experience at the event and were particularly joyous about getting to apply academic concepts outside the confines of a classroom.

Floating Canoe 

Ayush Acharya | Staff Writer

Floating Canoe was a lively 3-day event organised under Arcus, in which the participants were tasked with building a canoe with a twist: using cement instead of wood! All five participating teams enthusiastically dodged several hurdles and performed with utter caution and precision.

The first day of the event was an arduous one, where all participants were required to design and shape their canoes using a sponge and coat them with cement in such a way that each canoe would not only float but also be able to bear a certain amount of weight. The second day involved getting the cement coating on the canoes all dried up. Unfortunately, two teams couldn’t make it past this test as their canoes lost their structural integrity. On the third day, the three teams who made it past the previous rounds were all ready to set sail toward cementing their legacy in the canoe-construction department. Each canoe was judged based on its ability to endure the weight kept on it without sinking. The canoe that was able to bear the most weight would win.

A team intensely focused on constructing their canoe.

Vishal P and Shravana H L bagged the first prize while the second prize was won by Anurag Sonowal and Akash Kaushal, with Pushkar K and Aditya Vyas finishing third. “The event was a success, and it was really fun to see all the participants put in their efforts to build something innovative,” said Pradeep G M, a Core Committee member for the event. “It’s not always easy to work on ‘out of the box’ ideas and implement them in real life.”

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’22

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