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TechTatva’20—Paper Presentation

Final Paper Presentation

Snigdha Deshmukh and Devangshi Debraj | Staff Writer

Final Paper Presentation was an event which gave a platform to students who wished to express their ideas and explore the field of research and its various domains like IT, data science, ECE, EEE. Each category had a different judge and separate rules to adhere to while submitting their research paper. The event consisted of two rounds. There were strict rules kept ensuring originality in the research papers submitted. Around 40 people had registered for the event, but only 14 showed up.

The participants also had to make a PPT explaining their idea and the practicality and applications of the device while the judges cross-questioned them. The participants left no stones unturned and came up with innovative devices like a wearable device to monitor the Covid-19 disease and a robot to explore difficult, inaccessible places like deserts and grasslands which could be used by the military.
Webinars were held by industry experts on diverse topics ranging from how to write an effective research paper by Dr Srikanth Prabhu ( Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering), Technology and Innovation in Medical Devices by Ms Mamatha SG (Quality Executive, Wipro GE Healthcare) and Mr Guruprasad S ( Director at Bosch).

As the event was held online, a host of problems cropped up like poor publicity of the event which resulted in the lacklustre turnout from within and from colleges outside MIT. It usually takes a month to write a proper research paper, but due to the delay in sending the notice, the students got just about two weeks. It was also difficult to find a faculty advisor to set the proper judging criteria and marking scheme. All of the participants qualified to the final round which did not happen in the previous years. “ explained Ankita Modi, the Core Committee member of this event.

On 8th November 2020, Ms Anuradha TK spoke to a star-struck audience about innovative application research at ISRO. She was the first woman project director at ISRO Satellite Centre and former Director at SATCOM program. Moderated by Ankita Modi, the webinar was an incredible learning experience for those who wanted a glimpse into how different projects are planned at ISRO. The distinguished speaker elucidated on the various innovations in launch vehicles and the applications of satellites. She ended this incredible session by speaking about the ISRO missions. Chandrayaan I made way to Mangalyaan, and the upcoming Gaganyaan—India’s first human space programme. ISRO continues to be the nation’s pride as they plan missions to study the sun, Venus, and the various exoplanets in our solar system.

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