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Garima Kejriwal | Staff Writer

Mechanize hosted CAD It Up, a software-based event aimed towards testing one’s skill in CATIA, a software for computer-aided designing and manufacturing. The participants were tested on their skills over their knowledge of software, commands, solid modelling and assembly.

The first round was a quiz related to the CATIA software and its commands. The contestants were given half an hour to complete the questions which were based on the basics of the software. The quiz also had bonus points allotted for finishing first and with the least number of mistakes. Out of the twelve participants, only five made it to the second round.

The second round consisted of creating models and sketches from the given structures in the software. The contestants were given two hours to complete the modeling exercise of complex systems. The illustration and models were made using CATIA.
In the third round, the two finalists had to assemble the two given models as they see fit. It was agreed to be the most challenging round as they were tested on their skills in 3D Modelling and their knowledge about the software in depth.

Due to the current online mode of the event, there were some issues regarding the software, unlike last year when it was held at the CAD lab where the software was installed and working well. Despite all that, we are happy that everything was planned and executed efficiently—cheers to our team,” said Kiran Kumar, the Event Head. The event ended with helping participants experience the domain of 3D Modelling and CATIA software and its impact on real-life problems and scenarios.

Word War 1

Aayush Shah | Staff Writer
A first of its kind event, Word War 1 attracted over forty contestants divided into teams of two, who battled it out over two rounds with nothing but words as their weapons.
The first round pitched two teams against each other, each one taking a for and an against stance on a given topic, all of which were controversial enough to keep the teams debating for hours if not for the time limit. With trending topics such as “Is AI a threat to humans?” and “Are high-speed trains a bane or a boon?”, the teams had their hands full trying to get their points across in as precise a manner as possible and convince the judge, Prof. Rakesh L., that they should advance to the finals.
We tried to search for controversial topics such that there wouldn’t really be anyone opinion on them that completely justifies itself,” said Dhruv Swami, the event head of Word War 1.

Only six teams made it to the finals which were held on Day 3. Following the format of the first round, two teams were given one topic each, each team arguing for and against the topic given to them. Even after two hours of gruelling debates, the judge had a very tough time deciding on a winner. Although the organizers had a tough time making the contestants adhere to the time limit, the event was an exciting experience and a huge success.


Srijita Banerjee | Staff Writer

Mechathon challenged its participants to prove their creativity and intellect by designing a foldable smartphone hinge. The event commenced on Day 1 with an inaugural meeting held on MS Teams. The instructions and guidelines were laid down for the participating teams in the meeting. The event consisted of two rounds of 10 points each: the first round comprised of solid modelling while the second round comprised of report writing.

In the first round, the participants were asked to design and submit a 3D CAD model of a hinge of a foldable smartphone along with a sketch of the whole model and at least three views of the design. Rendered models were accepted too. The designs were asked to be made using Fusion 360 or CATIA. In the second round, the participants were judged on the design and practical applications of the hinge and how well they defended their models when the judges cross-questioned them.

Most of the participants finished their tasks on time. There was no hassle and the entire event was handled smoothly,” said Calvin Noronha, one of the event heads. The event saw some of the most creative designs and ended on a good note.