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TechTatva’22—AI Airsoft


AI Airsoft

Sanskriti Srivastava | Staff Writer

AI Airsoft took place on the first two days of TechTatva’22. The motive of this event was to develop an efficient CV Model in order to implement it in real life. This average AI event shaped into a target practice. This event saw a team of six organisers and was held in three different stages.

The first stage was colour detection. The event chose the colour red as a target. This stage consisted of several different colours, out of which the contestants had to aim for the red ones. The second stage was balloon detection. Contestants were asked to aim for the available balloons. The final stage was human detection. Arguably, the most difficult stage. The contestants were asked to aim for certain individuals present in the room.

This event was safely conducted by a group of six core committee members along with three organising committee members. They spent their time trying to make sure that everything worked out well and harmlessly, thereby making the event a great success!

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, TechTatva’22

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