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TechTatva’20—Questionable Intelligence

SciBiz Tech Quiz
Aayush Shah | Staff Writer

The Scibiz Tech Quiz proved to be one of the toughest events of TechTatva as it challenged participants to prove their mettle by answering questions on a wide array of topics, from general trivia to technology. Participants could elect to either pair up or have a crack at it on their own.

The first round, which took place on Day 1, attracted over a hundred participants, including a vast community of freshers attending their first college event. Facing a time crunch, participants had to answer a handful of questions to claim one of the eight prestigious spots in the final round. The organisers “may or may not have” edited a few Wikipedia pages to ensure fair play.

The eight teams that crawled out of the preliminary round victorious were all set to face a tougher challenge in the final round. There were four rounds in the finals—two written and two dries. With some bonus points up for grabs in the dries through pouncing, but a brutal penalty of five points on getting a question wrong, teams had to weigh their options carefully to maximize their chances of winning. The competition got intense as a last-minute tiebreaker was held to declare the winner among two teams holding the same amount of points. Amidst a bravely fought tournament, it was evident that every contestant learned something new and had fun at the same time.

Tech Debate
Sohan Angelo | Staff Writer

Recent concerns around Google’s monopoly and the subsequent anti-trust lawsuit filed against the monolith company served as the perfect backdrop for this edition of Tech Debate, conducted by LDQ. Around twenty contestants deliberated a host of issues ranging from socio-economic topics such as the automation of jobs to Sci-Fi topics such as the morality of time travel over the course of two days on Microsoft Teams.

The first round of debating employed the Parliamentary style where 4 speakers chosen at random spoke for and against each motion in teams of two. Opening remarks followed by closing remarks were shared by all the contestants, eventually ending with a few minutes of cross-questioning in the open floor session. Six such panels each debated the impact of technology, where subjects concerning ethics and efficiency of an AI-integrated future were discussed. From these panels, eight contestants were selected for the final round, which was held on Day 3. This round was an open discussion on the role of AI in replicating art as a surreal expression of human creativity and identity.

The organisers went a great deal to make this event a success, so much so that they facilitated a phone call for any participant with internet issues. These debates, rooted in socio-economic issues and sociology with a technological canvas, exposed students to a conversation often overlooked by many engineers.

General Quiz
Parthiv Menon Staff Writer

The perfect place for any quiz enthusiast, General Quiz enthralled all quizzers with its wide variety of questions and the tweaked format of the online mode. Held on the third day of the fest, it witnessed decent all-round participation with around a hundred people, including students from colleges outside Manipal registering for the preliminary round. The organisers encountered a welcome surprise as the quiz had active participation from recently admitted first-year students too.

After an intensely competitive first round, nine teams made it to the final round of the quiz conducted on Microsoft Teams. The team members had to collaborate as well as with the organizers to pounce on a particular question. Internet issues did not hamper the smooth proceedings as everyone was able to contest with ease.

“This event is extremely enjoyable if it is offline, but it becomes a chore when done online. Preventing that from happening was a major challenge to adapting this event to the online mode. We also had to deal with the possible Googling of answers,” said Anish Bharatarajan, one of the organisers of the event. The quiz was enjoyed by all participants and bumped up their overall knowledge of the world by quite a few notches.

Aayush Shah Staff Writer

A trademark of Questionable Intelligence, Techathlon, was full of fun games giving all the participants plenty of laughs over the course of two rounds conducted on Day 2 and Day 4 of TechTatva. This nerve-racking event tested the participants’ knowledge on a wide array of topics ranging from movies and TV shows to general trivia on the technology industry. Participants were teamed up in pairs as they took on this challenging endeavour.

The first round had the teams attempt different types of questions varying from completing sentences with puns to filling out a crossword with only horribly explained movie plots as clues. This round was a race against time as contestants were only given fifty minutes to attempt as many questions in the five sections as possible. “It was a really fun, exciting event altogether. I had registered on a whim, but it really exceeded my expectations. The questions were fantastic, most of them were technical but with a really fun twist to them,” said Sristi Singh, a participant.

Eight teams made it into the final round, consisting of four rounds—Charades, Hangman, 20 Questions, and Jeopardy. “Though having an event online completely curbed our creativity and hindered us from doing activities that would have otherwise been really fun offline, such as Pictionary. However, it is great that we were able to pull off the event,” said Surabhi Aswath, one of the event heads. All in all, the event was a delightful concoction of quick wits, nostalgia, and loads of unadulterated joy.

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, TechTatva’20